What is a Bulk SMS Notification: Tips, Examples, Best Practices

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A basic SMS can be a highly effective digital marketing strategy for your company.

Businesses can reach out to consumers in a variety of methods that are advantageous to both them and their customers, such as through push notifications or email alerts. However, Bulk SMS alerts have emerged as the most dependable, quick, and effective method of contact with customers and clients out of all feasible communication channels. 

Bulk SMS alerts, in their simplest form, are brief SMS messages delivered to alert your audience of an update, event, or transaction. A straightforward text message can be a highly effective digital marketing strategy for your company. 

Consumers open 90% of their SMS notifications within three minutes, according to Mobile Squared. Additionally, bulk SMS is simple to access, doesn’t require an Internet connection, and may be tailored to achieve any objective, such as confirming a reservation or increasing website traffic. 

So how may bulk SMS notifications help your business?

Let’s examine the fundamental function of SMS and the best strategies for utilizing it to develop relationships with your target market. Remember to read through the seven SMS marketing message examples!

5 Reasons to Use Bulk SMS Notifications

Increasing lead generation is one of the main reasons firms employ bulk SMS notifications. Texting customers via SMS is a successful marketing strategy that allows for quick, direct, and individualized communication. 

However, SMS advertising is as effective in keeping new clients. Create automatic messaging campaigns, increase your audience, and forge genuine connections with your clientele by using a potent message delivery platform like Smarter Contact. 

Here are just a few examples of how a company can use SMS notifications:

  • promote important events. 
  • confirmations and reminders for meetings
  • Send offers and discounts
  • Use long code or short code messages to promote certain goods or services.
  • Add a link to the order tracking and status page.

Who Can Take Advantage of Bulk SMS Notifications?

Every modern firm must focus on attracting new customers and keeping them around. Many ways to communicate with customers and apply effective SMS. Bulk SMS Service is the best option for SMS alerts.

Bulk SMS notifications may soon be the secret to corporate success in almost every sector. They will probably take care of issues related to sports and fitness, event planning, real estate, recruiting, advertising, automobile, law, software development, and more. These and other industries can benefit from SMS solutions and employ different strategies to meet their unique objectives. 

For Example, To enable communication with potential buyers and sellers via their mobile devices, real estate agents, for instance, frequently utilize our Bulk SMS Service to conclude more sales. An agency can send requests to schedule viewings, new offers, open house reminders, and more as soon as prospective home buyers submit their contact information on a real estate website.     

Benefits of SMS Notifications

SMS notification is the quickest way to reach people out of all current communication channels, according to a State of sms research. More clients are reached by messages delivered directly to each customer’s mobile phone, according to 78% of the businesses polled, than by voice calls or emails. 

But SMS alerts offer much more than just that. 

Let’s explore the main benefits of including Bulk SMS Service in your company strategy.   

Faster Delivery

As was already noted, one of the key advantages of SMS notifications is how quickly customers receive them. According to Data.ai, the average person uses their phone for 4.8 hours every day. A user will be able to see your message right away whether they are playing a game, surfing through social media, or listening to music thanks to a push notification.  

Receiving an sms as opposed to a call that can irritate them or an email that might get lost or overlooked is probably going to make the average client happier. Additionally, Bulk SMS is a reliable option for timely alerts.

The Highest Open Rates

The most important indicator of notification delivery is the open rate, which reveals the precise number of recipients of a message or email. Across all industries, the typical email open rate is 21%, whereas the typical SMS (short message service) open rate is 98%.  The communication channel with the best delivery rates and biggest promise is bulk SMS service.

Because they give a good indication of customer engagement, open rates are significant. Additionally, SMS marketing should be used because text messages are reliable. They tend to have a higher level of credibility because they are less frequently connected to spam or unwanted advertising. The fact that open rates are still so high is simply one of the reasons behind this.

No Internet Required

A bulk SMS notification service will not depend on an Internet connection, unlike email and push notifications. SMS is more accessible since it may be sent and received practically anywhere and at any time. Without being bound to the Internet, you can increase your possibilities and reach additional users.  

