Filter DND and Non-DND Numbers via our NDNC Filter API

The utilization of DND scrubber is getting raise day-by-day. Many of the bulk SMS gateway providers like MsgClub are providing special service to filter mobile number status. Our DND filter is one of the best tool to fulfill your requirement. However, we also allow you to integrate our NDNC scrubber API into your application or website for sorting customers API contact numbers directly in the system.

If you’re searching for DND filter API with ready-to-use code in GET and POST then you are at the right place. You can use our ready scripts of PHP, ASP.NET, VB6, Java, CSharp, VB.Net in order to filter thousands of numbers from your own software or application.

Here, I am sharing our NDNC online filter parameters and their API that is very simple and easy to integrate. These API’s are available in GET and POST on our panel, make them utilize as per your requirement.

NDNC Filter API,9999999999

Parameters With Description


Note: Parameters with * are mandatory

Via calling our API to fulfill the requirement of DND filter in bulk gets solved easily. Integrating our Application program interface into your system will allow companies & organizations to sort DND and Non-DND registered numbers easily before sending text messages to their targeted audience.

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