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Some SMS Marketing Campaign Case Studies

Some SMS Marketing Campaign Case Studies

Avenue Stores

Avenue Stores, a specialty retailer with five-hundred stores that cater to women wearing apparel sizes 14 or larger, reported a 6,600% ROI from sending SMS coupons and promotional content each week to customers. The average open rate of the SMS campaign was 97%, and the subscriber database has continued to grow at a rate of 30% month over month. 


Carl’s Junior

Carl’s Jr., an American-based fast-food restaurant chain, with 1,369 locations worldwide, sent out a text message offer to customers on May 14, 2013. The text message offer was for a $6 burger combo for only $2.99. Not only did this text message offer get a 19% redemption rate, but the fast-food chain also generated $14 in new sales for every $1 they spent on this campaign. Getting hungry for more restaurant mobile marketing case studies? You’re in luck as this list contains mobile marketing case studies from Taco Bell, Papa Murphy’s, Subway, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Texas Roadhouse, and even Chuck E Cheese.


Silverstone, a British motor racing circuit used mobile marketing to increase ticket sales for their upcoming Formula 1 British Grand Prix. Immediately following the finish of BBC’s highlights coverage of the Monaco Grand Prix, Silverstone sent an Bulk SMS Provider  message to their 45,000 people mobile database, all of which had expressed interest in attending future car events, or had previously purchased an F1 ticket.


Kiehl's Mobile Marketing Case Study

Kiehl’s, an American cosmetics retailer with more than 250 retail stores worldwide, piloted a six-month location-based mobile marketing campaign. The retailer had customers sign up online, or on their mobile phones by texting “KIEHL’S” to the SMS shortcode 25787, to receive up to three location-based text offers each month.

After the six-month pilot program, Kiehl’s found that 73% of the customers that had signed up for their SMS marketing campaign had made a purchase. In a survey sent out after the pilot mobile marketing program, 81% of respondents recalled receiving SMS marketing messages from Kiehl’s. Keep reading, as this list has more retail mobile marketing case studies from brands such as National Wholesale Liquidators, Julep, Lifetouch Portrait Studios, and Westfield Shopping Centers.

Chuck E Cheese's Mobile Marketing Case Study

Chuck E. Cheese’s, a chain of more than 500 sit-down pizza restaurants, utilized text messaging to grow their email marketing database. Customers in the restaurant were encouraged to join the restaurant’s email marketing program by text messaging their email address to the SMS shortcode 35505. This opt-in method now accounts for 5% of all new customer email addresses added to the restaurant’s email marketing database.

What’s even more astonishing is the fact that customers that opt-in to the restaurant’s email marketing program through text messaging, open the restaurant’s emails 10-20 percent more than customers that opt-in through other methods, in addition to the fact that they click on coupons within those emails 8-10 percent more. If you came for a restaurant mobile marketing case study that leveraged email marketing, Chuck E Cheese’s is going to be your best bet on this list.

Redbox Mobile Marketing Case Study

Redbox, a company that places kiosks renting DVDs, Blu-ray Discs, and video games in over 42,000 locations, ran an extremely successful ten-day mobile marketing campaign. The company had customers text DEALS to 727272 on each one of the ten days for a chance to save between 10 cents and $1.50 on their next rental. To advertise the mobile promotion, which was called “10 Days of Deals”, Redbox shared it on Facebook to their more than 3 million fans, sent an email to their 30+ million email subscribers, in addition to promoting it on the then 33,000 Redbox kiosks.

As a result, over 400,00 customers participated in the SMS marketing promotion, generating over 1.5M SMS messages in just 10 days! When it comes to mobile marketing case studies on this list, this one from Redbox takes the award at 10-days for the shortest campaign duration.

Peta Mobile Marketing Case Study

Peta2, a youth program within the Peta organization, an American non-profit animal rights organization with over three million members, launched a mobile marketing campaign at Warped Tour. The SMS campaign was created to promote peta2′s “Animals Don’t Smoke” initiative. Banners, T-shirts, and peta2 volunteers encouraged people to Win Free Stuff by texting “BUTT” to the SMS shortcode 73822, which entered participants to win a button, sunglasses, or a bag at a peta2 booth.

Once opted-in, participants received an instant-win text message, that then encouraged them to reply with a comment urging the FDA to ban cigarette testing on animals. Well over 25,000 people opted-in to their mobile campaign at the event. Looking for more non-profit mobile marketing case studies? You’re in luck as there’s one more on this list from the Red Cross.

