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Engage customers with Short URL SMS Marketing Campaign Software

In the world of competition, you have to be customer oriented. Customer satisfaction and engagement are the vital processes to make your list of loyal customers big. Involve your customers more smartly with

Short URL SMS Marketing Campaign Software and enjoy the benefits of having loyal customers. To attract new customers or prospects is necessary for business growth but to take care of old and existing customers is also important as they work as word of mouth for your business. Make your customers happy, engage your customers with Bulk text SMS services and give a synonym to your Business  - 'SUCCESSFUL'.

  1. Promote with SMS marketing campaign software to sell more -

    Timing and segmenting are the two basic principles to keep in mind while sending SMS Marketing campaign or to offer promotions via SMS.                                                            

    A time when you are sending text messages or starting your marketing campaign. If you're sending marketing SMS on time then you're going to reap a high return on investment. For example - if you sell burgers and pizzas, it’s probably better to send out a promotional SMS in the evening right when people are planning or starting to think about dinner.

    Categories you customers on the basis of their response time, geographical location. Send SMS with Msgclub short URL software to segment clients according to action and then via drip SMS marketing send next SMS of a campaign to clients. Boost your customer's engagement rate by segmenting and sending SMS to clients.

    "Send right SMS to the right customer at right time is very important to make your marketing campaign successful and to achieve your business goal."

  2. Send Offers to attract - 

    Engage your users by offering them, give them chance to participate in contests. Send them short URLs of offers in SMS. You may say it is an indirect way to promote your services and product. 

    Example - Ask your existing customers to get gift coupons on giving new contacts and clients. Contests are great to grab the attention of your existing clients and SMS helps to do so.


  3. Improve and enhance customer service - 

    SMS is the best way to communicate with customers and to provide them customer service. As it is the fastest and convenient form. Text SMS can offer a lot of benefits as a customer service channel reach is high and it is convenient to use too.

  4. Provide tips and advice - 

    In order to inform customers send tips and advice through SMS. Send information that is relevant to customers. Example - If your clients are a reseller of Bulk SMS Services then sending them information about how to increase your sales. Make sure for these tips and advice clients are looking and If you are sending information then it is a great way to win their hearts.Send them SMS and attach your blog's link in the form of short URL to send more information in a single SMS.

  5. Send appointment reminders - 
    Run your business more smoothly by sending appointment reminders via bulk text SMS and it's an easy way to send a reminder SMS with MsgClub Short URL SMS Services, just by scheduling the SMS and software automatically shoots it. By sending reminders you can manage your clients and business well. It's a good way to maintain a relationship with clients too

  6. Send  Personalised SMS - 
    Best way to engage customers by sending them personalized SMS. As it is more appealing and targeted.It prevents businesses to put more money in marketing and it increases customer loyalty and helps to retain the customers. Make sure these personalized SMS should be based on previous buying pattern of customers. 

    Add short URL of your web pages, offers, discounts, images, blogs, audio files, video files, promotional content links in your SMS to send more information in less space required in short URL. Engage your customers more smartly with short URL in 160 characters space available in an SMS. 

Strengthen your brand with Short URL services for Businesses

MsgClub introduces the Bulk text SMS Short URL solutions for SMS Marketing campaign. Shorten your link to send it along with SMS campaigns in order to track clicks and get reports to analyze customers well with short URL services for business.It's a unique service offered by Msgclub with tremendous tempting features that allow enterprises to strengthen their brand and measure the marketing campaign both at the same time.

The features of the MsgClub Short URL Service will help enterprises, start-ups, and big companies to generate greater brand visibility, expand businesses reach and ensure that the SMS sent by user enjoys more authenticity and customer attention. Send more targeted SMS to customers by URL Click track.   

"Establish your brand well with MsgClub Bulk SMS Short URL Marketing Campaign."

Run SMS marketing campaign with highly exclusive and demanding features like - dynamic URLs, drip SMS campaign, auto repeat SMS, URL Click tracking, lead generation, live reports and more.

The MsgClub Short URL Service generates unique short URL to track each customer and live reports help to measure campaign effectiveness.

The service provides businesses an effortless conversion of a long link to short URL with no manual intervention. Also, as enterprises and businesses are able to track each prospect’s activity.

Say for: whether or not a customer has clicked the URL, customer location, device, the operating system used by the customer when the customer opened the SMS and clicked on the URL etc. This miracle is possible with the help of Personalised URL Concept. 

The information about customers helps to plan better campaigns in future and also grants a new way to understand customers behavior more precisely.  

