Create A WhatsApp Broadcast List To Begin A WhatsApp Broadcast

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If you’ve arrived at this Page, you’re most likely a business looking to target your customers/audience with WhatsApp Broadcast Messages.

What exactly is a WhatsApp Broadcast?

A broadcast is the simultaneous transmission of a signal or message from a single source to several destinations.

When a WhatsApp user sends a message to numerous recipients with one click, it is referred to as a WhatsApp broadcast message. This is due to the fact that no recipients can see the other recipients of the broadcast.

Whether you’re using the WhatsApp messaging app or the WhatsApp Business app, you can start a WhatsApp broadcast by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of the main ‘CHATS’ window.

To make your messages more relevant, you can use photographs, videos, and as many characters as you want. Then, by including variables in your message template body, you can tailor WhatsApp bulk messages to reach out to clients on a large scale.

Customers will consider your brand trustworthy and credible if you provide them with customized messaging.

What are the limitations of WhatsApp Broadcasting using the WhatsApp Business App?

1. Consider a company that has a WhatsApp number and hundreds of contacts just like you. Even if you haven’t added them, they’re frequently flooding your inbox with promotional messages that you get on your SMS every day.

It doesn’t sound promising. Is that correct?

To address this, the WhatsApp Business App delivers a broadcast message exclusively to users who have saved your phone number as a contact. As a result, you cannot transmit any promotional messages via broadcast. Your broadcast message will only be received by individuals who have added you to their phone’s address book.

2. You can construct a WhatsApp Broadcast list with up to 256 contacts. You may have more contact information than 256 as a business owner. As a result, WhatsApp broadcast lists are useless for medium and large organizations.

3. There are no APIs or integrations; businesses cannot automate themselves using their APIs and CRM.

WhatsApp Advantages Broadcasting with the WhatsApp Business App:

If you send a WhatsApp message using the WhatsApp App:

  • Each contact receives the message separately.
  • Your WhatsApp broadcast list can contain up to 256 contacts.
  • Communication is done in secret. The message will be delivered to each recipient as a regular chat.
  • Recipients are unaware that they have received a broadcast message. The message will not bear this designation.
  • To receive the message, the receiver must have your phone number saved as a contact.

Is WhatsApp Broadcasting via App sufficient for your business?

It all depends on the application. Allow me to explain.

If you run a local/small business and use the WhatsApp Business App, you probably know 100-200 of your customers directly. It’s also possible that they saved your WhatsApp Business number on their phone.

In this case, you can use WhatsApp Broadcast lists with your WhatsApp business app, as the majority of them will most likely receive the message you want to deliver.

If you own a well-established medium or big business with more than 200 customers, you may have concluded that WhatsApp Broadcast via the conventional WhatsApp Business App is not for you.

So, what’s the answer?

In 2018, WhatsApp released the Verified WhatsApp Business API. The goal is to assist SMBs in communicating with their clients via WhatsApp.

Businesses must validate themselves in order to activate their Business number for WhatsApp APIs. However, WhatsApp cannot verify every business on the planet.

To address this issue, WhatsApp made its WhatsApp APIs available to third-party service providers known as WhatsApp Business Solution Partners (BSP).

Difference between WhatsApp Business And Verified WhatsApp Business API.

WhatsApp Business App                       

  • Appropriate for Local Business Owners
  • Appropriate for Small Businesses
  • Canned / Rapid Responses
  • Labels for Conversation
  • Create a Business Profile 
  • Set an Away Message
  • Use with the Dedicated App
  • There is no integration with other systems.
  • only one person has access to them.

WhatsApp Business API

  • Appropriate for Enterprise Businesses
  • Connect to Other System 
  • Access Only available from an authorized source
  • Verified Company Profile
  • Send Notifications in Bulk
  • Use via CRM (no app required).
  • Utilize Automation
  • Access for many agents

MsgClub’s Verified WhatsApp Key Features- WhatsApp Team Inbox:

1. Contact Administration (Broadcast, Custom Lists)

2. Chatbot for WhatsApp 

3. Login for Multiple Customer Support Agents

4. Integration and APIs

5. WhatsApp Marketing & Promotional Messages

6. Templates for Interactive Messages

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