MsgClub DND filter For Your Enterprise and Organization

Few industries are getting better through the use of bulk SMS marketing services to send text messages to the mass audience in order to improve their services, customer engagement, and profits. Along with the messaging services, many of the leading bulk SMS providers like MsgClub have started offering SMART services like DND number check to their industrial clients. Well, this filter is widely used to sort DND and Non-DND mobile number status of customers.

The dnd scrubbing service is highly utilized by the business owner because as per the guidelines of TRAI (telecom regulatory authority of India) a registered mobile number with DND will not receive any message from companies. If they receive any sort of text SMS they can file a complaint against the sender to TRAI.

To avoid some circumstances small, medium and large enterprises have started using DND list scrubber as the best tool to check mobile number status.

Let’s find out how some industries like hospitality, finance, real-estate, online shopping, tourism are utilizing this service as a needful tool during bulk SMS marketing.

1. Hospitality

The hotel industry is perhaps one of the biggest industry to use bulk messaging service as they have a lot to broadcast to audiences. Using DND scrubber to find out their customer’s number status from database enable them to send various latest deals, accommodation details, service inquiries or events at the hotel or resort only on right contact numbers. So, that their every information will convey to the right person at the right time.

2. E-commerce

Apparently, the bulk SMS industry has achieved high success by e-commerce companies who keep sending repeating messages to potential buyers or we can say to everyone. Whenever there is any special offer or a new product launched or a sale they use this filter to check whether the customer is registered by DND or not. After that, they send offers and discounts to them.

As Do-not-disturb service of our company is highly beneficial to save SMS credits for online shopping portals.

3. Banks

You might have received various messages from different banks & finance agencies regarding their latest schemes, policies, and offers. But the banking management sends text messages to those people who’re not registered with DND.

As per the TRAI regulations, banks have to strictly follow the rules, they do not send any kind of unwanted & commercial messages to customers until they have sorted out DND and Non-DND from their database.

However, this DND check online service is globally beneficial for industries other than this. This is one of the easiest & simplest ways to check mobile number status during the process of bulk text message marketing.

At MsgClub, you’re allowed to use this service via hitting a DND API on your website or a third-party application. We allow simple integration of our API along with the ready-to-use codes. For more details contact us at

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