Personalised SMS In verified whatsapp For Ecommerce

Many people believe that customization sms in marketing is just limited to utilizing the customers’ first names in communication; however, with corporations having access to what consumers do while using their apps, much more may be accomplished. Smart segmentation can be formed by understanding users’ needs, and relevant communications can be delivered to the proper audiences. This increases the campaign’s results.

This article will provide some valuable techniques for sending personalized SMS messages to potential e-commerce customers.

Enabling one-on-one communication between businesses and customers requires a significant amount of resources and can be costly to scale. To tackle this problem, personalized sms in whatsapp are used. Whatsapp responds in real time to customer answers using keywords.

We now understand why personalization sms in whatsapp is essential in improving user engagement with your brand and in getting more conversions. 

So, where does one start? The first and most important stage is to understand your users. Learn what people want and customize your campaigns to meet their needs.

Tips to Send Personalized sms via Whatsapp 

Let us go over some important tips that can help to improve marketing for your eCommerce site via personalized Whatsapp SMS:

Segment Customers: Segmentation is the process of dividing a list of users into smaller segments or portions based on shared factors such as user behavior, demographics, psychographics, or geography. From there, you can send appropriate campaigns to these users.

Select an Active Time: Your WhatsApp communication may be amazing but it is worthless if the customer does not receive it. This could happen if you are unaware of when your clients are active and willing to engage with you.

Make the Text Valuable for the Customers: Not enough importance has been given to the copy of the SMS sent to their customers. The whole purpose of segmenting your user list is to increase relevance. If your personalized message does not add value to the customers’ time, they might not bother to check future communications from your brand.

Personalized WhatsApp SMS Template for Ecommerce

1. Abandoned Cart Reminders: 50-70% of individuals put products in their cart but forget to check out. You may easily re-win them by creating a personalized WhatsApp message. This is how the Abandoned Cart Reminder Notification works.

For Example: 

Hello [User Name]! 

Awesome products from *(your brand name)* are waiting for you!

Order your products here.

2. Order Confirmation WhatsApp Template Message: When a user purchases a product from your Ecommerce Store, automatically send them an Order Confirmation Notification in WhatsApp.

For Example: 

Dear [Name]

Your order for [Product Name] from [Brand Name] has been confirmed.

The estimated delivery date is [date].

Thank you for shopping with us!

3. Order Confirmation + Upsell: Order Confirmation + Upsell is an excellent method in which you automate order confirmation notifications while also including a promotional offer to upsell additional products from your store. 

For Example: 

Hello, [Name].

Wonderful news! We have received your order *[Order No.]* for Rs *[Amount]*.

Your order is on the way.

While your order arrives, check out some other fantastic products in our store, such as *[Product name]*.

Make these products yours at *[Discount]*. Enter the coupon code *[Code]* during checkout.

4. Cross-Selling WhatsApp Business Message Template: Cross-selling, like upselling, is an effective approach for selling additional products from your store to existing clients.

For Example: 

Hey, [Name]

[Product name] will be delivered soon.

I just thought you might like *[2nd product name]* with *[product name]*.

Here’s a unique promotion to help you enjoy your purchase.

Use code *[Code]* at checkout to receive an immediate *[Discount] off*.

5. Festive + Promotional Offer WhatsApp Template Message: The festive season is the perfect time to increase your Ecommerce sales. So, in addition to happy greetings, provide an interesting offer on your items to increase sales in the festive season. 

For Example: 

Hello, [Name].

(Your Brand Name) wishes you happy [Occasion].

We are glad to have you with us. On the occasion of [Occasion name], we have an exclusive offer  for you.

Get a [Discount Percentage] discount on [plan/product] purchases.

Hurry, offer is only valid till [Date].

Apply Code: [Code]

6.  New Product Launch: To promote product launches, send images, videos, and documents about your product to thousands of leads at once via WhatsApp!!

For Example: 

Hello, [Name].

Good news!

(Your brand name) is presenting a new product, [Product name], to help you [Feature].

Be the first [Number] to order and win a [Amount] gift card!

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