Bulk SMS Service

How to export ‘’Delivery Report’’ of your text messages???

At MsgClub you can measure the effectiveness of your SMS marketing campaigns easily through our authentic delivery reports. On our interface clients can get the real-time status of all sent campaign. It describes the brief status of the transactional, promotional SMS or OTP messages sent by you.

Because understanding the different status in DLR is very important to realize the ROI you might have gained from that SMS campaign. Moreover, we also provide delivery reports of other things like SMPP DLR, Scheduled DLR, Send SMS Outbox, Failed API all under the same option.

Even, you can export each and every DLR on your desktop into CSV format. Given-below I am sharing simple steps that you need to follow before downloading reports of 7 Days and more.

1. Sign-in to your account at, go to ‘Delivery report’.

2. Under this, by default, you will get 7 days DLR of your text messages. If you wish to export or download a single report that you can move your cursor on the Action option and then click button highlighted in the below-given image.

3. In case, if you have a requirement to view more than 7 days delivery report than go to ‘More DLR’.

4. Select the start date and end date to get reports of messages between the selected dates. For example, You have selected start date of 1st August and end date of 20th August all 20 days SMS delivery reports will get automatically exported into your system.

Note: You will get last 1-month delivery only at our interface.

5. Just open it and get each and every detail like request ID, mobile number, sender ID, status, route name, sent date/time, delivered date/time & username.

If you’re working as our bulk SMS reseller you can even view the reports of your client also. In the ‘’Delivery Report’’ option you will get a drop down showing ‘’self’’ in which you can select client.

Search your customer username, select start/end date and click show button to get 7 Days DLR and last 1 month DLR.

Why Did You need To Integrate Shilpi eAPex With MsgClub?

What is the biggest invention in this century that has transformed the lives of Shilpi soft users? Yes, indeed it is the bulk text SMS marketing. We can't imagine how text messaging has become effective for businesses to reach a wide audience instantly. The introduction of mobile marketing services from another aspect is somehow encouraging SMS services, which is considered as a preferred method of Shilpi eApex users than making business calls when people are busy.

Bulk SMS is now highly becoming an effective marketing technique for Shilpi soft users because it helps them to meet the competition existing in the market. Moreover, our company MsgClub have started giving SMS setup in Shilpi software to every business, be it a large or small bulk SMS services can be highly beneficial for all services of Shilpi soft software that includes:

  • Application Development

  • Global Consulting Services

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Mobile Development

  • Web Hosting Services

Benefits of sending bulk SMS from Shilpi software:

1. Fast-medium:

When you send bulk SMS, it reaches to people instantly. Also, receivers read it within minutes of its delivery. Statistics prove that around 97% of messages are opened by the recipients and it is quite an impressive thing!

2. Great Convenience:

Our bulk SMS API gives amazing convenience to software users. Businesses can remain in touch with their clients or customers. They can inform them about the latest products, blockbuster offers and other important directly from their business management software.

3. Cost-Effective:

A leading provider like MsgClub is highly flexible in providing services along with the best prices in the market. We offer a variety of bulk SMS plans to our clients of every sector. Such plans are based on audience targeted base and the frequency.

Moreover, we offer affordable plans for this service to bulk SMS reseller. So, if you're interested to be a part of it kindly visit our reseller page.

For SMS Integration of Shilpi soft software with MsgClub SMART solutions, you have to contact our team members via call, ticket or live chat.

Incredible Benefits of sending SMS from Jaze ISPManager

Jaze ISP Manager is a software launched by Jaze Networks that enables various Internet service providers to generally manage end-to-end activities of their business. However, bulk messaging is a perfect tool for them to reach their targeted audience instantly. MsgClub provides simple Jaze ISP software ''SMS integration'' that helps you to create our gateway on your software with our API.

With the help of your bulk SMS API, you're able to enjoy the benefits of all Jaze ISP manager features via adding a communication tool for smooth business operations between you and other people. You can send single SMS, group SMS, customized SMS related to subscriber management, AAA, Plan management, Billing, Payment, Customer portal, Inventory, Lead manager and more from one place only.

