Best SMS APIs to Connect With Your Customers

The convenience of offering immediate, continuous access to new channels and advanced features on one packaged plan is provided by all-in-one business communication software.

However, these solutions can be costly, and you might wind up paying for capabilities you won’t use—especially if your team only needs one extra tool, like bulk SMS.

Teams may text clients without switching to a different platform thanks to an SMS API (Application Programming Interface).

Communication APIs give programmers the code and instructions they need to add specific, random functionality to already-existing business applications and technologies.

This article describes SMS APIs in detail, including what they are, how they operate, advantages and use cases, as well as the top CPaaS companies that offer them. 

Here’s the list of the best SMS API providers you should consider:

  1. Twilio
  2. Msgclub
  3. Plivo
  4. Vonage
  5. MessageBird
  6. Sinch

An SMS API is an application programming interface that allows businesses to send and receive text messages programmatically through an SMS gateway. An SMS gateway is a service that connects mobile networks with the internet, allowing businesses to send and receive SMS messages to and from mobile devices.

SMS APIs are typically used by businesses to automate their messaging workflows, such as sending marketing messages, alerts, reminders, and notifications to customers or employees. With an SMS API, businesses can integrate text messaging functionality into their existing software systems, such as websites, mobile apps, or CRM platforms, and send messages at scale.

SMS APIs typically provide a range of features, such as message templates, message scheduling, delivery receipts, and analytics, to help businesses manage their messaging campaigns more effectively. SMS APIs may charge a fee for each message sent or offer pricing plans based on message volume, location, and other factors.

Best SMS APIs to Send Messages to Your Customers

Here, we’ve reviewed our favorite SMS API providers.

1. Twilio 

Twilio is a cloud communications platform that offers a suite of APIs for messaging, voice, video, and authentication. Its SMS API allows businesses to send and receive text messages globally, with features like message tracking, delivery receipts, and shortcodes.

SMS API Standout Features

  • Delivery Notifications: Connect your SMS API to your delivery software to offer self-service, interactive two-way delivery status, and tracking information to your clients.
  • Cross-Channel Support: Customers and representatives can communicate through live chat, SMS, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger thanks to Twilio APIs.
  • Scalable Conversations: You can have 1:1 chats, group texts with up to 1000 individuals, or mass campaign messages to even bigger groups by utilizing Twilio’s APIs.
  • Available Phone Numbers: Twilio provides long code local, international, toll-free, mobile, and mobile numbers with a country code for messaging.

2. Msgclub

Sending text messages to a large number of recipients at once is known as bulk SMS marketing. In today’s competitive world, it is regarded as one of the most well-liked, affordable, and successful marketing strategies. A service like MsgClub gives you a variety of SMS-sending options. However, sending over an Indian SMS gateway API can guarantee seamless SMS message transmission through client application applications and websites.

The use of cutting-edge technologies by MsgClub, a prominent bulk SMS provider, has made the integration of bulk SMS API much simpler than in the past. For software developers that need to send SMS notifications, reminders, alerts, etc. from a third-party application or website, we provide an accessible API and their ready codes.

Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing via API of the leading bulk SMS gateway provider

  • Best & economical medium for marketing & promotion
  • SMS campaigns can be launched quickly & instantly for customers
  • Thousands of SMS can be sent with ease through a web-based platform
  • Bulk SMS campaigns have a high open rate and response from customers
  • Unlike email marketing, you do not have to deal with spam filters in SMS
  • Short messages up to 160 characters is a boon for marketing

3. Plivo

Plivo is another cloud communications platform that provides APIs for voice, SMS, and MMS. Its SMS API allows businesses to send and receive messages globally, with features like message templates, status updates, and analytics.

Plivo Standout Features

  • Automated SMS Marketing Tools: Plivo APIs may be integrated into a number of automated sequences that are ideal for sales funnels, lead conversion sequences, and other situations. These automated sequences can include promotional offers, cart abandonment reminders, contact updates, surveys, reviews, and more.
  • Multi-Language Character Set Support: Support for several language character sets allows you to communicate with consumers in any language, including emojis and symbols as well as whole character sets for Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and other languages.
  • Authentication with two factors: With two verification passcodes—one through your app and one through an automated SMS or phone call—you can safeguard critical consumer information.

