Bulk SMS Service

How to send SMS by their name manually?

Searching for a way to send bulk SMS messages to your customers by adding their name into the content? Then you’re at the right platform because MsgClub team members are offering you ‘Personalize SMS’ so that you can send notifications or reminders to your recipients along with their name & other personal details like account balance, EMI payment due, percentage, student’s attendance etc.

With our ‘Personalize SMS’ feature you can shoot your SMS marketing campaigns just by adding contact numbers of thousands of recipient through CSV sheet. However, this feature is useful to attract audience attention more personally. When you send text messages with their name, they’re more happy to read that and they feel that you’re personally taking care of them.

To enjoy the benefits of this amazing & unique feature you need to create an account at our web-based interface i.e or if already an existing user then sign-in with your username & password.

1. Once you sign-up, go to text SMS service where you will see ‘Personalize SMS’ option at the left corner of your screen.

2. We have given three ways to send personalized SMS-

Draft uploaded file- If you’ve previously uploaded CSV file of customer’s database in your account then choose it and start sending.

Upload file- Create a database with the necessary details like name and other personal information as per your requirement into Google spreadsheet and upload it in a click of a button from your desktop.

Phonebook group- If you have any groups created in the Phonebook than choose the group name whom you want to send text messages personally.

3. If you select ‘Upload file’ option your uploaded CSV will be shown at the top of the screen. Like, the given image below-

Choose route either transactional SMS or promotional SMS. Add approved sender Id, select mobile number column as per your sheet, type your SMS content and add personal data from the sheet. You can create personalize SMS like-

Hey Pallavi! It’s happy hours especially for you get Extra 15% off from 2 pm to 5 pm. Happy Shopping!

Hello Shubham! Your attendance for 5th Semester is 65%. Kindly, come to college regularly otherwise we will not allow you to seat in the internal examination.

Thanks & Regards

Prestige management team

If you want to preview SMS click ‘Preview SMS’ option at the end. On the right side, you will get a preview of your each and every custom SMS.

So, in this way you can draft your messages in a custom way for each and every recipient. If you have any queries regarding this, feel free to contact our team members at

How to schedule SMS for 3-4 times in a day in a single click?

We are glad to announce the new development at our interface. On our user-friendly platform now you’re able to send your text SMS campaigns on future date & time. This amazing feature is perfect when you know you’re not going to be available at the desk when you want messages to go out. You can schedule your all messages or bulk voice SMS for the upcoming date up to a year into the future.

It is widely used to set up a reminder the day before a meeting or appointment or event. You can also use this feature to remind yourself about any event, meeting or anything you need to pick up at the end of the day.

At MsgClub ‘ Bulk SMS Scheduling’ and ‘Voice SMS Scheduling’ can be done with a single click of a mouse. Need to know how to schedule it for 3-4 times in a day? Read out our below-given steps you need to follow to take advantage of this new development by our team-

1. Go to our panel at and choose either you want to schedule your SMS content or voice SMS for customers.

For SMS you need to go in send SMS option where you have to choose a route, mobile numbers, sender ID that flashes on receiver mobile phone and SMS content.

2. Once you have completed this, click on the Schedule button.

3. Select date and time from the calendar up to one year and click Schedule SMS option.

4. A new popup will open that shows the detail of your Scheduled campaign. Click I understand.

Our system will automatically send your messages on a given date and time. The same process you can follow in bulk voice SMS service.

To preview it’s whole detail go to Delivery Report than Scheduled DLR where you will get SMS content, SMS status, Scheduled date/time, Route name, SMS credits, Balance deduction, and Action if you need to ‘Reschedule SMS’ that same SMS or voice SMS again.

Our feature is also useful for those clients who want to send same SMS content in 3-4 times in a day. All you need to just edit your subscribers or recipient mobile numbers.

For further queries and issues, you can contact our team at

How to send SMS in Hindi using excel?

If you’re using SMS marketing service than you might have the wish to reach out to your audience in their regional language. Well, with the evolvement of new technologies in bulk SMS industry, many of the providers like MsgClub have started offering Unicode feature that enables business owners and marketers to send out notifications, reminders & alerts in multiple languages.

At our robust and user-friendly interface sending text messages in other languages is very simple. Some of our client’s have query regarding how to send text SMS messages in Hindi using excel sheet.