The information is also made available through graphs enabling businesses to unravel the true effectiveness of each of their SMS campaigns and better analyze the behavior of each and every user. 

"Significantly Short URL Service will help brands and businesses to improve their ROI to large extent.” 

 Boost your business with MsgClub Short URL SMS marketing campaign and earn more. 

Know what MsgClub Short URL SMS Marketing campaign software grants

Short URL SMS campaign is a form of marketing that permits to interact with your customers via bulk text SMS service along with the small link. It is faster and easier to create SMS marketing campaign with Msgclub. With SMS services you can directly interact with your customers. It has high open rate and aid to engage customers in a more better way in comparison with other modes of communication and it suits your pocket too. 

MsgClub Short URL Bulk SMS marketing campaign grants -

1. Create SMS campaigns quickly - Create as many many campaigns you want to run in no time. Make sure the name of every campaign should be unique. 

2. Send marketing campaigns timely - Design your campaign and schedule it as per the date and time you want to start your campaign or else immediately send marketing campaign according to your marketing strategy. With Msgclub Bulk SMS marketing campaign you can send SMS in a single click.  

3. Drip SMS campaign service - Create series of SMS based on predefined flow to run a campaign as per customers response, whose ultimate goal is one. Say for your want to increases sales then send marketing offers to clients, with MsgClub drip SMS campaign. Customers are going to receive the SMS as per their response to the last SMS sent by a campaigner at particular interval of time.This helps to grab their attention. 

4. Create multiple campaigns -  No limitations. Create to send as many as campaigns you want to create with Msgclub. 

5. Auto repeat campaign - The status you had selected while designing your short URL SMS campaign, you can repeat your campaign automatically. It makes your task easy.  

6. Generate and manage leads received from the campaign - Campaigns major purpose is to convert prospects into clients and clients into loyal customers. For this, you have to stay in touch with them. Drive attention, engage customers all this is easy with Msgclub SMS marketing system

7. Add clients in phone book group - MsgClub automatically distinguish the clients as per status, so you can create and add those clients in phone book groups as per their action/status. 

Say for - You had selected status - 'Click'. Those receivers who clicked on the URL will be automatically added in the phone book group in which you want to add the receiver's contact number and information. So a new phone book group is created with receiver's alike response to your campaign


MsgClub Short URL software - 

1.Create Short URL with ease - Mention the name of the of Short URL and add an original link to convert them into short URL.   

2. Add Multiple URL - Generate as many as short URL you need and add multiple short URL in SMS campaign to send more information to customers in less space. 

3. Dynamic URL - Advance feature helps to create URL which provides better customer experience while seeing the URL on the device.

4. Tracking beyond delivered - Get the campaign analysis report beyond SMS delivery. Know who received or opened the SMS, who clicked on the URL. Know about customers in detail their geographical location, response time, device, operating system and browser used.  

Get much more than you have ever expect from a campaign Software. MsgClub Short URL SMS marketing campaign is not just a software it is a magic box. 

Benefits of Short URL Bulk SMS services

Using short url Bulk SMS service is a highly adaptive way because it is cost effective, easy to use, personalized, trackable and the user will get a good return on investment with MsgClub URL shortener. And send SMS with Short URL is going to benefit you a lot. Here are our features through which you are going to get tremendous advantages -  

1. SMS Marketing and branding - 

Being a marketer run SMS marketing campaign with short URL to promote and advertise your company. Build better brand image with MsgClub short URL SMS marketing campaign. As with it, you can send Short URL of the website, images, docs, video, and audio. Sending short URL helps to create a brand in a better way and increases the variability of the product.

2. Pay less for Bulk SMS -

With Bulk SMS Short URL SMS campaign you have to pay less as the services are affordable and send more information, updates about the product, services, and business through Short URL SMS. It requires less space and easy to manage. So with Msgclub short URL services you can send and share more information in a single SMS, that cost you very little.  

3. Increases Sales - 

Send Short URL with Bulk SMS helps to increase website traffic as sending SMS with short URL is the smartest and quickest way to share and send website link. MsgClub allows you to send the targeted audience to get the relevant traffic. 

4. Builds perception - 

Along with sending information about product and services SMS marketing helps to build a perception about your product and services by strategically sending drip SMS marketing campaign. 

Short URL SMS marketing services turn a website visitors into loyal customers. Automate marketing campaign, create unlimited short URLs, run drip SMS campaign, design unlimited marketing campaigns, auto repeat the campaign, generate leads, send leads information to sales reps in slick CRM, assign contacts to team members, click tracking, gather alike customer's response in a  group, send auto reply SMS when recipients give response to your campaign and do much more effortlessly with Msgclub Short URL SMS Services.

