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In the restaurant business, it’s all about convenience, speed, and quality. You have already won half the battle if you can find a customer support avenue that guarantees these three. This is the rationale behind the creation of a brand-new WhatsApp meal ordering and delivery system.

It’s a wise move for your F&B business to try to reach out on platforms that your customers already frequently use. It facilitates relationships and creates a channel that serves as both a marketing tool and a channel for customer assistance. One such tool that can assist you in achieving all these without significantly depleting your money is WhatsApp Business for restaurants.

On your Android or iPhone, you can download WhatsApp Business without charge. To reach your intended customers, just register a business account and fill it out with pertinent information (such as contact information, your company’s name, and logo, opening hours, etc.). This service can be very helpful to small Businesses.

The opportunity: How WhatsApp Business can revolutionize your restaurant operations through AI

An app like WhatsApp has limitless market potential. WhatsApp is used by more than two billion people worldwide. Within a year of its 2018 launch, WhatsApp Business had amassed more than five million subscribers. 

This is a very well-liked method of accessing services, scheduling appointments, ordering home delivery, and other things in the current market. Restaurants may make good use of these related traits. You can guarantee quicker customer service and more reach by allowing WhatsApp ordering at your restaurant.

You provide clients with a simple way to contact you with WhatsApp Business for restaurants so they can place orders, reserve tables, plan events, and contact you with any questions or issues. This can greatly benefit your local business and expand your customer base.

The issue WhatsApp Business can address

Due to rising competition, business owners of restaurants and home delivery services are seeking strategies to expand their customer base without spending a lot of money on advertising. Given that more users now prefer to order takeaway, this is now more crucial. 

Research by the International Foodservice Manufacturers Association found that 24% of Gen-Z and 21% of millennials each order home delivery three to four times each week. The post-pandemic world is, to put it mildly, much more on-demand friendly.

Additionally, because they run on-demand or with a tiny staff, small businesses cannot afford to invest in advertising, billboards, or even outside food delivery services.

Such enterprises require a low-cost avenue to:

  • Promote their goods
  • Performing service deliveries
  • Actively interact with consumers
  • broadcasting offers and availability

The tools that WhatsApp for small businesses offers enable users to perform all these tasks and more. 

Conversational AI is the solution.

A platform that provides the following can help restaurant businesses with their reachability issue:

  • automated customer service and problem solving
  • Lead generation and conversion
  • interaction with customers using their preferred medium
  • CSAT (customer satisfaction) and NPS (net promoter score) improvement
  • Personalized and prompt customer service
  • Affordable and widely accessible service

Learn more about why: Why is Everyone Talking about WhatsApp Chatbots for Food Tech?

One of the most popular apps in the world is WhatsApp. WhatsApp is used by 96% of all smartphone users in India alone. For a sizable portion of people in nations like the US, UAE, etc., WhatsApp is the main platform for online communication. As a result, it is a fantastic marketing tool for restaurant owners.

If a customer can get food and drinks through WhatsApp, they are more likely to do so than if they had to call a business and deal with waiting times or network problems.

Restaurants’ WhatsApp Business use cases

In just a few seconds, WhatsApp Business links companies with potential clients. It moves customer service beyond making an online purchase and has effectively supplanted antiquated methods like calling in orders.

This is the best route a company can offer its clients for tailored responses, requests, and query resolutions.

We will trace a customer’s path through a restaurant company’s sales funnel using the use cases that follow. 

1. Generate, evaluate, and qualify leads quickly for smoother online-ordering 

Lead generation is the first stage in every sales funnel. In the online restaurant sector, conversion cycles are frequently brief and quick. As a result, restaurants must review and validate leads as soon as possible when customers present themselves.

Once a client messages your company on WhatsApp, you can get their name and phone number. additional information, including location, preferences, and email ID. You can also direct customers to WhatsApp and increase your lead generation by including a “click to chat” link on your website or in your ads.

After the initial message, you can chat with the client via the WhatsApp API for 24 hours. After that, you’ll need the customer’s opt-in consent to continue talking to them. 

2. Quickly respond to inquiries during the ordering process or afterward

Hungry people want answers now, please!

That is what an AI chatbot for WhatsApp can achieve! They could inquire about the location of your restaurant, the menu, the services, the return procedures, and the customization possibilities.

While assisting customers with placing food orders on WhatsApp, you can instantly respond to these questions.

3. Immediately acknowledge and validate placed orders

After addressing the FAQs, placing orders is the next step. The procedure for placing an order should be straightforward and comprise as few stages as feasible. This keeps the customer’s interaction light and enjoyable.

If this stage has too many obstacles, the customer can decide not to place an order from your restaurant.

Making an order also involves submitting requests for things like events and table reservations. There must be a customized response for each request.

4. Enable quick payment for orders from your users.

Recently, WhatsApp unveiled its payment tool, which your users can also use for companies. As an alternative, you can address any problems customers might be having paying for the order while simultaneously pointing them to additional payment alternatives over WhatsApp. For streamlined checkouts, you can link a variety of payment gateways with your chatbot.

Here’s how to seamlessly accept payments by integrating Platform with MsgClub.

5. Provide them with order tracking in real-time to ease their minds.

The importance of delivery updates in ensuring a good customer experience cannot be overstated. When the food is ready for delivery, providing an estimated time of arrival, and communicating the delivery person’s contact information are all necessary steps. You may also use a WhatsApp chatbot and the WhatsApp API to send automatic push alerts for the same.

6. Bad food? Inaccurate items? Refunds and returns that have been validated

Refunds and returns play a significant role in the restaurant business as well. The customer must have a platform to ask for returns or refunds if they decide they don’t like the food or run into other issues.

You may arrange returns, start refunds, and take additional actions to help a dissatisfied customer using WhatsApp Business.

7. Does Your user love a dish or a restaurant? Let them place repeat orders

Your customers can order their preferred items from their preferred eateries. Giving your users discounts and vouchers is one way to thank them for their loyalty. This may encourage them to make more frequent orders from you.

By allowing users to gain discounts through a slot machine game each time they finish placing an order from one location, for instance, Swiggy recently made food ordering much more involved and exciting. Users are drawn back to their service to place more orders thanks to a sizable 30% discount on the following order.

8. “How did your order go?” Gather comments and ratings

The gathering of client feedback improves the customer experience. As soon as a sale is over, make sure to quickly gather feedback over WhatsApp so that your customers are more inclined to submit their most recent feedback. Your customers are more likely to reply to requests for feedback on WhatsApp than on SMS or emails because more people use chat apps.

9. How did the food delivery go? Encourage your users to recommend their friends

Having a satisfied stomach encourages positive word of mouth.

You can urge clients to tell their friends and family about your company. According to research, if a friend recommends a new restaurant, consumers are four times more likely to try it.

10. Discover what your users enjoy by gathering customer information.

The meal delivery option for WhatsApp Business makes long-term customer information collection simpler. This also holds true for clients who may have recently changed their phone number or other contact information.

Only from MsgClub, your all-in-one WhatsApp chatbot for your restaurant business

So it turns out there are a tonne of things a WhatsApp chatbot can do for your restaurant! A capable WhatsApp chatbot delivers a wide range of functions that can automate and expedite the majority of your customer communication, from accepting orders to making payments.

At MsgClub, we work hard to maintain a high standard when it comes to providing your clients with positive support experiences. We are an authorized WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, therefore we know exactly what it takes to launch your company on WhatsApp successfully. We’d like to provide you access to our free in-depth guide to WhatsApp customer support to give you a head start.

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