Easy Way To Install MsgClub Mozilla Firefox SMS Extension

After the great appreciation received on Chrome plugin, we have launched one more innovative solution for your business. Bulk SMS Mozilla extension of MsgClub helps you to quickly send SMS from the browser, it doesn’t hinder your important online work. This plugin adds the ability to create and send SMS with the same type of interface that MsgClub provides to compose messages.

With the help of Mozilla extension, text messages can be sent in a personalized manner to multiple recipients at once. Although, if you wish to enjoy it’s more advantages first learn how to install it on your system.

1. Visit addons.mozilla.org and search MsgClub bulk SMS Mozilla Firefox extension to install it.

2. Once the installation is complete our plugin will get shown on the right of your browser screen.

3. Login with MsgClub username & password to send thousands of messages in a click. If you don’t have an account on MsgClub kindly create it at www.msg.msgclub.net.

4. Our send SMS window will open where you have to select route; transactional or promotional as per your requirement. In case if you want to send regional SMS to your customers than we do provide multi-languages like Tamil, Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi, Hindi etc.

5. Create a creative and appealing text message to your targeted audience or save the content as a draft for future then send it. Our robust gateway will automatically deliver your all messages to recipients mobile number.

Well guys, if you have more query and issue regarding our Mozilla bulk SMS plugin than please feel to contact our support team. We are highly obliged to offer best services of our company.

Contact us to get more innovative solutions of our company, MsgClub!

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