MsgClub SMS marketing campaign spark your SMS campaigns

MsgClub short URL SMS campaign software enables businesses to trim and send their short URL on message platform which makes sharing addresses an easier, as it fits in limited numbers of characters available on SMS.

It’s an extremely easy way to engage and send rich content to your target audience, customers. As you can share a link that can be direct towards your website, a survey web page, a mobile application, mobile video, and image etc. Also, with MsgClub Short URL campaign increases awareness of your brand offering and drives additional traffic towards your campaigns.

Along with creating short URL and adding it to a Bulk SMS marketing campaign, Msgclub also makes you know about your target audience and customers in detail and live reports help to analyze your marketing campaign well with deep insights.

1. Track SMS clicks – MsgClub Short URL click tracking helps marketing team to find out their most relevant users for the particular service or product by tracking clicked URL which is sent to them via Bulk SMS marketing campaign. That gives all information when, where, how receiver clicked the link.  

2. Short URL Click rates – Get the unified view of the number of clicks on the embedded short URLs in SMS campaigns.

3. Detailed customer insights – Know about the device, browser and operating system through which the URL was clicked/opened. MsgClub also helps to know about the mobile numbers of the clicked ones.

4. Marketing Campaign analysis report – Freshly updated status to know in detail about the campaigns that are running. This gives you an idea about the current status and thus helps to plan and create strategies for future campaigns. 

5. Dynamic short URL concept – Msgclub grants a unique and innovative way to send short URLs in SMS campaigns. Automatically send short URLs as per the browser and device the client or receiver is using so on sending dynamic URL gives better customer experience.

6. Generate leads – Design and run campaigns smartly with Msgclub and by selecting status (delivered, clicked, opened etc) you will get the generated leads togetherly, assign those leads to team members and ask them to take timely follow-ups via Slick CRM to convert those leads. 

MsgClub is a boon to optimize the click-through rates, valuable insights, precious leads and gives a better user-experience with dynamic URL feature on sending Bulk SMS marketing campaign. Overall MsgClub makes short URL marketing campaign a playful task for those who find it tough. 

These features are going to benefit and boost your business. Run your campaigns smartly with Short URL SMS service in order to win.

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