Placement companies and Bulk SMS services

If you want to make your consultancy the best in the services. This post will help you to know how consultancies can use Bulk SMS Services in order to provide world-class services and become leaders in the industry.

Going through the word meaning and definition of consultancy – the practice of giving expert advice within a particular field.

Talking about placements and educational consultancy or any other consultancy services. They work as a mediator between the company, who requires candidate for work and the candidate,who seeks jobs in order to work. Basically these consultancies work to fulfill the gap between the two. As knowing the task is very tough and challenging to find the right candidate for the right job. We are here to minimise the task of the consultancy by providing them best SMS Services.

You must be thinking how SMS services can help the consultancy to find the right candidate? So before giving the answer of this question, we will talk about procedure followed by any consultancy where the SMS is the basic need –

  1. Send SMS of Job openings as per candidates profile or send updates to job seekers.
  2. Inform them about Interview confirmation (with venue, date and time) via SMS.
  3. Broadcast Testimonials of successful candidates to all registered users via SMS.
  4. To send automated SMS alerts, integrate SMS services with company’s website.
  5. Send CV writing and interview tips as a value added service to registered candidates via SMS.
  6. Collect feedback from all the aspirants through SMS.

Msgclub Bulk SMS Service provider, which can understand that consultancy needs  quick and prompt communication at various stages and SMS is the only way, which saves lot of time and money of the consultancy companies and ensure effective communication.

Our bulk sms services ensures quickest and fastest mode to disseminate accurate information in real time to the right candidates. We offer cost effective and highly interactive bulk sms services.

We provide best  SMS service and Bulk SMS API for placement and recruitment  companies to both consultancy and end users. Take advantage of our Best Bulk SMS Services.

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