How WhatsApp Business API can be used in the education sector

Almost all industries, including education, healthcare, fintech, and e-commerce, are implementing AI chatbots. 

While revolutionizing teaching and learning, conversational AI is not lowering the standard of instruction offered by colleges, universities, and other educational institutions. Students all across the world are embracing digital platforms to connect with their teachers, friends, and other students remotely, learn more, and develop their abilities. 

Did you realise? By 2025, the industry for online education will be worth $350 billion.

How is the education sector changing as a result of conversational AI? 

Today, conversational AI is quickly gaining acceptance across almost all industries. One of the most successful sectors is education. AI chatbots transform the student experience at every stage, including before, during, and after admission. Conversational AI may manage and organise activities at colleges and universities among other things.  

Conversational AI can provide students a unique learning experience: 

1. Prior to academia 

Students can find colleges and courses online with the aid of an AI chatbot. An educational AI chatbot will help people comprehend and carry out the following actions: 

  • Admission 
  • Marketing 
  • Counseling 

2. During College 

Students can begin their academic journeys with the aid of an AI chatbot. 

  • Information Assistance from Departments 
  • Help with Libraries 
  • Providing medical care 
  • Sports Club Support 
  • Financial Support 
  • Emergency Support 
  • Assistance with campus life 
  • Assistance with Induction and Orientation
  • hostel support  

3. After University 

The bond between a college and its students can be lifelong. Finding a method to routinely contact with alumni is crucial. Alumni of the institution should be trained using an AI chatbot. 

  • Volunteer Assistant 
  • Bot reference 
  • Bot for executive education 

Why use WhatsApp API with Edutech? 

Due of their accessibility and simplicity, messaging services have recently grown in popularity. Worldwide, Whatsapp has emerged as the top channel for educational institutions. Whatsapp is the most widely used instant messaging service in the world, with more than 2 billion users. Because Whatsapp has such a broad user base, educational institutions can use it to connect with the majority of students and provide a range of online services.  

Whatsapp Business API streamlines communication between an institution and its student/prospect in a manner similar to regular Whatsapp talks. This Whatsapp automation specifically serves higher education institutions with huge student datasets and significant messaging volumes. The transition from traditional mail and talks to efficient app-based support that has a high ROI compared to other aid is a significant one. 

In terms of delivery rate, open rate, and conversions, Whatsapp also outperforms calls, emails, and contact forms: 

  • 70% more opens compared to emails 
  • greater reaction rate of 50% 
  • 20% rise in the percentage of sales that close 

A fantastic platform for community-based learning is offered by Whatsapp API. For both students and teachers, it is straightforward, easy to use, and accessible.  It is now feasible to interact with pupils, gather leads, provide help, and carry out other tasks instantaneously and around-the-clock.  

Due to recent advances, Whatsapp has expanded its capabilities to support commerce. Whatsapp Commerce enhances the consumer experience by utilising interactive UI components, marketing notifications-based capabilities, and other features. This remedy is ideal for EdTech companies. 

Admission assistance 

For the duration of the application submission process, your students can receive live assistance. You may arrange interviews, respond to frequently asked questions, and manage any other concerns that students might have by using Whatsapp commerce to keep candidates updated on the status of their applications. 

support available 24/7 

24/7 assistance with student inquiries about payments, classes, and fees. The Whatsapp API may respond to inquiries from students and offer solutions to their most frequent problems. Additionally, they direct difficult issues to human agents. 

Implement drip campaigns 

You may engage pupils and send personalized messages using verified Whatsapp. With these campaigns, you may send each student a unique message after a predetermined amount of time. 

Send pertinent reminders and notifications. 

Brands may utilize Whatsapp commerce to offer students personalized updates about future events, sessions, timetables, and cancellation notices. These messages are also available in real time.

Growing and learning 

Students and teachers can communicate via the WhatsApp Business API. A fantastic tool for enhancing communication and contact with students, Whatsapp for education has been shown to be. 

Gather student opinions   

Get student opinions about the caliber of your lectures, tutorials, faculty experience, and more using WhatsApp commerce. 

Payment Assistance    

Students can make payments directly via Whatsapp thanks to the WhatsApp API. All popular wallets are supported by WhatsApp payments, and all transactions are safe and free of fraud. 

generating leads 

You can build a bot that completes all the necessary tasks for you using Whatsapp API. It employs a user-friendly UI that seems natural to your prospects. 

On-Campus Assistance    

Support and help students with all campus amenities, including the library, transportation, health care, and homework. 

Integrations in marketing    

With conversational marketing, you can consolidate your whole marketing effort and boost your ROI on student admission by 200%. 

Increase student participation through WhatsApp commerce! 

The use of WhatsApp Business API in education goes beyond merely teaching and learning. Whatsapp EdTech chatbots can be used by educational institutions, marketers, administrators, and others to generate and nurture new leads, engage with students and former students, streamline administrative procedures, and generally reduce stress.