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Manage and Track your all SMS transactions with CLOUT

Great news !! For our all customers.

All new billing system is developed to add an attribute in our Bulk SMS admin panel software, to make it more usable for you. Now you can manage your all transactions through our new Billing module, which makes our software a perfect place to manage all SMS transactions.  

Traditionally, Billing and Send SMS have been separate processes with their own set of procedures.We develop and integrate billing module in our software, that will create a better streamlined workflow between our Bulk SMS services and billing system allow you to make transactions and send SMS through single panel.

In SMS industry, Billing is the Concept about request of SMS required by client, for that client need to deposit the amount to avail SMS services.This all can be done easily now with our software.

Billing process can be as important as the product or service that we sell. This is because if it is difficult for customers to pay their bill, they may choose to look elsewhere for their business. Knowing the importance of billing process, Bulkwe developed the feature with most usable options that can make our billing process easy and reliable. And now you can keep an eye on the billing process, while sending SMS and side by side managing all activities through our software.

It provides many facilities to our customers. In our billing system one can simply add request with details and all the rest process done by accountant with the help of our Bulk SMS software. All the functions in billing systems are performed by the software itself. It helps to maintain all the customers, their records and helps to ensure the working of the entire system.It gives detailed information to our customers.

Neither you need to mail your transactions details (or use any other interface), nor you need to call our sales managers. All you need is our Bulk SMS admin panel from where you can Send SMS and make your transactions too.


Follow our next blog you will get to know more benefits of Billing System in our Best Bulk SMS software. You can contact us here.

Five benefits of Billing System in our Best Bulk SMS software

Here are the top five benefits of having billing system in our Bulk SMS Software, which are going to benefit you a lot.

1. Accessibility through Single Panel

You can Send SMS and make billing request through our Bulk SMS Panel. Now you need not to send any mail to sales person for adding balance in your account (route). All you have to add request for billing through ‘Request wall’ of your panel.

After that our accounts department will confirm your request and add balance in your account according to your requirement (request you had created). Use our billing system that is developed by us, for the Bulk SMS Software means now you can →

 “Send Bulk SMS, make billing request and get billing details on single panel.”