Customers are precious so MsgClub SMS marketing campaign software is

What’s your company’s most valuable asset? Maybe your product, services, your shareholders, or your smart and brilliant team come to mind. But without satisfied and loyal customers, you’re out of business. As Customers are the most important people in any organization. They are the resource upon which the success of the business depends. So this is pretty clear that customers are precious.

To maintain and build a better relationship with customers you have to stay in touch with them, to inform every bit of information they need, to send them timely information about your brand in order to create interest about your product and services, to create sense of familiarity you have to use a mode of communication that is reliable, easy to use and that suits your pocket. For this Bulk SMS services is the best option and sending SMS marketing campaigns with Short URL is the best way to win the hearts of your customers. 

For this MsgClub, SMS marketing campaign software helps to build a better relationship with customers by sending short URL in SMS marketing campaign.

To inform about your product, services, to disseminate offers, discounts by sending short URL of web pages, videos, images, audio Msgclub SMS campaign works.

Here are the points Msgclub SMS marketing campaign tracking software is precious for you and your business -  

  1. Easy to create and add short URL in Bulk SMS marketing campaign

  2. Add multiple Short URLs in SMS campaign.

  3. Tracking URLs and get live reports.

  4. Obtain graphical reports to analyze SMS campaign.

  5. Create multiple SMS campaigns.

  6. Auto repeat SMS campaign as per status selected. 

  7. Generate and manage leads.

  8. Directly share leads with sales reps. 

  9. Automatically adds contacts in phone book groups (as per status selected). 

  10. Easy to schedule your SMS campaign.

Enjoy the benefits of using Msgclub short URL bulk SMS marketing campaign and serve your precious clients with the world's best short URL campaign software. 

Five benefits of MsgClub Short URL SMS marketing campaign software

Here are the top five benefits of having short URL SMS marketing campaign Software, which is going to benefit you a lot.

  1.  Single SMS Platform for Multiple purposes - 

You can create short URL and send it along with SMS marketing campaign via Msgclub short URL SMS campaign software. You can send personalized URL to track clicks and to get deep insights about your customers, their geographical location, a time when they clicked the URL, a device used by recipient and more. You can send dynamic URL to make the customer experience better. Run drip SMS campaign to nurture your potential customers & prospects. Generate, collect and manage leads, share information of leads with sales team via slick CRM, repeat campaigns, get reports to plan future marketing strategies. You can accomplish lot many tasks with short URL SMS campaign.  

2. Automate campaign to makes your task easy - 

Automatically run your campaign after doing single time configuration. It automatically adds numbers in next campaigns and in phone books groups that are previously mentioned as per set status. As Automation increases productivity, predictability, and consistency, get all these with MsgClub Short URL campaign Software. Along with this you can schedule your campaign well with the Msgclub marketing campaign software and create campaign when you have time. 

3. Plan business strategies well with SMS campaign analysis report - 

 Obtain true insights with Msgclub Click tracking reports to know about your customers well and in detail. Get the reports to know about campaign success and strengthen your future campaigns to give a new height to your business. 

4. Bring more business via Short URL SMS service - 

SMS marketing campaign reach is too high as compare to other modes of communication. It is reliable and affordable too.With SMS in seconds, you can reach to n number of people. MsgClub SMS campaign allows attracting more customers as it permits to send bulk SMS in a single click. Auto repeats the campaign to fit your brand in the minds of your customers. Create brand awareness and multiple campaigns with the SMS campaign system.


5. Send Multiple URL in single campaign - 

Create Multiple short URL to add them in a single campaign. MsgClub short URL system saves every short URL you had created and you can use old and create new URL as per your requirement. As it's easy to convert long link into Short URL. 

Opt the Msgclub short URL SMS campaign services and enjoy sending text SMS campaign with short URL. 

Are you still guessing the true success of your SMS campaigns?

"If you are doing so then stop guessing the success of SMS campaigns"

MsgClub gives a perfect tool to engage your users consistently and reliably and measure the success of your short URL SMS marketing campaigns. The software allows you to create a short link and uses it on your SMS campaigns. Run your marketing campaign and simultaneously short URL SMS software is going to give live reports. 

MsgClub SMS marketing campaign software, tracks in real-time, the clicks you get on the URL and presents your performance metrics in actual time. Using MsgClub to increase click tracking rate from your msg content and drives users to your website, mobile application or any URL that you had shared.

