What are API SMS and OTP SMS? Lets learn

These days, bulk SMS is in trend to ensure a great number of conversions from people sitting across the globe. Mainly, there are two-type of SMS services that fall under the category of text SMS marketing and one can easily enable the best promotions of their brand in the best possible manner.

However, there are two kinds of sources through which business owners can spread information in the most convenient and secure manner.



Application programming interface (API) is a set of rules and regulations that are properly followed in the manner of generating the information as well as business communication among the public that enables developers to achieve positive outcomes. These APIs are available in various programming languages like SMS API Asp, Java, Vb.net etc and it is helpful in software or website integration at the same time.

With the integration of SMS API gateway businesses can bring delight on the face of potential customers in order to get the best reliable sources. Through the seamless way of promotion, one can have great ROI and goof customer’s lead.

Some key features of API SMS gateway:

Real-time DND filtration of mobile numbers that ensures great results in a short span of time.

  • Various kinds of API available like Schedule SMS API, DLR API, select the best one and make your business operations smoother.
  • Proper authentic delivery reports available to get good SMS mechanism to ensure great SMS delivery mechanism.
  • Get free asp SMS API of MsgClub and set up bulk SMS services in no-time. Our API is available easily on the interface along with the ready-to-access sample codes.


OTP’s have now become an important part of any business. For extra customer security, or for mobile number verification banks, e-commerce stores or any other organization who deal in online services are making use of OTPs. These SMS have an instant delivery option of 3-5 seconds so that a user may not face any problem in making digital payments.

Some key features of OTP SMS:

  • Easy integration of the channels for higher advantages such that businesses could ensure to have a proper network.
  • Fastest, dedicated and smart route for one-time-password SMS delivery on users mobile number.
  • Live delivery report of all SMS sent through the server.

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