On the other hand, among all other marketing strategies available, the bulk SMS services play a major role in the current scenario of business. Choosing our services can help internet service providers in reaching a huge audience with fewer costs. It also enables you to convey information, the short-term special deal offers that may end within few hours.

Here's how effective bulk SMS services:

1. Low-Investment setup:

Unlike other traditional forms of marketing like print media, emailing, radio, bulk SMS needs very less investment to interact with customers, staff, clients, subscribers etc. Even a small entrepreneur can easily use this strategy and start running SMS marketing campaigns.

2. Saves time:

Sending SMS directly from the business software you're using will save your lot of valuable time than login provider gateway again and again. However, if you wish to set reminder alerts you can also schedule the SMS for a later date/time.

3. Improve client or customer relations:

Jaze ISP Manager is a widely used software all over India. And giving real-time notifications or any update to people for the security or any other thing helps in building the trust of your company. There is no doubt business and client relationship will tremendously increase with bulk SMS service.

4. Easy implementation:

It is very to easy to integrate our SMS API into your software. Our APIs are totally user-friendly. You can easily send thousands of SMS messages to the targeted audience in a minute along with the 99% delivery rate.

5. Growth in productivity:

Well, in a short span of time you will realize your business productivity is day-by-day via using bulk SMS marketing service.

So, what are you waiting for? Just integrate our API into your Jaze ISP Manager with an ease. MsgClub provides this great solution to bulk SMS reseller also. Visit our website for more information.

How to Integrate API In Ezee, the No.1 Hotel Management Software

Today, the hotel industry is moving towards to the power of bulk text messaging to enhance their sales and business during off-peak seasons. With the use of SMS hotel and resort, industries are increasing the level of their promotional activities. They have started deploying providers API into the ezee software to sell their products and services to a maximum number of interested tourism or visitors. Hotel managers believe that bulk SMS facility opts for cheaper and effective form to communicate customers in a much better way.

MsgClub has started offering services of bulk SMS in Ezee software to their hotel industry clients. So, that they can send SMS on various things related to their place or resort. A hotel industry can highly utilize bulk messaging for Online booking, Confirmations, Arrival time reminder, Location, Service feedback, Special festive offers, Discounts, Communication with Internal staff, Reservation and much more.

Well, if you wish to integrate high-quality bulk SMS services into Ezee hotel management software then follow the given steps:


Firstly, create an account on Ezee software before starting your SMS marketing for better sales and business.


Move on your cursor to the 'outlet operation' then click on the edit option.


Click on the notification, then go to setting and enter our API URL in the box. OK, it or save it from the bottom.

This is how you can integrate our services into the Ezee software. If you want to become a bulk SMS reseller for our service then we do provide best solutions for it.

Now, let's find out the examples of what type a hotel management can send SMS through bulk SMS API of MsgClub.

Booking related SMS:

Hi Jayesh...Thank you for booking a Luxury Double Room. Your booking reference ID is 8952661. Thank you for choosing us! Rajnandini Hotel

Guest Arrival SMS:

Hi Miss Akrati, We are looking forward to your arrival at Hotel Radisson, when you are settled, head up to the lounge for a complementary MOCKTAIL! See you soon.

Check-out related SMS:

Good Afternoon Mr.Prakhar, Hope you enjoyed your stay with family. We look forward to serving you again. Hotel Samrat, Mumbai.

Visit our website for more information……!!!!!!

Benefits of using MsgClub’s API Integration for eZee FrontDesk software

Greetings readers!

Welcome from the team MsgClub.

We, at the MsgClub, have brought to you an entirely amazing solution for managing all your marketing and customer relationship management activities directly from the eZee Hotel Management software you use every day for your business. The team MsgClub has developed an API solution to integrate bulk SMS services in eZee software for hotel management.

