What is an SMS API?

A computer program’s functions, like the Bulk SMS service, can be made available to another computer program, such as the notification section of an online booking website, using an API (Application Programming Interface). A standard that is disclosed to the programmers of both applications makes this possible. The term “API” refers to both the actual …

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Bulk SMS Aggregator In India

In India, bulk SMS aggregators play a pivotal role in facilitating businesses to reach their customers effectively and efficiently through mass text messaging campaigns. These aggregators serve as intermediaries between businesses and telecom operators, providing platforms and services to send large volumes of SMS messages to targeted audiences.  With features like personalization, scheduling, and analytics, …

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Bulk SMS Reseller Service Provider

A well-liked business strategy is reseller marketing, which is purchasing products or services for resale for profit. This business strategy involves a reseller buying goods wholesale and reselling them to clients for a profit. As a result, the reseller can turn a profit without having to produce the goods themselves.  Bulk SMS reselling is one …

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