Personalised SMS In Verified Whatsapp For Restaurants

Opening a restaurant is easy, but running it effectively is quite difficult. The competition in the market is increasing by the day, as are the complications of running a food business.

There was a time where running a successful restaurant required only two things: wonderful food and excellent service. But now the situation has changed.

Before Instagram, Facebook, and food delivery apps, people did not think about putting in a lot of effort to create customer engagement, but digitalization has completely changed the game. Another third component that has emerged as a significant consideration is marketing.

There are now three pillars for restaurant success.

1. Good food

2. Better services

3. Excellent marketing

Personalized SMS is perfect for restaurant marketing, especially in the time-sensitive restaurant industry. It allows for quick communication with clients, which is important in increasing engagement and driving business growth.

Given that organizations who thrive at communication are 3.5 times more likely to outperform their competition, this study looks into how personalized SMS can greatly improve a restaurant’s performance, providing a cost-effective strategy for maintaining the customer connections. The article will also provide SMS marketing strategies and templates for a variety of client interaction scenarios.

What Is Personalized Whatsapp SMS? How Does It Work for Restaurants?

Personalized SMS marketing is a type of individual marketing that involves assessing client data, identifying their preferences, and delivering personalized communications and items to them. This is a popular marketing strategy; it is now essential for any restaurant owner to understand their customers’ needs and customize marketing efforts accordingly.

Make your customer feel that… This message is only for him or her.

People appreciate receiving discounts, but when they are approached individually, it feels as if the restaurant is speaking to them on an individual level; this is how personalized offers work for customers.

The benefits of Personalized Whatsapp SMS for restaurants

Instant contact: With personalized SMS messages typically read within a few minutes of getting them, Doing marketing via personalized whatsapp sms has become essential for timely promotions and event announcements, especially in the restaurant industry. It provides quick, non-intrusive contact for last-minute reservations while respecting clients’ schedules.

Enhanced customer loyalty: Loyalty programs and regular updates generate a favorable consumer experience. According to repeat customer statistics, returning consumers spend 33% more each order than non-returning customers.

Increased reach: When you customer personalized sms regarding restaurants then customers are more likely to come in restaurants that will increase customer reach at your restaurants.

Get your message read: People must notice a message before it can be effective. That is one major advantage of personalized sms message marketing for restaurants. SMS messages have a 98 percent open rate, which ensures that customers read your message.

Personalized Whatsapp SMS Restaurant Examples

Reservation Confirmation:

“Hi [Customer’s Name]! We’re excited to confirm your reservation for two at [Restaurant Name] tomorrow at 7 PM. We can’t wait to serve you our delicious dishes! If you have any special requests, feel free to let us know. See you soon!”

Special Offer:

“Hey [Customer’s Name]! As a valued customer, we’re offering you 15% off on your next dine-in experience at [Restaurant Name]. Just show this message to your server when you arrive. We hope to see you soon!”

New Menu Announcement:

“Hi [Customer’s Name]! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new menu at [Restaurant Name]! Swing by this weekend to try out our exciting additions and let us know what you think. Your feedback means the world to us!”

Birthday Promotion:

“Happy Birthday [Customer’s Name]! We hope your day is filled with joy and delicious moments. As a special treat, enjoy a complimentary dessert for us when you dine with us this week. Just let your server know it’s your birthday! Cheers to another wonderful year!”

Event Invitation:

“Hey [Customer’s Name]! We’re hosting a live music night at [Restaurant Name] this Friday! Come unwind with great food, drinks, and soulful tunes. Reserve your table now to ensure you don’t miss out on the fun. See you there!”


So it turns out there are a tonne of things a Personalized WhatsApp SMS can do for your restaurant! A capable WhatsApp SMS delivers a wide range of functions that can automate and expedite the majority of your customer communication, from accepting orders to making payments. At MsgClub, we work hard to maintain a high standard when it comes to providing your clients with positive support experiences. We provide you the best personalized whatsapp sms service, therefore we know exactly what it takes to launch your company on WhatsApp successfully. We’d like to provide you access to our free in-depth guide to WhatsApp customer support to give you a head start.

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