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  • Ways to Use Bulk SMS in Business

    SMS i.e Short Message Services are great in demand now a days. As it is used for Marketing, Advertising, Informing, Inviting and all. Here we will explain you better use of Bulk SMS services. 1. For News and Updates – To your opt-in clients and customers, send important and time saving updates and news through […]

  • How to Make SMS Marketing Campaign Successful

    SMS Marketing is very effective, if implemented in a right way. SMS Marketing can be used for a variety of great reasons such as: coupons, appointments, reminders, events, feedbacks, votes, contests, informations and more. It allows to engage with customers and build close customer relationship. But for this, you have to send an effective SMS […]

  • Which API is most suitable, POST API or GET API

    A Big question that arise in the mind of developers that which API should be used for sending SMS. If you want to send SMS on more than 100 numbers in single request then you have to use POST API else GET API. But here are some facts you need to know about GET and POST API. There are two ways […]

  • SMS Industry, Big in its own way

    How SMS is different from other modes of communication? That is a billion dollar question. If SMS is utilized in a correct way then it can bring a revolutionary change. The first thing you need to know that India has a about 726.1 million gsm users as at now. And GSM (global system for mobile) SMS […]

  • Grow your Business with Bulk SMS Services

    SMS is short message service is used previously for personal communication but later on people get to know about the versatile usability of SMS. Bulk SMS service helps to promote your product in order to increase your sales and make more customers. SMS service found to be very effective and fast process as it takes only 7 sec […]

  • SMS Marketing a big boon for Marketers

    SMS service is one of the best communication and Marketing tool. SMS Marketing is so powerful and receives high response as it is personal mode of communication. SMS Marketing campaigns have huge potential. As more brands look to target customers on the move, SMS is becoming an increasingly essential part of effective multi-channel Marketing. We […]

  • Go Green with Bulk SMS Services

    In this Era where technology has made the whole world a global village, where millions of people have easy access to information, it is very sad to learn how so easily people turn a blind eye to the deteriorating environment and excessively using the nature, knowing the fact that soon we will not have any […]