4. Vonage (Nexmo)

Nexmo is a cloud communications platform that offers APIs for messaging, voice, and authentication. Its SMS API allows businesses to send and receive messages globally, with features like Unicode support, message concatenation, and two-way messaging.

Vonage SMS API Standout Features

  • Number Insight API: Gain customer-number insights using the Number Insight API, which includes fraud detection, number validation, mobile and landline number differentiation, and consumer intent anticipation.
  • Private SMS: Make it possible for end users, including customers and agents, to communicate privately by offering secure texting areas where users can communicate in two directions, bargain, conduct business, and use any other messaging services while hiding their phone numbers.
  • Customer Notification in Two Ways: Send reminders to clients about appointments, deliveries, and promotions so they can respond and engage via automatic text-confirming, canceling, rescheduling, and other functions.

5. MessageBird

MessageBird is a cloud communications platform that provides APIs for messaging, voice, and chat. Its SMS API allows businesses to send and receive messages globally, with features like delivery reports, message templates, and link shortening.

MessageBird Standout Features

  • Flow Builder: Messagebird’s code-free Flow Builder allows you to create customized conversation journeys combining API webhooks into automated campaign sequences with tools like IVR, SMS-to-email forwarding, and abandoned cart follow-up.
  • SMS Status: Access SMS statuses for each sent message, including delivery status, open status, the reason for that state, and error codes providing extra info about failed delivery.
  • List Messages: List and filter messages by sender, recipient, message type, message status, and search criteria for outgoing, planned outgoing, and inbound communications. As a result, agents and administrators may quickly search for certain messages.

6. Sinch 

Sinch is a cloud communications platform that offers APIs for messaging, voice, and video. Its SMS API allows businesses to send and receive messages globally, with features like two-way messaging, message concatenation, and Unicode support.

Sinch SMS API Standout Features

  • Conversation API: Combine all solitary communication channels with tools like calendars, chatbots, IVR systems, carousels, polls, and reminders into a single omnichannel API. The conversation API saves interaction history and enables agents to service consumers across channels.
  • RCS Messaging: Advanced text elements like clickable buttons for suggested replies, calls to action, or carousels can make your company messages stand out.
  • Real-Time Feedback:Get notifications on client activity, read receipts, and real-time message delivery status information.

How Does an SMS API Work?

When using an SMS API, data requests and commands are sent between:

  1. The web server for an application
  2. The CPaaS provider for the application (Msgclub, Messagebird, etc.)
  3. A mobile client device, network, and carrier

Depending on whether the application is sending or receiving business text messages, data requests, and commands are sent and received in different ways between these parties.

It should be noted that the most widely used scripting and programming languages, such as: 

Benefits of Using an SMS API

SMS APIs and webhooks empower company apps with the following benefits:

Flexibility with Existing Tools

Integrate SMS APIs with the multichannel or omnichannel contact center, CRM, and website already in place at your business.

As a result, agents can use SMS messaging services in addition to other internal and external communication tools, channels, and information sources.

SMS API Business Use Cases

SMS APIs are used by businesses across various industries to automate their messaging workflows and engage with their customers more effectively. Here are some common use cases of SMS APIs for businesses:

  1. Marketing and Promotions: Businesses can use SMS APIs to send promotional messages, discount offers, and coupons to their customers. SMS messaging has high open and response rates, making it an effective channel for marketing campaigns.
  1. Customer Support: SMS APIs can be used by businesses to send order updates, appointment reminders, and support messages to their customers. Businesses can also enable two-way messaging to let customers respond to support queries and resolve issues in real-time.
  1. Authentication and Verification: SMS APIs can be used by businesses to send one-time passwords (OTPs) and verification codes for account creation and login. SMS authentication is a secure and convenient way to verify user identities and prevent fraud.
  1. Alerts and Notifications: Businesses can use SMS APIs to send alerts and notifications to their customers for events like flight delays, package tracking, and emergency alerts. SMS messaging is a reliable and immediate channel for urgent messages.
  1. Surveys and Feedback: SMS APIs can be used by businesses to send surveys and feedback requests to their customers. SMS messaging is a quick and easy way to collect customer feedback and improve the customer experience.

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