In this blog, I am sharing easy steps to send your SMS in Hindi or in any other regional language from MsgClub bulk SMS gateway.

1. Go to our panel at

2. Click on the send SMS option, select route, sender ID, add a mobile number and then select the drop-down button ‘English’ to Unicode. If you have your customers mobile number in excel file then upload your Excel sheet in CSV format. Make sure your sheet matches with our given sample format, otherwise our system will show you an error while uploading the excel file.

3. We provide Hindi language default in Unicode feature. Once you type your SMS content in English our automated system will convert your English text into Hindi.

4. Then, click on the send button to send your messages immediately. If you wish to send out messages on a later date & time than go to ‘Schedule’ button select your date and time. Our system will automatically send it to your selected group of an audience.

For more information about us contact our sales team executives at or if you want to know about our other services rather than bulk SMS then visit our website

How to use personalize SMS?

Personalizing your text messages allows you to send bulk SMS messages with unique information for each recipient in your database.

You can create a single custom SMS for all your contacts by selecting relevant personal information. This means marketers, educational institutes or business owners can add the name of a customer, account number, meeting time, students marks, ticket ID to the same messages and the information relevant to that recipient will be added into the SMS.

For example, School management may need to send attendance percentage of students to parents, but they need to personalize it according to first name and the overall percentage in the current session.

They can take the advantage of ‘’Custom SMS’’ feature at MsgClub interface to fulfill their requirement. All they need to just select the column simultaneously while typing the SMS content. However, they can create SMS in a more personalized manner like;

Hello Mr.  ##COL2$$ Your daughter  ##COL1$$ has ##COL5$$ of attendance in the 2018 session. We don’t allow students to appear in the final examination if they have 75% below attendance in the class.

SMS Preview will be like-

Hello, Mr. Rajeev Jain! Your daughter Sonakshi has 65.00% of attendance in the 2018 session. We don’t allow students to appear in the final examination if they have 75% below attendance in the class.

Hello, Mr. Narsing Neema! Your daughter Ashri has 52.00% of attendance in the 2018 session. We don’t allow students to appear in the final examination if they have 75% below attendance in the class.

So, in this way banks, entrepreneurs, education institutes, insurance companies, e-commerce stores & a lot more businesses can send reminders, promotional offers, alerts to the targeted audience.

At MsgClub sending personalized SMS is a very easy task. We have launched three ways to send custom SMS from our platform.

1. Upload File

If you have customer database in CSV file format into your system than upload it instantly under this option.

2. Draft Uploaded

In case if you have previously uploaded CSV database of audiences into our panel than from action menu bar click the sheet to active and start sending personalize SMS from existing excel sheet.

3. Phonebook Group

If you have already created any group of your contacts to whom you want to targeted personally than those group names and contacts will be shown here. Once you click on the action the group will be uploaded.

So, this is how any business owner or marketer can run their text SMS campaign in a personal way. This makes their customers happier and customers are likely to feel that, you take care of them because you’re giving updates individually.

How to add a contact in the phone book

Are you planning to run your bulk SMS marketing campaign from MsgClub platform? Then don’t worry we have made our panel user-friendly within seconds you can reach out to your target audience through about robust connectivity.

At MsgClub you can easily upload your thousands or billions of customer database. You need not have to add it manually because we have given some best ways to add contacts in your Phonebook.

First, go into our panel PHONEBOOK option where you will see an option ‘Add contact’’ at the top.

Click on that option then there are three ways available to add the contact into Phonebook.

1. Add Manually

2. Import in Group

3. Import in Multiple Groups

  • Add manually is useful when you have a small database i.e of 5-10 numbers. Moreover, you can use it to add a contact in the existing group. Fill out mandatory details like mobile number, group name, name and select add contact.

  • Import in Group feature is highly beneficial for those businesses who have billions of recipient database in CSV file. In a click of a button, you can upload your CSV file to send messages.

Note: Your CSV file should be in the format given by us. If needed download sample.

  • Import in Multiple Group, In case when you have all database of different segmentation in one excel sheet, use this feature to add contacts automatically into particular groups.

For example You have people on your list that should be added into different groups like Group 1, Group 2 or Group 3. But you have all contacts number in one excel sheet. In this feature, you have to create a sheet according to our format, once you upload it; your contacts of Group 1 or Group 2 or Group 3 will be segmented automatically as given in the image.

If you have any more queries feel free to contact us via call or email at 8878601181, Our team will assist you 24*7.

