What is a WhatsApp Business API and Why Use it?

In terms of corporate communication, WhatsApp Corporate is completely new. The Whatsapp Business app, which was originally released in 2018, aids local marketing for small business owners (such as educational institutions and private instructors). They can use a verified business profile to communicate information, highlight items, and offer services.

On the other hand, Whatsapp Business API is designed for medium and large enterprises (such as schools, universities, or other institutions) that require mass communication. Two different sorts of messages that they can use to provide a personalized experience are:

Session messages: Conversations that are started by customers and discreetly transmitted to customer support agents so they can answer any questions are known as session messages (also known as customer care messages).

Template Messages: Business-initiated messages that take the form of alerts, notifications, reminders, etc. are referred to as template messages (notification messages).

The Education Sector’s Use of WhatsApp Business

Both students and educators need to take advantage of all the resources available because the new school year is about to begin and with it the transition to remote learning. Here is where Whatsapp’s magic shines. The most widely used instant messenger in the world has a lot more features than just texting. The simplest illustration is that it can serve as a digital platform for communication between students and teachers. WhatsApp Business, however, can function on a much wider organizational framework because of its APIs.

The potential of Whatsapp Business APIs can be used by educational institutions for remote learning, application procedures, and much more.

1. Important Notifications: When a class is moved, a quiz is timed, or an official holiday falls, it is frequently necessary to send out a fast warning or reminder to all of the students or parents in the class. A simple and private way to do that is using Whatsapp.

2. Remote learning support: Teachers can host study groups for a limited number of students in a comfortable and secure setting thanks to new capabilities like group video conferencing.

3. Community Development: A very effective method for high participation and creating a safe environment is group chat. In a group conversation, students are more motivated to ask questions and voice any concerns. Such in-depth communication also helps with any learning issues and builds the relationship between students and teachers.

4. Polls and Feedback: The best way to increase consumer (or student) happiness is through feedback. Feedback is especially crucial in trying times to highlight particular areas of difficulty. To ensure responses are gathered and all students are equally represented, surveys can be conducted over Whatsapp in the form of a straightforward chat.

5. Status of Attendance: Wouldn’t it be wonderful if students could monitor their attendance and absences using a specific chatbot? With WhatsApp Business APIs for education, they might be able to do that by sending an inquiry about their numbers.

6. Course guides and student schedules: One of an educational institution’s most careful procedures is scheduling. Schools and universities can utilize WhatsApp to help parents and students select their preferred timings and give out information about their course offerings and specifics to ensure everything runs well.

7. Admissions of students: Seniors in high school face a challenging application process with a tonne of paperwork. Universities can organize interviews and update candidates on their status via Whatsapp. Once the student enrolls, it is also a helpful tool for both parties. You can send copies of documents and payment details using WhatsApp for education.

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