Try Bulk SMS Service to get a 98% open rate within a click

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Are you continuing to target potential customers with EDM (Electronic Direct Mail)? Let’s examine these incredible findings. Emails are opened with a respectable 20–30% opening rate, but guess what? 98% of Bulk SMS are opened, and 90% of those are read within three seconds. 

Consider the possibility that readers of emails could spend hours without reading them and that callers from unknown numbers could go unanswered. SMS, how about it? Almost always, they are read right away after being sent. You can pretty much guarantee that the bulk SMS will attract attention and be read right away because SMS is rarely seen as spam.

Let’s tell you more about Bulk SMS Service

Short message service, or SMS, is the preferred method of written communication on mobile devices. SMS marketing is the practice of promoting a good or service through bulk SMS. Everyday SMS marketing messages are sent to consumers, and they provide excellent brand engagement opportunities.

According to studies, 90% of SMS texts are preferred over direct phone conversations, 48% of consumers prefer text message communication, and 98% of SMS texts are read and answered within 3 minutes. Additionally, text messages have a response rate of 45%, which is significantly higher than that email marketing.

Why is Bulk SMS Service so vital? Why not?

SMS is widely used in marketing and e-commerce to inform customers about important updates to their orders, maintain customer engagement, and direct customers into the sales funnel. According to data, customers like text updates over emails. Texting is quick, simple, and intimate. Additionally, it is straight to the consumer, dependent on permissions, and simple to trace. Despite all of its advantages, 61% of marketers have yet to adopt bulk SMS tools or software and significantly underestimate its effectiveness. 

Still, sending SMS one by one? Try the Bulk SMS with software

Bulk SMS is the practice of using an automated messaging system to send a single text message to a big group of recipients all at once. Time and money are saved by using SMS blast software. Text blast is a very cost-effective way for businesses to communicate with their current or future clients when the cost per message is reasonable. Bulk SMS messaging enables receivers to privately respond, which then transitions into a 2-way texting conversation chat. It excels in drawing interest, evoking a response, and stimulating conversation. Additionally, SMS automation and Bulk SMS  solutions might help to speed up the process.

Step-by-step Guide: How to send a Bulk SMS with a click by using software like Msgclub 

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Of course, using a single cell phone, you wouldn’t send a thousand sms. As an alternative, you require a platform that can streamline and centralize everything. Sending bulk sms is easy with SMS marketing software and doesn’t involve any technical know-how or the creation of a platform from the start by a member of your firm.

Here are the steps. 

Set up a mass texting campaign.

Click on the “Phone Book” and create “Add” a group of the Contacts list. 


Fill in details such as the Name of your campaign, the group you want to send your messages through, the recipients of the message, and finally, the message itself.

upload file

Create a contact list and add selected contacts to it. 

How to create a list 

You can move on with composing the SMS message with personalized variables you can find in the SMS panel.

send sms

Marketing, sales promotion, new offers, event updates, emergency notifications, and payment reminders are all excellent uses for bulk SMS. There are some hidden suggestions for SMS Blasts as well as the benefits of using a platform for bulk SMS.

How Msgclub users make good use of Bulk SMS Templates.

1. Getting consent

Getting recipients’ written or digital agreement to send for a specified reason is acceptable. Once you have their approval up front, you may begin sending them a Msgclub panel, but remember to make it clear how they can opt-out if they choose to. “Text QUIT to opt-out.” is a simple reminder.

2. Important Updates

Bulk SMS can be used to send important updates to a group of recipients, such as notifying them about changes in business hours, upcoming events, or urgent announcements. This can be especially useful in emergencies or time-sensitive situations where quick communication is necessary.

3. Promotions and Offers 

Businesses can use bulk sms to share special promotions, discounts, or exclusive offers with their customers. This can help drive sales, increase customer engagement, and create a sense of urgency among recipients to take advantage of the limited-time offers.

4. Event Invitations 

Bulk SMS can be used to send event invitations to a targeted group of recipients. This can be particularly effective for small-scale events, workshops, or webinars, where a personalized SMS invitation can help generate interest and encourage attendance.

5. Customer Surveys and Feedback 

Bulk SMS can be used to collect customer feedback, and opinions, or conduct surveys. This can provide valuable insights for businesses to improve their products, services, or customer experiences.

6. Personalized Messages

Bulk SMS can be used to send personalized messages, such as birthday greetings, thank-you messages, or holiday wishes to customers or clients. This can help build customer loyalty, create a positive brand image, and foster customer relationships.

Practical SMS use cases

Transactional sms reminder

It should come as no surprise that you get an email confirmation as soon as you place an online buy. These days, businesses can benefit from SMS campaigns and automated messaging. SMS messages concerning logistics reminders, order confirmations, etc.

Integration with platform

when users add items to their carts but don’t complete the checkout process. After a predetermined amount of time, such as two days, an automated SMS can be sent to remind the user about the abandoned cart. You can send personalized messages or even insert a coupon offer. One-click is all it takes for customers to check out.  

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