How to send SMS in other languages from our interface???

At MsgClub gateway sending bulk SMS to a large number of audience in their own regional language is now easier than before. Our team has developed a special feature that is ‘unicode’ through which users can create their SMS content in the language they wish to run their campaign.

With our Unicode regional language message service, one can send SMS in Indian languages (Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu, Hindi, Urdu etc) listed over the panel. The major benefit of this is; you can properly target your audience and create better reach among your potential customers.

Moreover, if you don’t found your preferable language at our interface, we have given an option to convert your text through ‘’Google and Quillpad’’.

Let’s understand some best features of this Unicode option-

  • No additional charges for a different language.

  • 70 Character limit per SMS is applicable.

  • Sender ID should be in English.

  • Text automatically gets converted into the language you have select.

Steps to send bulk SMS in any other regional language of India-

1. First, log in to the user account of MsgClub panel at

2. Go to ‘Send SMS’ option at the left side of your window.

3. Select your SMS route, add your sender ID, upload your contacts and then select the Unicode option under the drop down.

For example- You have selected the Hindi language our automated system will convert your English text to the Hindi language immediately.

4. Add your signature if needed otherwise click on the ‘Send Now’ button to push your information or any other promotional offer on recipient’s mobile number.

We have also given an option to send your SMS at a later date & time. Directly from Schedule button at the end, you can choose at what time and date you need to send messages to your targeted people.

In case if you have any query regarding this feature or facing difficulties in sending regional messages, contact our experts at 8878601181 or directly add a support ticket from the panel. Our customer support team will assist you shortly.

How many characters are in one sms credit ???

A single SMS includes the certain number of characters. There is a different limit for English and Unicode text messages. In this blog post, we are going to tell what is the character limit of one SMS and how credit is calculated.

When you sign-in to our cloud-based bulk SMS interface, in the send SMS section you will get options like sender ID, mobile number. After that, once you start typing your SMS content, the number of characters written by you will be displayed at the bottom corner. In the given image we have highlighted in the red box.

As soon as the number of characters increases in the message box, automatically it gets calculated and the SMS count will be shown as a 2, 3 and so on.

‘’The length of one English SMS is up to 160 characters for any mobile number.’’ and for SMS in regional languages (Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali etc) the SMS character limit is up to 70 characters.

The further calculations are given below in table:

For English SMS credits-

Your account balance will be deducted on the SMS count. Suppose your SMS is about 165 characters then the cost of 2 SMS will be deducted.

For Unicode SMS credits-

Note: Each space and line break will be added to your character limit.

These SMS limits are for both promotional and transactional SMS contents. Well, if you have any more queries regarding our transactional and promotional bulk SMS services directly stay connected with our team representatives at 8878601181.

If you’re an existing client and facing issues in the SMS credits deduction give a call to our technical support team 9406811130. They will assist you shortly!

Why Did You need To Integrate Shilpi eAPex With MsgClub?

What is the biggest invention in this century that has transformed the lives of Shilpi soft users? Yes, indeed it is the bulk text SMS marketing. We can't imagine how text messaging has become effective for businesses to reach a wide audience instantly. The introduction of mobile marketing services from another aspect is somehow encouraging SMS services, which is considered as a preferred method of Shilpi eApex users than making business calls when people are busy.

Bulk SMS is now highly becoming an effective marketing technique for Shilpi soft users because it helps them to meet the competition existing in the market. Moreover, our company MsgClub have started giving SMS setup in Shilpi software to every business, be it a large or small bulk SMS services can be highly beneficial for all services of Shilpi soft software that includes:

  • Application Development

  • Global Consulting Services

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Mobile Development

  • Web Hosting Services

Benefits of sending bulk SMS from Shilpi software:

1. Fast-medium:

When you send bulk SMS, it reaches to people instantly. Also, receivers read it within minutes of its delivery. Statistics prove that around 97% of messages are opened by the recipients and it is quite an impressive thing!

2. Great Convenience:

Our bulk SMS API gives amazing convenience to software users. Businesses can remain in touch with their clients or customers. They can inform them about the latest products, blockbuster offers and other important directly from their business management software.

3. Cost-Effective:

A leading provider like MsgClub is highly flexible in providing services along with the best prices in the market. We offer a variety of bulk SMS plans to our clients of every sector. Such plans are based on audience targeted base and the frequency.