National Wholesale Liquidators Mobile Marketing Case Study

National Wholesale Liquidators, a chain of 12 warehouse-style closeout discount stores, built an opt-in database of 50,000 customer’s mobile phone numbers. The retail store did this by offering $5 off any purchase over $25, but only after a customer had joined their mobile marketing campaign. This promotion was advertised in-store, online, and in the retail chain’s print advertising.

On average, customers that were part of the mobile marketing campaign spent 80% more at National Wholesale Liquidators than customers that were part of the campaign.  

Texas Roadhouse Mobile Marketing Case Study

Texas Roadhouse, a western-themed restaurant chain with 400 locations, ran a six-month mobile marketing campaign pilot within 20 of their restaurant locations, branded as their “TextUs Loyalty Club”. To encourage customers to opt-in, Texas Roadhouse offered a free appetizer to new TextUs Loyalty Club members. This tactic is extremely popular with new text messaging campaigns, as 44% of customers are willing to provide personal information like their mobile phone number, in exchange for a reward, coupon, or deal. The mobile marketing campaign generated an average 17% redemption rate during the pilot. Dunkin 

Donuts Mobile Marketing Case Study

Dunkin’ Donuts, a popular QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) ran a mobile marketing campaign in the Boston area, encouraging customers to opt-in to receive text message offers. The campaign was advertised on local radio and through mobile internet ads. This resulted in 7,500 consumers opting in to receive Dunkin’ Donuts text message offers. After the first text message offer, 17% of recipients forwarded or showed the text message promotion to a friend, 35% considered themselves more likely to buy lattes and coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts in the future, and Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants in the Boston area experienced a 21% increase in-store traffic.

Ford Mobile Marketing Case Study

Ford Motor Company, to increase qualified leads for their new Taurus and Escape models, supplemented print advertising with a mobile call-to-action that read “For more information, text FORD to 63611”. When a consumer texted “FORD” to the SMS shortcode 63611, they were asked to respond with which car they were most interested in, their zip code, and full name. This information was then sent to the Ford dealership nearest the consumer for a salesperson to do a follow up with the potential buyer. This mobile marketing campaign generated an astonishing 15.4% conversion.  

Julep Mobile Marketing Case Study

Julep, a leading online cosmetic company, wanted to build a database of customer’s mobile phone numbers to increase online sales by sending them text message offers that could be redeemed through their online store. To do this, Julep created an exciting initial text message offer, rewarding customers with 50% off their next nail polish purchase for joining their mobile marketing campaign. Julep leveraged their pre-existing email database of customers and social media profiles to advertise their SMS campaign, which they called their “Julep Mobile Insider Club”.

Julep was able to build a mobile marketing database of more than 5,000 customers during the first 24 hours of their campaign, with the initial text message offer generating a 10.7% redemption rate. 

Papa John's Mobile Marketing Case Study

A Papa John’s Pizza franchise in the U.K. ran a three-week mobile marketing campaign, sending a text message coupon offering any Pizza, of any size for £6.99 (pickup) or £8.99 (delivery) to 8,100 customers that had previously opted-in to the restaurants mobile marketing database. During the three-week mobile marketing campaign, the franchisee’s overall sales increased by 33%. 

Lifetouch Portrait Studios Mobile Marketing Case Study

Lifetouch Portrait Studios was able to increase opt-ins to their mobile marketing campaign by implementing a simple monetary incentive for consumers to opt-in. Instead of just asking consumers to opt-in, they offered a $5 discount on photography services after the consumer opted-in to the mobile marketing program, resulting in a 163% increase in consumer opt-ins. 

Pirq Mobile Marketing Case Study

Pirq, a mobile app that helps consumers discover deals and rewards at their favorite local businesses, uses text messaging on traditional advertising such as billboards to make the app download process more simple for consumers. When a consumer texts “SHOP” to the SMS shortcode 33133 on their mobile phone, they’re sent a hyperlink to download the app. It’s here that Pirq has been able to generate a 92% click-through rate. 

Pizza Hut Mobile Marketing Case Study

Are you looking for a good mobile geofencing case study? If so, you’ll want to check out this case study from Pizza Hut U.K., where during 15 months, the pizza chain setup geofence locations within a half-mile radius of each of their 340 Pizza Hut locations. This means that when consumers were within a half-mile radius of a Pizza Hut in the U.K., they would receive an SMS promotion from the restaurant on their mobile phone.

During the 15 months Pizza Hut ran their mobile marketing campaign, they found it was on average 142 percent more efficient in increasing incremental sales than other marketing channels, and 4.4 times more effective than TV ads, and 2.6 times more effective than online ads. 

