Bulk SMS Service

SMS Marketing For Business Enhancement

Are you looking for new methods to advertise your products or your business, Either in the real world or online?

Let us recommend a unique way that could help you in many ways to make exposure about your business, using SMS Marketing by sending Bulk SMS to your client. It is a distinct way that will give clients a great impression.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing is a medium to send text message advertisements to customers. It is a direct way to share a company information or special offer with large group of people easily from an online platform.

It is one of the simplest and most effective way for business to communicate with customers. It is a powerful tool to build relationship with potential customers and driving sales. SMS is a fast, cost-effective and measurable marketing tool.

Benefits of SMS -

1. Personalize - SMS is Personal. It goes straight to the recipient’s mobile phone.

2. Speed and Flexibility - SMS took Virtual Zero lead time in marketing campaigns.Send Bulk SMS to target audience in few seconds.

3. Low Cost and High ROI - SMS is cheapest and easily affordable way to marketize your product and services with high return on investment.

4. Reach - SMS has highest reach among all the mode of marketing and communication.

5. Delivery reports - SMS can be easily tracked using the delivery reports. Know the time and status of SMS delivery through these reports.

6. It is good for Environment - Go Green with short message service. Need no paper, wood, fuel, transportation. Send SMS and Save environment.  

Benefits of SMS Marketing -     

1. It offers Direct communication with your customers. SMS solution is a great way to engage & build customers. Very fast and easy to Send SMS.

2. Through SMS Marketing people will know and able to recognize your brand and services. It is the best platform to mark your presence in market.

3. SMS Marketing can generate more leads, convert these leads into potential customers. It has high conversion rate, more actions are taken by customers than other marketing channels.

4. SMS has 90% of open rates.Higher open rate will bring the great chances of success.

5. It is a great way to get feedback & suggestions from customers via surveys. It is effective & reliable way to connect with them. Learn more about your customers & Subscribers through SMS Marketing.

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Send Flash SMS through the Best Bulk SMS Service Provider

Flash SMS is a specialized SMS feature which is sent through special Flash SMS feature of MsgClub, that enables a standard text SMS to be delivered directly to the screen of the mobile device of the users.

In other words, instead of the SMS being delivered to the inbox of the mobile phone, it appears directly on the screen automatically.This way, it can make the SMS less intrusive or disruptive than normal. User may respond to the flash SMS immediately or save it in the inbox of mobile phone for future reference. The Flash SMS pulls the attention of user instantly to the informative and urgent text message. 

Flash SMS is an SMS message which is displayed on the phone screen immediately upon arrival. These messages has shown on the screen instead of arriving at the inbox. In this way if the recipient does not choose to save the Flash SMS, it will disappear after navigating away and will not be saved in the inbox.

Benefit of Flash SMS -

The user will get benefit by just having a look at the information. Since it can take a few seconds for a recipient of a message to browse to that message in a mobile phone’s inbox, this is a powerful SMS protocol for important messages that do not need to be stored but should be read quickly.The recipient is, with most handsets, able to save any flash SMS by selecting that option once the message has been read.

Flash messages are sent for industries, quick and real time events etc, where the recipients get benefited through reacting with it immediately.          

Who need to deliver Flash SMS ?

The business companies, industries, services, agencies, offices, houses can improve their information technology by delivering Flash SMS to their employees, workers, managers, technician, supervisors, participants, field workers, viewers, customers, clients, and many more for dispatching any important and urgent text message instantly. Recipient may save it for providing it as a proof of receiving urgent information by text. This can be used for advertising purposes.

For example: opening of new branch, company reaching a landmark achievement, need of any technician, power failure, share rates information and in the case of any emergency etc.

Sending important SMS messages and one-time PINs are getting more convenient with Flash SMS.

Regular SMS messages are stored on users mobile phone SIM card or phone memory. which classifies them as most important SMS messages. On the other hand, Flash SMS messages appear directly on the main screen without any user interaction and are not automatically stored in the Inbox. Your users still have the option of saving these messages, with the appropriate sender ID, if they chose to do this, but it’s not done automatically.

However, in case of multiple flash messages being sent, it's important to keep in mind that your users will only be able to see the last message they receive. It is easy to send a flash SMS using Msgclub SMS features.

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Get Loyal Customers through SMS Marketing

Mobile advertising and SMS marketing is one of the smartest way to retain customers & build a relationship with customers because SMS marketing is the highly used communication channel. It is one of the most effective tool for marketers to drive sales and to grow an active customer base.

SMS Marketing (text messaging) is the fastest mode in mobile advertising, which is used to send advertisements to customers by SMS or text messages. It can be a powerful tool for driving sales, retain customers and deepening relationships with a potential and existing customer.

According to forbes research says - “95% of texts will be read within 3 minutes of being sent”.

Text messages and SMS campaigns are most effective,when the marketer need to communicate messages immediately, which are useful to the customer.The purpose of mobile Marketing is to create a list of potential customers and target specific market niche.

Follow some practices which can help to get new customers, build customer loyalty & drive more sales through SMS marketing :-

1. Right Target AudienceMobile Marketing is based on permission,SMS text messaging allows customers to sign up for messaging alerts through text message. It is a way to get their permission to add their phone number to  list. Sending SMS to permission based subscribers is highly effective for many reasons, which helps to make the information more relevant, therefore making the messages send to audience more targeted and effective.

If operating a multiple-location business may want to give customers the ability to subscribe only to a certain location updates, and that is possible with a SMS advertising. Segmentation of list can help to send specific messages to specific groups which ensures Marketing messages are accurately targeted. Overall helps to drive more sales.

Accurately targeted SMS campaigns can help to retain new customers in the long-term because customers are receiving messages relevant to their need and interest.

2. Great Deals and Great Offers A great way to increase subscribers is to offer a discount with an easy sign up form. In order to get new customers,may offer discount coupons to subscribers for selected product or service. Consumers are always looking for special discount coupons and smart deals.

By using SMS, consumers can save their precious coupons on their phone. Offer attractive deals by SMS to potential customers to keep them regular. Send SMS carrying the offers & best deals  to regular customers.     

3. Personalize  MessageSubscribers can become loyal & potential customers. For this, would need to make them feel special by providing them exclusive deals and discounts.Give them SMS alerts & updates, if there is any offer or new product & service. Subscribers would value messages when they receive information of their interest.

Allow subscribers to choose what type of information they want to receive through text message & when, it improve engagement, loyalty, satisfaction & sales.

4. Plan Different Ways To Reach CustomersNow is the time to try new ways to connect with customers. Integrate SMS with different channels like social media .

Focus on what type of offers & messages receive the best results & drive more traffic. And try to ask customers & subscribers what type of messages they would like to receive. For this, create a survey to get customer feedback. It is a great way to keep happy & get loyal  customers.

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Bulk SMS Services used by Multi Level Marketing Companies

Every Industry and company have their own process of making business in order to get long lasting profits with name and fame of the company and also keeping in mind the long lasting customer relations.Though they need Multi level marketing(MLM)companies for Branding and Marketing.                            

MLM companies, need to develop a lot of marketing strategies to make their company popular among the people and out of the different strategies, they give Bulk SMS services the maximum priority and using the Bulk SMS services smartly.