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WhatsApp For Ecommerce

WhatsApp Business API for Ecommerce to increase sales.

At scale, provide your customers with the best experience while shopping possible on the World Most Popular Messaging App with WhatsApp Business APIs.

Advantages of Ecommerce
Assist your Customer as best as you can via Whatsapp Business.

Automate Clients Support

With no-code MSGCLUB WhatsApp chatbot builder, automate common enquiries. Your team is involved in issues that require attention.

Enrollment in Programme

Enroll your clients in your loyalty programmes and keep them informed for their special offers on WhatsApp business.

Order Confirmation

Directly send order confirmation and billing updates to your consumers using WhatsApp Ecommerce Integration by using your CRM with Msgclub Whatsapp Platform

Special Offers & Discounts

Send timely updates about special deals & discounts via WhatsApp Business API Ecommerce. Create personalised promos for customers.

Alerts & Recommendations

By using Whatsapp Ecommerce API inform your customers when things are back in stock. Inform them about new products on his whastapp buisness Number.

Analytics In Real Time

Plan accordingly by real-time metrics on the Msgclub WhatsApp business Platform for deliveries, read rates, and more.

How does it benefit you?
Streamline your Ecommerce business
WhatsApp For Ecommerce

with the Whatsapp Business API Ecommerce and

WhatsApp Chatbot.

Msgclubs Smart WhatsApp Business API allows you to register your company

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Grow your Ecommerce business with ease & efficiently assist your clients.

Customer Satisfaction

Improve your CSAT scores by providing Whatsapp Marketing For Ecommerce. You can connect anytime, anywhere with your client.

Customize Marketing

Personalize your offers and communications to develop a better report and repeat business with your clients.

Customer Engagement

Bring together all of your customer facing departments - on the MsgClub WhatsApp Business platform.

No Code Implementation

MsgClub is designed to help expanding enterprises. All it requires is a quick and simple drag-and-drop method.

Communication In Context

Use Ecommerce WhatsApp When necessary, bring in an agent without losing the context of the conversation.

Integrating Natively

Integrate Whatsapp Business Ecommerce with your CRM & other systems to provide a comprehensive customer experience.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We have got answers for some questions that probably can raise in your mind.

  • How can I utilize WhatsApp Business for Ecommerce?

    The first step in integrating WhatsApp into your ECommerce website is to create a company profile with your phone number. Go to settings > business settings > profile. Include information such as your address, working hours, phone number, and social media URLs.

  • Why should you utilize WhatsApp for ECommerce?

    When compared to emails and SMS, using WhatsApp for Ecommerce business can help you increase sales by up to 5x. WhatsApp is the most actionable platform for marketing your Ecommerce Business, with an industry-leading 98% message open rate and 45-60% click-through rate.

  • Why should you take advantage of WhatsApp ECommerce features?

    Advantages of Using WhatsApp Business API for ECommerce 1) Provide Diverse Customer Service. 2) Improve Customer Experience After Purchase. 3) Find and convert new customers. 4) Improve Notifications and Alerts. 5) Use Conversational Commerce to Increase Marketing.

  • How does e-commerce work?

    The process of selling goods and services through the internet is known as e-commerce. Customers visit the website or online marketplace and make purchases with electronic payments.The merchant sends the goods or offers the service after receiving the payment.

  • Is WhatsApp an E-commerce platform?

    In 2019, the messaging platform launched the Catalogs function, which allows businesses to construct an online storefront and menus for their products.In April 2021, the firm announced new ECommerce-friendly features such as greater desktop support for WhatsApp catalogs and hiding out-of-stock items.