With proper tracking and analysis, you will get to know the actual facts and figures related to SMS marketing campaign. You do not need to guess the SMS campaign success. All you have to run your SMS campaigns with MsgClub and there you get the precisely generated SMS campaign click tracking and analysis live reports.

MsgClub URL Software features on which you can rely upon - 

Manage Short URL in SMS campaign - Manage long lengthy and original URL into a short one. Send dynamic short URL to create the better customer experience. Select domain of your choice and keywords that represent your URL. 


Measure marketing campaign's effectiveness - Analyse well through click tracking rate. Know who clicked on URL, at what time and device used by the receiver. This helps to analyze the campaign and insights help to know about the customers well. 


Monitor and analysis SMS marketing results - Live graphical reports to monitor the campaign, as graphical presentation exhibits a more clear picture in front of users.    

Drive customers engagement via SMS campaign - MsgClub short URL SMS campaign software drives your audience to a webpage or mobile app. Using MsgClub increases Click tracking rate from your content and makes the first step to consumers engagement on your site.

Real time analytics - MsgClub delivers real-time performance that includes total clicks on the URL, recipient’s mobile number, device and browser of the recipient, date and time of the URL clicked.


Features of Msgclub bulk SMS marketing campaign going to make SMS campaign a playful task and helps to achieve great success.

MsgClub SMS marketing campaign spark your SMS campaigns

MsgClub short URL SMS campaign software enables businesses to trim and send their short URL on message platform which makes sharing addresses an easier, as it fits in limited numbers of characters available on SMS.

It’s an extremely easy way to engage and send rich content to your target audience, customers. As you can share a link that can be direct towards your website, a survey web page, a mobile application, mobile video, and image etc. Also, with MsgClub Short URL campaign increases awareness of your brand offering and drives additional traffic towards your campaigns.

Along with creating short URL and adding it to a Bulk SMS marketing campaign, Msgclub also makes you know about your target audience and customers in detail and live reports help to analyze your marketing campaign well with deep insights.

1. Track SMS clicksMsgClub Short URL click tracking helps marketing team to find out their most relevant users for the particular service or product by tracking clicked URL which is sent to them via Bulk SMS marketing campaign. That gives all information when, where, how receiver clicked the link.  

2. Short URL Click rates - Get the unified view of the number of clicks on the embedded short URLs in SMS campaigns.

3. Detailed customer insights - Know about the device, browser and operating system through which the URL was clicked/opened. MsgClub also helps to know about the mobile numbers of the clicked ones.

4. Marketing Campaign analysis report - Freshly updated status to know in detail about the campaigns that are running. This gives you an idea about the current status and thus helps to plan and create strategies for future campaigns. 

5. Dynamic short URL concept - Msgclub grants a unique and innovative way to send short URLs in SMS campaigns. Automatically send short URLs as per the browser and device the client or receiver is using so on sending dynamic URL gives better customer experience.

6. Generate leadsDesign and run campaigns smartly with Msgclub and by selecting status (delivered, clicked, opened etc) you will get the generated leads togetherly, assign those leads to team members and ask them to take timely follow-ups via Slick CRM to convert those leads. 

MsgClub is a boon to optimize the click-through rates, valuable insights, precious leads and gives a better user-experience with dynamic URL feature on sending Bulk SMS marketing campaign. Overall MsgClub makes short URL marketing campaign a playful task for those who find it tough. 

These features are going to benefit and boost your business. Run your campaigns smartly with Short URL SMS service in order to win.

Get the actual benefits of MsgClub short URL marketing campaign

The most simple and powerful tool is sending short URL in Bulk SMS campaign that enhances connectivity, manages leads, engage your customers and takes the marketing campaign closer to sales by giving the actual insights of the text message marketing campaign. The features and specifications of Short URL SMS make it a result oriented.

We have introduced an advanced level of short URL tool that gives you complete insights and adds more value by keeping a view of the present industry's dynamic needs and requirements. You can send URLs of your brand and company's website. In case you don't have any online presence or any website then they can share URL of images, audio, video, blogs, articles etc in order to promote your company with Short URL SMS campaign. Sending Short URLs in SMS is a perfect way to reflect your business. 

MsgClub clicks tracking -

Send Short URLs in SMS campaigns and the software tracks click to gather information about customers. Get the detailed insights of your customers like profiling, location of users, device, an operating system user is using. Having this information company may customize its marketing campaign and messaging to make it more meaningful to the customer. Obtain good ROI (return on investment) by using Msgclub URL Shortener

MsgClub clicks tracking, with a special feature of Short URL software helps you to know from which number the Short URL got clicked from the list of sent SMS. Also how many times receiver clicked on the particular URL. Even we allow you to Send Multiple URL in Single SMS and get distinguished reports of all sent URLs.

