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Do you want to send out bulk SMS messages for your company but need assistance selecting which SMS provider to use?

Given the large number of bulk SMS Service providers in the market, we understand your issue, but we’ll make the selection process simple for you.

We have focused our search in this post and will contrast Msgclub and Exotel, two bulk SMS providers, examining their greatest attributes, costs, and other aspects.

Why Choose Msgclub Over Exotel?

The table that follows compares Msgclub and Exotel, highlighting the unique features of each service.

PricingSee our pricing page.Starts at ₹9,999
Features● Text messaging● Automated responses● Personalized SMS● Schedule SMS● SMS shortcodes● Custom sender ID● OTP/verify SMS● WhatsApp Business API● OTP Service● Toll-free Number● IVR Service● Click to Call● Voice Call API● SMS API● Business SMS● SMS Broadcasting 
Free trialYesYes
Customized pricingYesYes

Let’s explore the features that each platform has in more detail. 

Let us have a look at Msgclub first. 

What is Msgclub?

Leading bulk SMS provider Msgclub offers everything you need to communicate with your clients.

The main goal of Msgclub is to support your company in creating enduring and profitable client connections.

Msgclub is aware of how crucial communication is to every kind of business. One of the quickest and most dependable ways to communicate with your customers is through SMS.

Let’s analyze some of Msgclub key components:

Msgclub key features

Text messaging: With Msgclub, sending text messages to your clients is simple and hassle-free.

Promotional SMS: With a quick, dependable, and compliant SMS service provider, you can increase your promotional SMS sales, conversions, and return on investment.

Transactional SMS: Transactional text messages can be used to inform, notify, and update customers.

Chat/two-way conversations: You may host conversations and two-way conversions with your clients with Msgclub.

Automated responses: When a member of your staff is on vacation or you have a client in a different time zone, automated answers are an ideal tool.

Personalized SMS: Use merge tags and custom fields to add individuality to your SMS.

Schedule SMS: Scheduled message is an excellent method of keeping consumers who are in a different time zone informed.

SMS shortcodes: SMS shortcodes can receive messages from your clients. Customers can readily opt into your services via SMS shortcodes.

Custom sender ID: Sender IDs provide comfort to your clients regarding your identification in the face of scammers.

OTP/verify SMS: With quick OTP SMS, you can do away with lengthy wait times in less than ten seconds. 

Why Msgclub Is the Best Alternative to Exotel

Text message sending is made simple using Msgclub. It feels so natural to converse with others.

Is simple the only feature that Msgclub offers, though?

No, and we’ll go over the advantages in greater detail.

  • Msgclub provides delivery reports to assist you in monitoring your SMS marketing initiatives.
  • To get to know new users with the platform, Msgclub offers a free trial.
  • A specific account manager to handle your campaign requirements.
  • Pay-as-you-go: This allows you to pay for the services you utilize only.
  • A ready group of customer service representatives to assist you in using the platform.
  • Our system is dependable. Hyundai, Microsoft, Google, and other brands put their trust in us. This is a result of Msgclub’s dependable platform and high quality of service.

How much does it cost to send an SMS with Msgclub?

More personalized pricing is available based on your SMS package and demands. check Msgclub Pricing.

So let’s compare Msgclub and Exotel, two of the greatest bulk SMS providers, and see what occurs. 

What makes Msgclub better than Exotel?

Msgclub is still committed to helping small companies. In contrast to other SMS providers that target large corporations, msgclub expands with SMEs, assisting them in becoming established.

It means that, despite the small size, your company has been noticed.

Do you have limited funds? Not an issue. 

Msgclub pay-as-you-go pricing means you only pay for what you use, saving your money over a monthly flat charge. 

Additionally, as we recognize that you may be running a small company with a limited staff, we advise you to use Msgclub platform, which is user-friendly and offers you round-the-clock customer care by chat, email, text, or phone.

Let’s now examine what other companies have to offer. 

Let us first define Exotel. 

What is Exotel?

Exotel is a cloud communication platform that provides enterprises with cloud-based technology.

As your team grows, there is no need for updates or greater infrastructure because the cloud platform can handle more agents.

Acquiring “bigger” infrastructure is not necessary as your organization grows.

No matter where you are, setting up your SMS campaigns is simple thanks to delivery to over 190 countries.

Now let’s examine a few of Exotel’s primary characteristics.

Exotel key features

Let’s look at some of the key features that Exotel offers.

●     OTP service

●     Toll-free number

●     IVR service

●     Click-to-call

●     Voice call API

●     SMS API

●     Business SMS

●     SMS broadcasting

●     SMS marketing software

●     Virtual receptionist

●     Auto dialer

●     Automatic call distributor

●     Virtual phone numbers

●     Voice broadcasting

●     Call recording software

Benefits of Exotel SMS service

Reasonable pricing: When it comes to bulk SMS price, Exotel has some of the most competitive rates available. And you can count on getting the greatest services possible for the lowest possible cost.

Advanced analytics: You may optimize your SMS campaigns for greater outcomes by using data reports and real-time dashboards.

Secure platform: You may use a safe platform with minimal chance of a data leak with Exotel.

Scalable platform: With Exotel, you can expand your company without having to worry about technical details or infrastructure.

Reliability: You can get up to a 97% delivery rate with Exotel.

Everything that makes Msgclub the right choice

You now have all the information needed to make an informed choice from the cost to the attributes and even advantages of any service.

We at Msgclub are more than just a messaging provider. We are your communication partners. 

Our main goal is to provide high-quality services that last. With messaging, we give you all you need to expand your company and satisfy clients. We at Msgclub think a free demo will persuade you to register without cost.