Engage customers with Short URL SMS Marketing Campaign Software

In the world of competition, you have to be customer oriented. Customer satisfaction and engagement are the vital processes to make your list of loyal customers big. Involve your customers more smartly with

Short URL SMS Marketing Campaign Software and enjoy the benefits of having loyal customers. To attract new customers or prospects is necessary for business growth but to take care of old and existing customers is also important as they work as word of mouth for your business. Make your customers happy, engage your customers with Bulk text SMS services and give a synonym to your Business  – ‘SUCCESSFUL’.

  1. Promote with SMS marketing campaign software to sell more –Timing and segmenting are the two basic principles to keep in mind while sending SMS Marketing campaign or to offer promotions via SMS.                                     A time when you are sending text messages or starting your marketing campaign. If you’re sending marketing SMS on time then you’re going to reap a high return on investment. For example – if you sell burgers and pizzas, it’s probably better to send out a promotional SMS in the evening right when people are planning or starting to think about dinner.Categories you customers on the basis of their response time, geographical location. Send SMS with Msgclub short URL software to segment clients according to action and then via drip SMS marketing send next SMS of a campaign to clients. Boost your customer’s engagement rate by segmenting and sending SMS to clients.“Send right SMS to the right customer at right time is very important to make your marketing campaign successful and to achieve your business goal.”
  2. Send Offers to attract – Engage your users by offering them, give them chance to participate in contests. Send them short URLs of offers in SMS. You may say it is an indirect way to promote your services and product. Example – Ask your existing customers to get gift coupons on giving new contacts and clients. Contests are great to grab the attention of your existing clients and SMS helps to do so.   
  3. Improve and enhance customer service – SMS is the best way to communicate with customers and to provide them customer service. As it is the fastest and convenient form. Text SMS can offer a lot of benefits as a customer service channel reach is high and it is convenient to use too.
  4. Provide tips and advice – In order to inform customers send tips and advice through SMS. Send information that is relevant to customers. Example – If your clients are a reseller of Bulk SMS Services then sending them information about how to increase your sales. Make sure for these tips and advice clients are looking and If you are sending information then it is a great way to win their hearts.Send them SMS and attach your blog’s link in the form of short URL to send more information in a single SMS.
  5. Send appointment reminders – Run your business more smoothly by sending appointment reminders via bulk text SMS and it’s an easy way to send a reminder SMS with MsgClub Short URL SMS Services, just by scheduling the SMS and software automatically shoots it. By sending reminders you can manage your clients and business well. It’s a good way to maintain a relationship with clients too
  6. Send  Personalised SMS – Best way to engage customers by sending them personalized SMS. As it is more appealing and targeted.It prevents businesses to put more money in marketing and it increases customer loyalty and helps to retain the customers. Make sure these personalized SMS should be based on previous buying pattern of customers. 
    Add short URL of your web pages, offers, discounts, images, blogs, audio files, video files, promotional content links in your SMS to send more information in less space required in short URL. Engage your customers more smartly with short URL in 160 characters space available in an SMS. 

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