We all are very well aware of the power of marketing, & what profit marketing could do to a business. It’s like the lifeline of any business, as without this, potential customers would not be aware of your market presence. SMSes are emerging as an effective way to reach our prospects, making marketing and customer relationship management much more effectual. MsgClub senses all these changes in the market and accordingly brings the innovative solution for the people, to keep them up to date with the latest shifts in the patterns of marketing channels.

Image result for ezee frontdesk

With 10+ years of experience, eZee FrontDesk is a perfect solution that caters to hotels, resorts, boutique hotels, B&Bs, vacation rentals, chain properties, and many more enterprises. With a global presence in nearly 140 countries, this on-premises hotel management software provides its customers with a wide gamut of integrated modules and includes front/back office, group booking, housekeeping and banquet management. MsgClub’s bulk SMS in eZee software adds up lots of salient features to it, ensuring you to outsmart others in the hospitality industry.

To have a look at the other ways how our bulk SMS API for eZee software is going to benefit you, come down with us.

  • You can send necessary information to your visitors, like room service numbers, emergency contacts, rules and regulations etc.

  • Greet your hotel visitors with welcome messages at the time of their arrival, whereas send thank you messages at the time they leave the hotel, to ensure their happy stay.

  • Please your hotel staff by sending them each and every information regarding work, right on their phone. This will reduce their efforts in keeping records and they could focus more precisely on their work.

  • Walk the unconventional path by sending the hotel bills to your visitors on their mobile phones, & appreciate paperless working.

  • Send promotional SMS & genuine offers to your hotel visitors, so that they surely plan their next stay in your hotel only.

At MsgClub, we provide our bulk SMS reseller eZee software SMS integration that they can use for their Hotel Management software (HMS), Resort Booking software, Hotel Property Management software, Hotel Accounting software, Hotel Reservation software, Hostel software, and Condominium software. When you deal with eZee FrontDesk, you’re directly coming in touch with people with expertise in the hospitality industry. We provide the bulk SMS API for eZee software only with a sole purpose to make everyday tasks easier for you. To avail our services, or if you have any enquiry, please contact us here.

MsgClub’s Integration For eZee FrontDesk - Experience An All-in-One Hotel Management System

Hello readers!

We all know, that the eZee FrontDesk is a perfect solution to all your hotel management problems. It caters to the management needs of hotels, resorts, boutique hotels, B&Bs, vacation rentals, chain properties, and many more such industries. eZee offers you 10+ years of experience, which makes it the most trusted name in the hospitality industry, for sure. Now, MsgClub has come up with its API integration, to provide bulk SMS in the eZee software itself, just to make it an all-in-one solution. With our SMS API, you’re sure to make the most out of both this software.

The eZee FrontDesk is a leading provider of hotel management software in the market. Loaded with features, eZee FrontDesk is one of the best hotel management software providers which is sure to leverage your business outcomes by its services. Now, with the bulk SMS API for eZee, you can be making your everyday hotel management tasks way easier than ever.

MsgClub’s bulk SMS service integration in eZee FrontDesk software offers you a huge load of benefits. Let’s see what are they,

  • While Checking In and Out

MsgClub’s bulk SMS API integration in eZee allows you to facilitate your customers while they check in or out. With this, you can send them text SMS having the important information like room service number, important hotel contacts, bills etc. You don’t need to worry about anything as they’ll get every information on their phones.

  • Send Offers and Packages

Integrate SMS alert with eZee & send SMS containing various offers to several prospects out there. You’ve always been advertising yourself through mediums like news media, print media, hoardings etc. But now, you can offer some special packages, or some special ‘happy hour’ deals to your customers right on their mobile phones. Grab ahold of them by reaching them the best way you can!

  • Enhanced Customer Service

With our API, you can attract your customers by enhancing your customer services. Greet them with welcome SMS, or text some sights nearby to see for the tourist visitors, you can be gratifying each and every moment. With our SMS API integration, you’ll be able to send such pleasant SMSes directly from the eZee FrontDesk software right to the cell phone of your occupants.

