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  • SMS for B2B: How sales reps can close more orders with Bulk SMS Service

    In today’s fast-paced business world, sales representatives must utilize every tool at their disposal to close deals quickly and efficiently. One of the most effective tools available to sales reps is text messaging. One of the outsiders of selling strategies is SMS for B2B. Although cold calling has its place in business-to-business sales, most of […]

  • Best text messaging services for business in 2023

    Don’t you wish more people would text rather than call? Many of your clients do as well. They can be at a meeting when you phone, or they might just not be in the mood to answer. communications are also becoming less popular; 55% of customers blatantly ignore marketing communications.  You should have an SMS […]

  • SMS vs MMS: Key differences you need to know

    You might not even be aware that SMS and MMS messages are different because, like other phones, yours likely combines them into a single, seamless timeline. It can be similar to receiving an MMS to receive an SMS. However, understanding the distinctions between SMS and MMS is crucial for effective team and client communication when […]