Exploring the benefits and features of transactional SMS

The ability to send transactional SMS messages is increasingly becoming the preferred method for organizations of all sizes, from marketing to banking. They are used to provide clients with various information, such as a special offer or an alert informing them of changes to their account. But, because transactional SMS is such a vital tool, how can you ensure that people listen and your message is delivered?

Email messages may end up in a spam bin. Customers frequently ignore social media posts. And with so much noise online, more and more people are ignoring brand communication efforts.

SMS notifications are a powerful tool for communication because of their high engagement and nearly 100% open rates. With transactional SMS, you may communicate with your consumers regarding orders, reservations, and other information and send promotional messages. 

What is a transactional SMS?

When you think of ordinary SMS messages, you’ve probably sent and received at least a few today. It is primarily used for communication among friends and family, but corporations also utilize it. For example, if you attempted to log into your bank account or another service website, you may have gotten an SMS containing a verification number to verify your identity.

Transactional business text messaging refers to SMS communication between businesses and their clients. Transactional SMS messages do not have any promotional SMS motive. Instead, brands use them to provide information and engage with their customers.

Types of transactional SMS 

Any industry or business can use transactional text messaging in their communication strategy. Transactional SMS messages, for example, are ideal for providing time-sensitive information, such as passwords or codes used to authenticate account access. Because transactional SMS messages have high open rates and do not require an internet connection or apps, public organizations utilize them to tell people about future weather alerts and key events.

Here are some examples of transactional SMS types.

Order confirmation: It’s important to send confirmation SMS to your clients so they are aware of the progress of their orders. Let’s say you place an order, but the vendor doesn’t get back to you even after a few days. You would then begin to wonder if your money wound up somewhere it wasn’t supposed to. More confidence is built when an SMS is sent as confirmation.

User verification: Online data protection for customers is very important. Because of this, a lot of businesses employ verification processes—many of them are even required to. Since the process needs confirmation from another device, you can validate an individual’s identification by sending a code or password to their phone number.

Bulk SMS works best since the recipient must respond immediately and because it doesn’t require an internet connection, arriving in a matter of seconds.

Welcome messages: Send a welcome message to customers before reaching out to them via SMS in the future. Otherwise, they could become confused and block your number when you send the first message without any context.

Booking information and confirmation: It’s more practical to confirm a customer’s reservation via text message rather than email or profile notification when they book a flight or accommodation. When individuals are traveling, you can’t count on an internet connection, but text messages get through as long as they can get phone service.

Billing notifications: Has it ever happened to you that a payment reminder for a forthcoming subscription ended up in your spam folder, and you got shocked by an unexpected card charge? It’s important to notify individuals in advance about impending payments. Your company may suffer significantly from late payments.

Feedback and surveys: One of the best ways to find performance gaps and obtain social proof for your website is to survey your customers. Nevertheless, getting input without asking for it explicitly can be challenging. Send a quick text message requesting feedback from your consumers after they contact your service support personnel or after you deliver an order.

Let your customers contact you: To schedule appointments make reservations, and encourage two-way communication with clients. The majority of individuals would rather text than call. Additionally, you can handle SMS more easily rather than attempting to monitor missed calls and pick up a phone in the middle of a workday. Two-way SMS communication is advantageous for businesses such as spas, gyms, restaurants, and others.

The key benefits of transactional SMS

Even while transactional SMS outcomes may take longer to see and measure, they are essential for your entire SMS marketing plan.

Building trust: You may build a communication base with transactional SMS rather than just sending out promotional messages now and then. When your clients receive welcome SMS, reminders, confirmations, and other important data in addition to offers and promotions, they will be more likely to trust your brand.

High open and engagement rates: SMS messages typically have higher open rates compared to emails or other forms of communication. Users tend to check their text messages promptly, making transactional SMS an effective way to ensure that important information reaches recipients.

Fast and reliable: Did we mention that you don’t need a specific app or internet connection to send transactional SMS messages? Customers can get your communications as long as they are not deep in the woods and do not have phone reception. And if you use a reliable SMS service provider, like Msgclub your texts are delivered within seconds.

Easy to track and automate: Your text messaging for business strategy can be improved by working with a reputable bulk SMS service provider. They offer instruments for automating SMS correspondence and tracking its advancement. You can set and monitor your goals in this way to identify areas for progress.

Start using transactional SMS in your business

With transactional SMS, you can easily:

  • Establish a strong connection with your customers.
  • Build their trust.
  • Reach out to your clients on time.
  • Increase the number of openings you receive.

We can help if you would like to test transactional SMS in your company. A dependable SMS service is provided by Msgclub to all kinds of businesses. We warmly welcome you to collaborate with some of the most well-known companies in the world to develop effective customer relationships. 

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