Offering the best services in the market with our bulk SMS reseller API integration is definitely a great maneuver. The eZee software serves as the central point for your hotel management. Regulating a business on separate pieces of technology working independently is a high-stress and inefficient process, which leaves you in nothing but distress. The MsgClub’s integration of bulk SMS in eZee software through API connects all these parts of your business, to simplify the operations. To avail all these facilities, please contact the MsgClub here.

Integration of MsgClub Bulk SMS API with Focus ERP Software

Our company has started offering SMART solutions to accounting software users. This solution enables enterprises to send SMS messages straight from top ERP software, FOCUS. The software offers a full set of tools to many industry verticals including real-estate, manufacturing, finance, education, healthcare, government, hospitality, e-commerce, automobile, retail, logistics and a lot more.

You just have to get our API to send single SMS, group SMS and personalized SMS to your debtors, suppliers, retailers, creditors, and customers from the software itself. You might know that accounting is a must for every business and similarly communication also plays a vital role in the smooth functioning of any company or enterprise. Many of our large industry clients who use FOCUS ERP software for accounting wants bulk SMS messaging service to reach out people instantly so that they can give real-time updates and notification about bill payment, invoice details, debit/credit note, new offers, discounts, financial statements links etc.

At MsgClub platform you can do SMS setup in Focus software very simple. All you need to follow the given below steps for bulk SMS marketing services through API.

1. Open your company Focus V6 software account on the system.

2. Go to the 'COMPANY' where you will find an option of Preferences.

3. Select preferences, one new window will pop up on your screen then select Internet on the right of your screen.

4. Put API URL in the server-URL field and make them update to test by generating invoice also.

You will get our bulk SMS API from our interface, developer tool option. You will get all types of SMS API in different programming languages and sample codes. All you need to just generate configuration to use our best quality services for your company. Our SMS API for Focus software is easily compatible for Focus software so you need have to worry about the software version you're using, it can be easily integrated into any FOCUS software without any difficulty.

To know more about MsgClub bulk SMS service integration in Focus accounting software do visit our website Integrations page.

We also provide bulk SMS reseller white label solution to those people who want to resell SMS credits to their own customers.

Let's Integrate Bulk SMS API in Rapid ERP Software For Better Communication

In this modern age of mobile revolution bulk text messaging is the best way to spread the information among the large group of customers in the market. Every businessman tries to use the best marketing strategies for promoting and growing their business enterprises. So for such businesses bulk SMS marketing service works efficiently by providing text SMS delivery in short time at a pocket-friendly price and without any failure.

India's best bulk SMS gateway provider, MsgClub has come with one more innovative solution i.e bulk SMS in Rapid ERP software. This software provides high-quality, SMART SAP solutions and mobile app development to all business sectors and verticals clients. However, they have a focus to provide 100% client satisfaction so that they can run their SAP solutions very fastly, smarter and better.

On the other hand, our Rapid ERP user clients are also in need of SMS services so, we decided to provide bulk SMS API for Rapid ERP that enables them to send thousands of SMS messages in less time. We have made our APIs very special only because our clients can easily deploy it into their system without facing any difficulties.

Well, if you wish to send text messages from your rapid ERP software then read the given steps properly that tells you about Rapid ERP software ''SMS integration'' with MsgClub.

1. Go to your company's advance rapid ERP software and log in there for all features.

2. Click on the 'masters' option then SMS to configure our bulk SMS services with an ease.

3. Select 'SMS Accounts' where you have to put account name and MsgClub API for group SMS, personalized SMS and a lot more.

4. Change the API Parameters and values like Username, Password, Sender Id, Mobile Number etc then select update to apply these settings.

5. Your configuration will be shown on a new window of your Rapid ERP software. However, if you wish to edit them in future you can edit it too.

That's how we provide simple integration of our SMS API in this SAP solution provider. In case, if you faced any difficulty related to our services then please contact our developer team, they will assist you very comfortably.

