Verified WhatsApp Marketing Messages Examples: WhatsApp Advertising Messages

WhatsApp Business API, guides, and use cases

If you are familiar with the WhatsApp Business API, you may be aware that businesses must obtain approval for all of their template messages directly from WhatsApp.

For more than three years, these message templates could only be sent when a user opted in for updates. 

Message templates should also only comprise transactional, delivery, and ‘update’ messages.

This was done to ensure that businesses do not send out superfluous notifications and can deliver fully personalized connections with their clients using WhatsApp.

What is the definition of a WhatsApp promotional message template?

Customers have used WhatsApp to contact several businesses in the last three years, asking for specific items, benefits, and offers/discounts before completing a purchase.

Given this, WhatsApp has just begun to accept personalized promotional message templates for remarketing and re-engagement.

A promotional message template is a non-transactional message that allows businesses to notify their customers when particular products are restocked, certain offers and discounts, App promotions, cart-recovery notifications, and so on.

Here are some examples of WhatsApp Promotional Message Templates in action:

Direct promotions: Businesses may be able to deliver messages depending on their clients’ previous purchases.

E.g. Hello, Laura. We hope you enjoy viewing our new black and white shoe collection- Link.

App Download- A company may request that people download its app from app stores.

To begin, here are a few examples of WhatsApp Promotional Messages.

1. Festival Sale Deals

MsgClub allows you to use such templates, you can provide your most engaged buyers a personalized shopping package during a festival or special season. When a visitor searches for coupon codes on your website, these offers are quite beneficial. 

Good Friday Great Deals

  • Use Code ’30OffInstant’ to enjoy a flat 30% off popular clothing brands
  • Up to 50% off* home and kitchen appliances. 
  • Get incentives and certificates when you spend $300 or more*. 

T&C apply.

2. Monthly Sale Promotions

These non-transactional advertising communications should be issued for a brief time when clients are eager to purchase specific trendy items.

Valentine’s Week is here.

Check out our latest Teddy Day collection to make your spouse fall in love with you even more.

Use the code ’30TeddyOff’ to get a 30% discount on certain goods.

3. Discount Special Offers

When someone makes a purchase on your website, you can provide incentives to upsell specific things. When clients are actively interacting with you about the status of their things, these promotional communications should be issued.

Sending these promotional messages to your users as a cold promotion may irritate them.


The largest Electronics Sales begin on October 18th. 

Save up to 60% on certain computers and accessories.

To participate, you must pre-register by October 10th.

Hello, name,

Thank you for placing your order for 1 Medium Pan Pizza with us.

In the following 30 minutes, reply with ‘Off30Next’ to receive an instant 30% discount on your next meal.

To opt out, send ‘STOP’.

Access to Non-transactional Template Messages on WhatsApp

If you wish to send non-transactional template messages to thousands of your clients, you must apply for the WhatsApp Business API.

You can start a promotional/non-transactional broadcast if you already have a WhatsApp API approved number.

Prerequisites for starting a WhatsApp promotion broadcast:

  • WhatsApp Business API access is required for businesses.

Considerations and Limitations

  • Businesses must obtain user consent to send promotional templates, and consent must comply with WhatsApp opt-in policy standards.
  • Each promotional template message will be scrutinized. Daily newsletters and needless notifications are prohibited.
  • WhatsApp’s policies must be followed by businesses.

Do’s and Don’ts of WhatsApp Promotional Messages:

With immense power comes enormous responsibility.

Because you may now provide offers/discounts via WhatsApp Marketing, you must ensure a positive consumer experience via WhatsApp communication.

Consider the following points:

1. Always make personalized offers to clients.

2. Avoid sending remarketing messages to inactive users.

3. Do not over broadcast advertising messages as this may result in account reporting and a decrease in your Quality Rating.

4. Use WhatsApp to maintain consistent and useful communication with your consumers.

The Future of WhatsApp Promotional Messages

For the time being, all I can say is that WhatsApp does not want its platform to become a haven for spam.

WhatsApp recognizes that users may wish to receive updates from businesses, thus it is moving in that route by allowing businesses to favor their clients by adhering to particular WhatsApp Template message criteria.

Businesses should continue to provide their customers with a rich experience on WhatsApp. They may continue to expand while keeping their users’ interests in mind with these non-transactional advertising messaging.