Moreover, we offer affordable plans for this service to bulk SMS reseller. So, if you're interested to be a part of it kindly visit our reseller page.

For SMS Integration of Shilpi soft software with MsgClub SMART solutions, you have to contact our team members via call, ticket or live chat.

Incredible Benefits of sending SMS from Jaze ISPManager

Jaze ISP Manager is a software launched by Jaze Networks that enables various Internet service providers to generally manage end-to-end activities of their business. However, bulk messaging is a perfect tool for them to reach their targeted audience instantly. MsgClub provides simple Jaze ISP software ''SMS integration'' that helps you to create our gateway on your software with our API.

With the help of your bulk SMS API, you're able to enjoy the benefits of all Jaze ISP manager features via adding a communication tool for smooth business operations between you and other people. You can send single SMS, group SMS, customized SMS related to subscriber management, AAA, Plan management, Billing, Payment, Customer portal, Inventory, Lead manager and more from one place only.

On the other hand, among all other marketing strategies available, the bulk SMS services play a major role in the current scenario of business. Choosing our services can help internet service providers in reaching a huge audience with fewer costs. It also enables you to convey information, the short-term special deal offers that may end within few hours.

Here's how effective bulk SMS services:

1. Low-Investment setup:

Unlike other traditional forms of marketing like print media, emailing, radio, bulk SMS needs very less investment to interact with customers, staff, clients, subscribers etc. Even a small entrepreneur can easily use this strategy and start running SMS marketing campaigns.

2. Saves time:

Sending SMS directly from the business software you're using will save your lot of valuable time than login provider gateway again and again. However, if you wish to set reminder alerts you can also schedule the SMS for a later date/time.

3. Improve client or customer relations:

Jaze ISP Manager is a widely used software all over India. And giving real-time notifications or any update to people for the security or any other thing helps in building the trust of your company. There is no doubt business and client relationship will tremendously increase with bulk SMS service.

4. Easy implementation:

It is very to easy to integrate our SMS API into your software. Our APIs are totally user-friendly. You can easily send thousands of SMS messages to the targeted audience in a minute along with the 99% delivery rate.

5. Growth in productivity:

Well, in a short span of time you will realize your business productivity is day-by-day via using bulk SMS marketing service.

So, what are you waiting for? Just integrate our API into your Jaze ISP Manager with an ease. MsgClub provides this great solution to bulk SMS reseller also. Visit our website for more information.

How to Integrate API In Ezee, the No.1 Hotel Management Software

Today, the hotel industry is moving towards to the power of bulk text messaging to enhance their sales and business during off-peak seasons. With the use of SMS hotel and resort, industries are increasing the level of their promotional activities. They have started deploying providers API into the ezee software to sell their products and services to a maximum number of interested tourism or visitors. Hotel managers believe that bulk SMS facility opts for cheaper and effective form to communicate customers in a much better way.

MsgClub has started offering services of bulk SMS in Ezee software to their hotel industry clients. So, that they can send SMS on various things related to their place or resort. A hotel industry can highly utilize bulk messaging for Online booking, Confirmations, Arrival time reminder, Location, Service feedback, Special festive offers, Discounts, Communication with Internal staff, Reservation and much more.

Well, if you wish to integrate high-quality bulk SMS services into Ezee hotel management software then follow the given steps:


Firstly, create an account on Ezee software before starting your SMS marketing for better sales and business.


Move on your cursor to the 'outlet operation' then click on the edit option.


Click on the notification, then go to setting and enter our API URL in the box. OK, it or save it from the bottom.

This is how you can integrate our services into the Ezee software. If you want to become a bulk SMS reseller for our service then we do provide best solutions for it.

Now, let's find out the examples of what type a hotel management can send SMS through bulk SMS API of MsgClub.

Booking related SMS:

Hi Jayesh...Thank you for booking a Luxury Double Room. Your booking reference ID is 8952661. Thank you for choosing us! Rajnandini Hotel

Guest Arrival SMS:

Hi Miss Akrati, We are looking forward to your arrival at Hotel Radisson, when you are settled, head up to the lounge for a complementary MOCKTAIL! See you soon.

Check-out related SMS:

Good Afternoon Mr.Prakhar, Hope you enjoyed your stay with family. We look forward to serving you again. Hotel Samrat, Mumbai.

Visit our website for more information……!!!!!!