For more SMS integrations visit our website page

Our APIs are highly powerful that gives you and bulk SMS reseller more than expected!

Take an leverage of SMS services in Hyperdrive software for restaurants

Good quality food is essential to having a successful restaurant. But without an effective marketing strategy for a business, it's like a having an amazing secret recipe that no one knows about. Create a buzz among competitors by leveraging a good solution that gives you many tools to reach out and interact with your customers anytime and anywhere!

Well in this age of modern technology, 85% of the food lovers who go restaurant is having a phone with themselves. Wherever they're they post a story on various social media platforms. So, it seems naturally you have to use texting for communication and promotion.

MsgClub provides you an opportunity to integrate SMS setup in Hyper drive restaurant for business management. With the help of our services, you can boost your business via sending SMS through our gateway. Here are 4 ways to boost your sales via SMS messaging:

1. Increase Brand Awareness

The most important restaurant's owner can do is, they can try to increase their sales via texting. Being an owner you can spread information about your place between interested people and others. It can be easily achieved by promoting your restaurant food discounts, promotional codes, and vouchers through bulk SMS integration ''Hyperdrive software''.

2. Set reminders for reservations

Youngsters have a lot of plans in their mind other than dinner plans. So it is very necessary to remind them about the table booking they have made at your restaurant. Once you schedule your reminder they will make a plan accordingly with their friends or family. Don't forget to tell them about the timings so they will arrive on time.

3. Make some exclusive deals

Some restaurants and hotels formulate doorbuster deals to attract more and more new customers at their place. Such deals can be of new offers, candle-light dinner for couples, birthday discounts, buffet meals etc. Doing this with the help of bulk SMS API for Hyperdrive you will see a lot of repeat customers and new ones at your venue.

4. Visitors Feedback

SMS marketing services are not only for marketing and advertising purpose but it can be also used highly as a survey tool for your restaurant. You can ask your customers what changes or additions they would like in your restaurant, food, ambiance, and services. Gathering feedback from people creating a feeling in the mind of customers that they're also a part of your restaurant.

So, what's more, advantages start making a list of your customer's mobile numbers and boost your business with an ease! In less time you will see customers at front of your door...

Our APIs are highly powerful that gives you and bulk SMS reseller more than expected!

Steps to Integrate SMS APIs in Cyberoam Network Security Software

In today's highly competitive era,  it is important for every company to stand out of the crowd to gain success in the market. When it comes about success, you have come across several numbers of techniques and medium that will help your business to reach the great heights. While running a business make sure you have a tool that helps you to provide instant help to the customers on a timely basis.

As per the user's requirement of Cyberoam software, our team of experts has introduced a new solution to send SMS from Cyberoam software. The software itself is widely used by companies for network security. Moreover, on some predefined actions or malware attacks, admin of the system will need an alert or notification to avoid cybercrime activities.

On our platform, you will get a SMART way to set your network security alerts and notifications without paying extra charges!. Ask your developer to do SMS setup in Cyberoam software to reach out people instantly.

Given-below you will find in what manner you can use our bulk SMS API for Cyberoam in your software interface.

  • Sign up your account or sign in to Cyberoam software for online security SMSs configuration.

  • Click on the Identity option on the left side of your window, go to 'guest users' then SMS Gateway for further settings.

  • Put MsgClub URL and choose 'GET' if you want to send SMS in less quantity to customers, user, clients and admin.

  • Fill out some other parameters like Username, Password, Mobile number, Sender and SMS content in the given box.

  • After filling up all necessary details click on the 'OK' to complete Cyberoam software SMS integration with MsgClub gateway.

Moreover, if you have any query regarding bulk SMS service integration in Cyberoam software feel free to contact our developers and other team members via any medium. Our bulk SMS APIs are available on our interface along with the sample codes if needed. MsgClub API is specially made for this software so you will not have to worry about the SMS delivery. We assure you to provide 100% delivery of messages on mobile numbers along with the real-time DLR.

Our APIs are highly powerful that gives you and bulk SMS reseller more than expected!