MsgClub dynamic short URL -

Send URLs as per the browser and operating system used by customers to make look and feel of the website, images, blogs, articles more attractive and impressive. which leaves a great impact on the customers and aids to grab their attention.   

Moreover, you can create as many campaigns you want to run and can send as many as Short URLs in those campaigns.    

SMS Campaign Click Tracking and analysis short URL software enable businesses to design constructive strategies and focus on their tasks successfully. 

Simply add contacts from phone book groups to run your short URL SMS campaign successfully. The advantages of using Short URLs in SMS campaigns are tremendous. Start using our services and make your SMS campaigns worthy.

Use best dynamic and personalised short url in text message campaign and avail its benefits

Benefits of using short URL SMS are tremendous and this post will help you to understand the importance of the short links in SMS campaigns. Now understand first what is short URL and then will talk about how to create Msgclub dynamic Short URLs

1. Short URL text SMS marketing campaign -  

The short URL is the minuscule or little form of the long/actual link. It is also considered as an abbreviated alternative of long one, that redirects to the actual address. One can create it with the help of MsgClub URL Shortener and after that, you can add the URLs in Text message marketing campaigns through MsgClub marketing campaign system.                                

"Short URL is just a way to transform the links into a manageable form." MsgClub URL Shortener allows you to use previously generated URLs and permits to create New also.   

Mention the name of URL, Enter original URL and click on advanced option to send the dynamic URL from here. With the dynamic short URL users get the best available experience for the platform they open your link on.

Select the URL type single or separate as you want  - 

Single will allows you to configure the domain of the URL as per your brand or wish.

Separate will makes you able to track and get the analysis report of each and every number you've had sent the SMS. 

Moving further, do setting for three stages to receive the click tracking reports as per your requirement.   

a. Action/Status wise Automation - Select the status to add those numbers in next campaign and in the phonebook groups. You can send auto reply SMS to customers to build better relations with them. 

b. Lead management system - Add Sales reps (members) to send them information on leads in order to fix the deal by communicating those who showed interest in your campaign. Even get the leads, status wise to deal with them in the way that is more approachable. 

c. Auto repeat SMS campaign - Repeat the campaign after some interval of time, with the number of occurrences, end date and do settings in seconds to repeat your campaign automatically. 


MsgClub Short URLs have their own benefits -   

1. Easy to share the Short URLs - 

To make most of what you have (i.e 160 characters in a single SMS) smartly use short URL as it directed towards the Long. The MsgClub Text marketing SMS campaign size down the long big link into short, maximum of 12 characters. Thus you can add your content and Send a message along with short URL in order to send information to your clients.  

Better to use Short URLs in your campaigns as it is easy to share, more presentable and looks good on receiving the short URLs.

2. Send Multiple URLs - 

As Short URLs are saving the space in SMS you can send more than one URL in the single SMS. Just to share and send more information to Clients through Short URLs and get SMS campaign click tracking and analysis report of each URL in the respect of each number. 

3. Get detailed insights - 

After sending Short URLs you must want to know who, when and where clicked on the link (and in the case of multiple URL know which is clicked most). The individual code is generated for each message & URL, you send to an individual number. Thus with MsgClub Click tracking functionality, you can gain the insights of the campaign as per the status selected by you.  

Track the URL according to the status selected. Get valuable insights by measuring the campaigns via tracking and design much better campaigns in future. Get detailed information about the customer like a location of the customer, time when he clicked the URL, the browser and the operating system along with device type (mobile, desktop or tablet) used by the customers. This information helps to know about customers in better way.

4. Ability To Track The Performance -

MsgClub campaign analysis provides analytical data. By tracking the success of links or short URLs are they are easily manageable and gives good look and feel, a business can understand what their audience is engaging with and adjust their strategies accordingly.This accord the ability to analyse the performance. 

5. Higher Click Rate - 

MsgClub short URLs will increase your click through rate. It is one of the simplest changes you can make to your posting strategy in order to increase the effectiveness. Run your short URLs in Bulk SMS campaign and check the analytical data to get the reports according to the status you had selected before running the campaign. 

The reason behind MsgClub short URL has received so much heed because of the comprehensive data provides in the form of live click data, geographic location, the web page the link where the link was clicked, and more. This type of information is invaluable to companies as it shows in-depth facts about the customers. 

MsgClub Short URL inform companies to develop better and more targeted content to hit the minds of customers.Thus these are the benefits of short URL you're going to get.