How can Verified WhatsApp for Education Help the Edtech sector?

Both our personal and professional lives have been entirely taken over by technology. In the same vein, the digital revolution has not ignored education or schooling. We transitioned from using bulletin boards and newspapers to phones, websites, emails, and social media to disseminate exam results and other notifications.

Currently, WhatsApp is the new kid on the block. Due of their accessibility and simplicity, messaging services have recently grown in popularity. When it comes to personal texting, WhatsApp has been at the forefront, and ever since Facebook introduced Whatsapp Business, it has advanced consumer-business communication.

Today, we’ll talk about various strategies for using WhatsApp as a customer support and engagement channel for educational institutions and e-learning platforms.

recruitment of students

People are inundated with marketing material today, whether it be through cold phoning, display commercials, promotional emails, or other means. Now that we have a new channel, we can generate leads and speak with prospective students and their parents in confidence. I’m not referring to the purportedly educational WhatsApp group. To allow students and parents to contact you and have a more individualized dialogue, you can publish your Whatsapp business number on your website by utilizing the WhatsApp Business API.

Notification of Confirmation of Enrollment/Admission

With too much back and forth and a pile of paperwork, the entire admissions process, whether it be for school or college, can rapidly become a hassle. In addition, parents and students are constantly concerned about the selection process and their chances of being chosen. Inform the students via Whatsapp on the progress of their application. When the application status changes, you may set up automation rules and parameters to automatically send updates to the registered mobile number. When you wish to send registration confirmations for certain on-demand educational seminars and lectures that you are hosting, this option is very helpful.

Fee Reminders

Any educational institution’s accounting department will tell you that they are overloaded with last-minute fee payments. Sending timely and automatic reminders for owing payments will help you avoid this problem. Additionally, combine Whatsapp for Education Sector with your current systems to further customize these messages by producing placeholders and templated texts. Thus, you can achieve your ultimate goal of timely payments while saving time and removing human mistakes.

Sending the course topics and the class schedule

Send students the course information, syllabus, and class schedule as an attachment to a Whatsapp message. Schools, universities, and e-learning institutions can further develop an inclusive educational and learning experience thanks to WhatsApp’s rich media support; teachers and professors can even record an audio message outlining the information described above for blind pupils.

Announcement of results and the admit card

Exam time can be difficult. There is a lot going on, and the institutes are occupied with numerous issues. This can be made easier by streamlining the admissions card ordering procedure. For instance, students can easily consent to be reached via WhatsApp by placing a missed call to the Whatsapp number of their institution or institute. After that, the college or school can send the admit card via WhatsApp. This is a step up from how you typically acquire your admission card from the institution or college. Similarly to this, schools and academies can post the website URL on Whatsapp at the time the results are announced so that students can check their exam results.

FAQs & Support for Students

From the time of application to the end of the course, parents and students have many questions. Questions about the dates of the exams, the cost, the cost of accommodations, attendance, the results, etc. Use the messaging app to address these common questions and FAQs whenever and wherever you are. Let a chatbot handle addressing the fundamental questions and issues. Additionally, you can configure the system to start a chatbot-agent handoff if the problem is too complicated for the bot to solve on its own. That implies that one of your employees will be asked to step in and lead the dialogue and handle the current problem. Additionally, if a staff member is unavailable, the bot might suggest to the student to plan a meeting or Call.

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