Bulk SMS Service

How to become a Reseller in SMS Industry with Best Bulk SMS Software

“Promote our SMS software under your brand to your customers.”   

If you are planning to have your own business in SMS Industry as a reseller

then you are at right place, we have Best Bulk SMS Reseller program for  you.

MsgClub has designed the reseller program to provide you with an opportunity to become a reseller. You can Send Bulk SMS, personal SMS and custom SMS through our reseller panel, you can receive delivery report and scheduled report also (if you had scheduled the SMS). Our software allows you to manage client, upload client, manage website and phone book.    

You can manage all your user accounts from your from our software with ease. Our Bulk SMS Reseller program serves SMS service,long code, miscall services, voice SMS and campaign.

With us becoming a Reseller is easy. All you have to follow some steps →

1. Click on this URL →

2. This page will appear. Select user type - reseller , insert user name and all required information.

3. Click on sign up to Get Free Trial.

4. After this you will get Login details from us for Bulk SMS panel on your registered email Id  and on mobile number.

5. Login into your account and start using our Bulk SMS panel as a reseller.

We offer an excellent reseller package which includes -

1. No setup costs.

2. Get unlimited sender ID's.  

3. Complete technical support.

4. 100% risk free trial for the customer.

5. Simple and easy to use for the customer - Click on signup now to get registered as our reseller.

6. Marked with your own company logo.

7. Fully Branded Customer Panel.

8. Special rates -  You can sell at your own cost.

9. Unlimited validity.

10. Instant activation of white labelled website - Hide your provider’s identity and brand your own.

We’re a leading Bulk SMS service provider offering you the opportunity to establish your own Bulk SMS business with our reliable and powerful Bulk SMS reseller package.                                                               

As a Bulk SMS reseller, you can offer our SMS program and software that allows your clients to easily send large amounts of SMS, to n number of clients. You can serve your clients under your own brand and logo, with our powerful servers, reliable networks and dependable services, all offered at low attractive rates.

Ways to keep your account secured

Today’s in the online world where everything is going and processing online, keeping account secure is very important and tough task. But you can make it easy just by following simple practices and tips -

1. Use Strong passwords and change your passwords frequently

 1. Always use strong passwords. Strong passwords means - make your passwords little bit tough to guess. like use your  favourite quotes initials as password.

Example - “Beat your own record, success will chase you” say this is your favourite quote and Then this will be your password “BYORSWCY”.   

  2. Change your passwords on regular basis.

  3. Use unique passwords that contain both numbers and letters (uppercase and lowercase) and if allowed, symbols.

  4. Do not share or store your passwords.

  5. Write down your password in a secure, private place. Do keep your password in a safe place.

  6. You should change your passwords regularly and use a different password for each of your accounts.

  7. You should create a password at least 10 characters long.

  8. Do use a different password for each website you visit.

  9. Do not use personal information in your password such as contact numbers, birthdays etc.

  10. Do not use sequences such as ”abcd1234” or keyboard sequences like “qwerty”.