Verified WhatsApp Business for Hotels

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Going to hotels is all about relaxing time, away from home and work, whether we’re enjoying a long holiday or simply a short gateway. with a focus on unwinding. Because the main goal is to have a fantastic time.

Even the so-called “experience economy” was launched by younger generations. According to a survey of British adults aged 18 to 34 by Eventbrite, younger generations are “more fulfilled by life experiences than purchasing an item of the same value.”

Of course, not just younger generations look forward to a wonderful vacation. You understand that experience is everything if you work in the hotel industry or are on the customer service team. You are aware that happy clients will return when you provide excellent service.

The experience is enhanced by more individualized service.

63% of hotel guests say that superior service is more important to them than opulent suites or lavish decor.

But how can you deliver top-notch service? better customer service than your rivals and memorable encounters that encourage repeat business?

What sets WhatsApp Business apart is. The purpose of this article is to demonstrate how to make the most of WhatsApp Business for hotels.

Why is WhatsApp Business beneficial to the hotel industry?

Hotels abound in your town, neighborhood, and possibly even on your street. Being distinctive is crucial in light of this. Yet how?

Of course, MsgClub exists to assist you in attracting more potential customers.

MsgClub will help you reach a large audience, but it won’t allow you to serve customers well and reach customers at the same time.

Can WhatsApp Business. Considering that those prospective guests on MsgClub utilize WhatsApp. The platform with the most users has 2.2 billion users worldwide.

The platform is a cutting-edge method of communication that will assist you in exceeding and meeting client expectations. WhatsApp Business will let you reach potential customers, provide them with excellent service throughout their visit, and ensure that they return.

Use WhatsApp in all stages of guests’ stay

WhatsApp Business can assist you in providing visitors with the greatest possible experience at every stage of client contact. Let’s go over the details with you.

Prior to their arrival at the hotel

Notifications to let customers know about your offers

As noted, there are 2.2 billion users of WhatsApp. Because people use it for both personal and professional reasons, it is hugely popular. The typical open rate reflects this. WhatsApp has a 98% open rate, compared to an average of 21.33% for emails, for example. The industry average for emails about travel and transportation is significantly lower, at 20.44%.

So WhatsApp a message to potential guests! Customers will see your offer since discussion rates on social media are higher than those on email. You can distribute monthly WhatsApp newsletters that compile changes into a single summary. Alternatively, you can send a message to a large list of contacts at once using WhatsApp’s Broadcast feature. And every single prospective guest will perceive the message as a personal invitation.

Want to let people know about a suite discount? Or are you looking to expand your restaurant’s menu? Use WhatsApp to reach out to a large audience and inform everyone!

Updates for a smooth arrival

You want to make sure everything is set up for a wonderful experience before visitors even arrive. Only one first impression can be made. Inform your visitors of the check-in timings, parking information, and specifics regarding other facilities. Or inform clients whether they can dine at the hotel (upsell), or perhaps provide a menu in advance for the nearby restaurant with which you have a partnership.

A WhatsApp message will come across as personable and give visitors the impression that you have carefully considered their stay in advance.

Tip: You also anticipate queries and potential annoyances, such as not knowing where to park. Relieving your personnel and ensuring a trouble-free arrival.

During the guests’ stay

Personalized messages for a warm welcome

51% of customers acknowledge that the distinctive experience and individualized service a hotel can offer are important factors in their decision. We simply can’t emphasize enough how essential it is to invest in personalizing your service.

WhatsApp is ideal in this situation. Send your visitors a welcome note in advance informing them of all your amenities. Include a sneak peek at their reserved suite, if possible.

Fortunately, your staff won’t have to do more work as a result of this! Conversations can be automated using MsgClub’s WhatsApp chatbot. Despite being automated, the chatbot can interact personally with visitors and can also send welcome messages and pictures.

24-hour chatbot service

Questions may come up at any time while a visitor is there. any moment. And even if the staff is available at all times, they sometimes have other things on their minds.

when you include a chatbot on your website or a QR code in the room, for example. Guests can use a WhatsApp chatbot to ask inquiries by using your website or scanning the code. Your chatbot can actually respond to the majority of questions! Your team will feel a great deal of relief from not having to respond to the same inquiries over and over. As a final resort, you can direct the chatbot to a staff member if it is unable to respond.

Your visitors will always feel heard. enabling superior service and support.

Use service notifications to reduce complaints.

As previously said, inquiries can come up at any time. As well as complaints. To dissolve tensions and avoid unpleasant aftertastes, a prompt answer is required.

According to 92% of respondents to the twitter study, noise concerns go along with the most negative attitude. Is the hotel hosting a wedding or some other significant event? To avoid immediate noise complaints, send a notification to all visitors indicating the event and the end time.

Or maybe there is some building going on? Inform all visitors using WhatsApp Broadcast. When everyone is aware of what is going within and outside the hotel, a lot of bad feelings can be avoided.

Once they have arrived at the hotel

Automated follow-up for positive testimonials

Hotel reviews are very important. 81% of travelers examine reviews before making a reservation for lodging.

Furthermore, 72% of customers say they would rather have a positive guest review rating than a brand name or even a price cut. According to a survey by Expedia, customers will pay 35% more for a hotel with a higher rating.

Let everyone know about any wonderful experiences you’ve provided for visitors. In order to draw in more visitors, ask previous visitors to give their insights. Automate a flow of communication that will handle excellent follow-up. Customers will receive a message referring them to your review option in the weeks after their stay.

Discount program for greater loyalty

According to a 2019 PWC report, younger generations make significant investments in the experience economy but are less inclined to participate in hotel loyalty programmes. These younger generations do use WhatsApp, though. Send them a fantastic incentive, and they will be much more likely to respond to your message.

Already, older generations are more likely to participate in your loyalty programme. Therefore, it makes sense to send these visitors a message following their stay that includes a discount for their subsequent stay as well as a request for ratings. An opportunity to win an upgrade would also be nice.

Would you like to utilize WhatsApp Business for hotels? Here is what to do.

The entire stay of your guest can be covered by WhatsApp Business. ensuring positive reviews and experiences. Because positive evaluations will compel new potential visitors to book a stay at your hotel and ensure that previous guests return.

Want to utilize WhatsApp Business to ensure seamless arrivals, cordial greetings, around-the-clock assistance, and complaint avoidance?

To connect to the WhatsApp business API, ask a business solution provider to do so.

You can start providing services to your visitors before, during, and after their interactions with your hotel via the API connection to your existing systems. With WhatsApp Business for hotels, great experiences and five stars can be unlocked.

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