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Are you looking for samples of WhatsApp template messages for your travel agency? You’ve come to the correct place.

WhatsApp is the greatest place to send out promotional notifications for trips, vacations, and other services in order to increase sales and revenue for your travel agency. Using the WhatsApp Business API-based platform MsgClub, you can also send users flight reminders, notifications, and much more. 

In this piece, we’ll go over the 14 greatest WhatsApp template Messages for Travel Agencies that will help you achieve your WhatsApp Marketing & Support goals.

WhatsApp Message Templates for Travel Agencies

WhatsApp Template for Onboard New Users:

Send a Greeting message to new WhatsApp users to welcome them. Inform them of the messages they will get ahead of time and give them the choice to opt out of your WhatsApp Notifications. 

WhatsApp Template Message to Onboard New Users

Example :

Dear Anurag, Welcome to XYZ Travels 😊
We will use this chat to send you Crazy travel deals, steal worthy packages and newsletters.
To stop receiving messages from us, please reply with ‘STOP’.
Quick Reply Button – STOP

Promotional WhatsApp Templates:

The main function of WhatsApp for travel agencies is to send marketing and promotional messages in order to boost sales of travel packages. 

Here are some WhatsApp Template Messages for Travel Deal Promotion

Example :

Hey Anurag😊
Check out our Deal of the day.
Deal of the Day: 4 Days 3 Nights at Manali & Kasol starting from just 7999/-
Offer expires on midnight of 30/04/23.

CTA: Book Now

Hey Mayank, we’ve got some fantastic travel deals waiting for you😊
Choose your pick from the below options:
Quick Replies

  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Uttrakhand
  • Maldives
  • Goa

Hey Sudhanshu😊
Shimla is calling out to you!
Enjoy an all-inclusive 8-night holiday with Shubharambh Travels for just 8999/-
Hurry, the offer expires soon!
CTA: Book Now

Hey Divesh 😊 have you visited Maldives yet?
Now’s your chance ! We’re offering a 35% discount for all bookings to Maldives made in the next 48 hours.
Check out amazing deals by clicking the below button👇
CTA: Check Deals

Hey Shivansh 😊
Dreaming of escaping to an island?
Now is the perfect time to book!
Fly to Maldives for 6 days 5 Nights at just 9999/-
To know more, click the below button👇
CTA: Book Now

WhatsApp Templates for Retargeting Existing Clients 

Send Retargeting Campaigns to a segregated audience with WhatsApp Retargeting Campaigns exclusively on MsgClub. 

Your broadcast audience is automatically segmented by MsgClub into Delivered, Read, and Replied Audiences. Use these filters to run retargeting campaigns.

WhatsApp Template Message for Retargeting Campaigns

Example :

Hey Sarvesh 😊  Since you loved Goa so much we thought you’d be interested in seeing Maldives or Bali as well. Check out our sweet deals for these locations by clicking the below button👇
CTA – Check latest deals

Flight Reminder WhatsApp Templates

Send a WhatsApp reminder notification for flight onboarding. 

WhatsApp Template Messages for Flight Reminders

Example :

Boarding for your flight No. DB112233 on Date 10/05/2023 starts at 8:30 AM.
Enjoy your flight, Vindigo

Hey Sameer,
Your flight departs in 3 hours from Delhi Airport. Don’t forget to check in and prepare your documents.
Have a safe flight!”😊 

Airline Alert WhatsApp Templates

Allow customers to check their flight status on WhatsApp by automating airline alerts. 

Template Messages for Airline Alerts on WhatsApp

Example :

Hey Manish, online check-in for SN312578 to Bali has opened.
To check in, please go to http/
and follow the prompts. We look forward
to welcome you on board our ABC at 30/04/2023.

Hi Manish, you can check the status of your flight right here.
Click the below button👇 to know your Flight Status.
CTA – Check Flight Status

Newsletter WhatsApp Templates

WhatsApp, which has a message open rate of over 98%, is the greatest place to promote your newsletter. Increase audience engagement by sending blogs and news articles over WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp template Message to promote Newsletter

Example :

Hi Shivam, check out the top 10 most underrated travel destinations for 2023. Get some fab ideas for your next trip.

Feedback WhatsApp Template Message

Customer feedback is essential for always improving your offerings. Request feedback from WhatsApp users who purchased your travel plans. 

WhatsApp Template Message Requesting User Feedback

Example :

Hi Shubham😊
How was your experience with Shubharambh Travel??
We are excited to know your feedback to improve ourselves in the best way to serve you in future
Kindly Rate us by choosing from the below👇buttons
Team Shubharambh
Quick Replies-

WhatsApp Referral Programme Template 

Increase the number of users by holding a referral programme on WhatsApp. Create an appealing referral programme in which users are rewarded for suggesting your Travel Agency to their friends. 

Example :

Tarun, refer You’ve signed up for WhatsApp updates from XYZ Agency!
Refer your friends and get 500 worth of Travel Credits added to your account for each friend who signs up with your referral code- T32156

Key Points while drafting WhatsApp Template Messages

Each template message goes under the careful eye of WhatsApp to ensure that it fits the WhatsApp Message Template Guidelines.

  1. To make the template text more powerful, use *Bold*, _Italics_, and Strikethrough, as well as emojis.
  2. The message’s formatting must be correct or WhatsApp will reject the message.
  3. In a message with a character limit of 20 characters, include Call to Action or Quick Reply Buttons. 
  4. Emojis can be used to personalize your messages. 

What is the best way to send WhatsApp template messages?

To send Template Messages on WhatsApp, you’d need the assistance of a WhatsApp Partner like MsgClub. 

MsgClub is a marketing tool built on the WhatsApp Business API that allows you to simply develop and deliver Broadcast messages to an unlimited number of users. 

With MsgClub, you can quickly create and broadcast WhatsApp Template Messages to an unlimited number of users.

You can also:

To enhance sales, send promotional WhatsApp Template messages.With end to end encryption enabled, you may send Transactional Notifications automatically and without worry. Respond to consumer inquiries with 1:1 Live Chat.Send retargeting campaigns to a specific audience on WhatsApp.

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