Customer-Centered Approach

The ideal technique to attend to your client’s demands and fulfill their expectations is by sending SMS texts. Most people who use your service or who could be interested in your product truly want to hear from you with updates and news. Updates regarding your customers’ purchases, interests, appointments, tracking numbers, or events can help you give them a better overall experience.

Not just for enterprises, Bulk SMS Service is a strong marketing strategy. It is also an effective strategy for increasing client satisfaction. 

Boost Lead Generation

A way that SMS marketing campaigns can help your business is by getting in new clients and turning them into customers. You may produce new leads much more successfully than with emails that frequently go up in the spam folder by sending tailored texts to a specific target group with special offers, alerts, and other information.  

Additionally, SMS can be used in conjunction with push notifications and other digital means of communication. This will enable you to reach a larger audience and create a comprehensive marketing funnel.

Smart Tools

Modern bulk SMS service providers like Smarter Contact offer templates, automation solutions, CRM systems, and practical tools that facilitate communication and hasten contract closure. By using an SMS delivery program, you can achieve a variety of marketing objectives. 

We especially provide our clients with a clever SMS panel solution that enables you to boost your reaction rate by 157%. You can discover the names, phone numbers, and addresses of your clients via Msgclub. You may get the most recent phone data using Smart Contact software, which separates landline and mobile data.  

Bulk SMS Notification Best Practices

Let’s look at the main use cases and advantages of bulk SMS service before learning how your company might employ SMS notifications to achieve its objectives. Here are some strategies for using brief bulk SMS  to engage more customers and go above and beyond their expectations.

Follow Telecommunication Regulations

Although it is completely permissible to send bulk SMS, there are some telecommunications regulations that must be followed when running your campaigns. Before sending messages, be careful to obtain user permission. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), which governs telemarketing communication via voice calls, text messages, and faxes, is in charge of regulating this. 

With an opt-in, people can choose to receive your messages, which may also include text updates and different offers. At the same time, be certain to give your users a way to opt-out.  

Keep it Brief and Precise

Monitor the results of your bulk SMS campaigns and analyze key metrics, such as delivery rates, open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. Use this data to optimize your messaging strategy, make improvements, and achieve better results in future campaigns.

Personalize messages

Personalized messages have higher engagement rates. Use the recipient’s names or other relevant information in your messages to make them more personalized and relevant. However, make sure to handle personal data in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and obtain proper consent before using any personal information.

Test before sending

Before sending bulk SMS messages, always test your messages with a small group of recipients to ensure that they are being delivered as intended and that the content, formatting, and links (if any) are working correctly. This allows you to catch any issues or errors before sending messages to a larger audience.

Use Templates

Before sending SMS messages to recipients, make sure you have obtained proper consent in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) .

Top 7 Examples of Bulk SMS Notifications

# Offer for Potential Real Estate Customers 

Hi [[contact name]]. Thanks for signing up for texts from [[real estate company.]] Are you looking to buy or sell a property? 

# Booking Confirmation

Appointment with [Company Name]

Hi [Client], thanks for booking an [Appointment Type] with [Employee Name] on [Date] at [Time].

Please reply [Insert Keyword] to confirm.


Opt-out reply STOP

# Discount Offer SMS Notification

Welcome to [business name] text alerts! Use code [code name] at checkout to get 15% off on your next purchase – [URL]

# Delivery Notification

Hi [Name], thank you for shopping at [Bussines Name]! Your order no. [Order Number] has been received. We’ll text you when your order has shipped.

# Tracking Link

Dear [name], your package no. [code] will be delivered today, [date], between [time] and [time]. You can track your order here: [Tracking_Link] – [Company]

# Schedule change or cancellation of SMS template

Dear [name], your shipment to {Address} – receipt no {code} is delayed due to {Reason}. We apologize for the inconvenience.

# Taxi Arrival Notification

Hi [name]! Your booked trip with Stephen will start in [Time]. 

He is driving a red Ford Focus, license plate [Number].

Thank you for using [site]. For any details, please contact your driver:


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