Bulk SMS Verification: What It Is & How It Works

Each day, passwords are taken. Over 2 billion accounts have been attacked by hackers last year, or 6.85 million passwords per day and 158 per second.

However, keep calm. We use Bulk SMS Service to verify because of this. For those who are unaware, SMS simply refers to texting. That’s true, bulk sms verification allows you to rapidly safeguard accounts on your smartphone.

It’s straightforward while phones are difficult to steal, passwords are. That is not to suggest that nobody ever misplaces a phone. Only 7% of consumers ever recover the 70 million smartphones they lose annually. And although that figure may sound dire—and it does—it is considerably lower than 2 billion.

A hacker would need your username, password, access to your phone, and possibly even a password to unlock your phone if you have mobile SMS verification activated. Simply knowing your password won’t let them send you an SMS to verify.

That much data protection is impressive, and security is crucial for whatever you store online.

Reverting to SMS text verification now. What is it, how does it operate, and how do you make it available to your clients?

All excellent inquiries. These are the responses.

What is Bulk SMS verification?

Bulk SMS verification is a method of confirming the identity of a user by sending a unique code via SMS to their mobile phone number. This method is commonly used by various online services, websites, and mobile applications to ensure that the person who is creating an account or performing a sensitive action is the rightful owner of the phone number.

Here’s how Bulk SMS verification typically works:

  1. A user enters their phone number on the website or app that requires verification.
  1. The website or app sends an SMS message containing a unique code to the user’s phone number.
  1. The user enters the code into the website or app to confirm their identity.
  1. The website or app confirms the code matches the one it sent, and if it does, the user is verified.

The unique code sent via SMS is typically only valid for a short period of time (usually a few minutes) and can only be used once. This helps to prevent fraud or unauthorized access to user accounts.

SMS verification is considered a relatively secure method of authentication, but it’s not foolproof. Hackers or scammers can potentially intercept the SMS message, trick the user into giving away the code, or even use a fake phone number to create accounts.

To make SMS verification more secure, some companies may also use additional measures such as two-factor authentication (2FA), where the user must provide an additional form of verification, such as a password or biometric information, in addition to the SMS code.

How to Choose a Bulk SMS Service for SMS Verification

How do you choose the best bulk sms verification solution for your company’s user authentication needs when there are so many options available? Here are some indicators to watch out for:

  • Fast, reliable delivery: Quick and reliable shipping Time-sensitive one-time passcodes may only provide users a few minutes to enter the code before it expires. You need a verification service that can scale without sacrificing speed if you send thousands of SMS 2FA messages to clients.
  • Security: SMS verification messages for mobile devices must be secure. In the absence of encryption, hackers may snoop on unprotected messages and exploit the code to access your users’ accounts. Use a verification provider that complies with SOC 2 (the industry benchmark for data security).
  • Excellent support: You need a service provider who can help right away when something goes wrong.
  • Alternative channels: It’s perfectly acceptable for users to choose not to utilize their phones for verification needs. Choose a supplier that offers additional 2FA alternatives like email, push or TOTP.

Secure SMS two-factor authentication with Msgclub Verify

Do you need an SMS verification solution that can handle everything? Try Msgclub Verify for safe 2FA.

Yes, we are a little biased, but please hear us out.

With a single application programming interface (API), Verify enables you to validate your users via SMS, voice, email, push, and TOTP. To prevent your SMS verification numbers from getting caught in message filters, you can also utilize templated messages that have been approved by the carrier.

Additionally, you can incorporate the Verify API into your sign-up flow to collect (and confirm) phone numbers throughout the onboarding procedure. This makes SMS text verification more easier and security a focus from the start rather than an afterthought.

Need to know more? To learn more, visit our Msgclub Verify page.

How to get started with an SMS verification API

Are you prepared to begin using an SMS text verification API? Don’t say anything more. See our code examples and adhere to this simple 3-step procedure:

  1. Choose a language and view the code on GitHub or in a zip file:
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • .NET
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Java
  1. Use your API key. If you don’t have an API key, get one for free here.
  1. Set up the code sample locally, following these setup instructions.

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Msgclub provides a variety of tools, including the well-named Msgclub Verify, to help you become more adept at SMS verification. Confirm is a framework that enables users to be verified through several channels using a single API, making it simpler and more efficient to increase account security for your consumers.

Consult the following for further information on how Msgclub Verify can improve the security of your customers’ accounts:

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When you’re prepared to begin, get in touch with our Msgclub experts.