Palms Casino Resort Mobile Marketing Case Study

Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas ran a mobile marketing campaign in which they instructed people to text PALMS to the SMS shortcode 74642 to be entered for a chance to win a free one-night stay and dinner for two. After the contestants entered the text messaging contest, they were asked if they would like to receive future text message offers from the casino resort.

While the average text message contest can expect 37% of contest participants to agree to future mobile alerts from a brand, the Palms text message contest was able to convert 60% of contest participants into mobile subscribers. 

Subway Mobile Marketing Case Study

A 16-store franchise of Subway restaurants in the New York region launched a mobile marketing campaign to increase repeat business with their customers. The program was promoted as “My Subway Mobile SMS”, and advertised in-store with various forms of marketing collateral, and on local radio and television programs.

After only a few months, the franchise had generated a database of 5,000 customer mobile phone numbers. During this period, the Subway franchise sent out 13,000 text messages and averaged a 9% redemption rate, which was significantly higher than the 1% redemption rate they experienced with their direct mail campaigns. 

Bulmers Cider Mobile Marketing Case Study

Bulmers Irish Cider ran a mobile marketing campaign in the U.K. over four weeks targeted at males between the ages of 18 and 34. The mobile marketing campaign triggered text messages to be sent to their target demographic when they were within a half-mile radius of more than 1,000 pubs that served their cider. The text message included a link to point the text message recipient in the direction of their next cider.

Over the four weeks, 77,000 text messages were sent out, with 50 percent of the recipients clicking on the link in the text message. 53 percent of recipients surveyed after the campaign remembered receiving the SMS message from Bulmers. More importantly, 25 percent of recipients purchased a cider from the suggested pub, and 53 percent purchased a Bulmers from another pub recommended by clicking on the link in the text message. Combined, that’s almost a 75 percent conversion rate. 

October Baby Mobile Marketing Case Study

Provident Films, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment, launched a mobile marketing campaign as a way to engage fans on their mobile devices, in advance of the release of the movie “October Baby”. Fans were encouraged to text “OCTOBER” to the SMS shortcode 68398 to receive text message updates about the movie, free passes, etc. In the opt-in text message, a short hyperlink was included, which gave fans a sneak peek of the October Baby movie trailer on their mobile devices. The mobile marketing campaign was promoted to a pre-existing email database of fans, through channel partners, and on social media profiles including Facebook and Twitter.

Provident Films was able to build a mobile database of 50,000 fans before the opening weekend of the movie. They used this mobile database to drive increased attendance, resulting in a number eight spot at the box office on opening weekend, with the movie-going on to become the number one limited-release movie of all time. The mobile campaign also generated an 11% click-through rate to watch the exclusive, mobile-optimized version of the movie trailer. 

Papa Murphy's Mobile Marketing Case Study

Papa Murphy’s, a pizza restaurant chain, launched a mobile marketing campaign with the goal being to bring more customers to their Kansas City locations. Papa Murphy’s used strategies like in-store signs, tent pop-ups, and an online opt-in form to build their mobile database, which by the end of the year had 16,000 customer mobile phone numbers.

Mobile offers like a $5 Chicken Bacon Artichoke pizza generated redemption rates of more than 9 percent, while deals like a $5.55 taco pizza on Cinco De Mayo generated redemption rates of 11.5 percent, and half-off pizzas generated redemption rates north of 12 percent. The highest redemption rates Papa Murphy’s saw with their mobile marketing campaign was with a $5, 3-topping pizza, which generated a 17.9 percent redemption rate. The mobile marketing campaign has since expanded across 26 other states and is estimated to have more than 100,000 mobile subscribers. 

Six Flags Mobile Marketing Case Study

Six Flags, an amusement park located in Maryland launched a mobile marketing campaign to try and increase attendance from their strongest demographic, teens. The amusement park used text-to-win contests, and mobile alerts to send their target demographic VIP only ticket sales info, exclusive park information, weather updates, etc. The mobile marketing campaign was advertised through in-park advertisements, radio promotions, and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Within three months of the mobile marketing program’s start, the Six Flags text alerts program had opted-in almost 5,000 mobile subscribers. More importantly, the amusement park saw an increase in teen park attendance as a direct result of their mobile marketing campaign

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SMS with the File Attachments includes when you have the lecturer where the teachers are taking on the zoom, Go to meeting  & other options.  Now she/he tries to provide that image & notes to the student. 

  • As per SMS with Landing Pages includes 

The SMS Landing Page Creator allows our customers to design and create the page of their own choice and to Send Landing pages through SMS via a Landing page. With the help of this, you will get who shows interest and which device is used etc. Display your products/services/campaigns effectively: Picture speaks a thousand words and hence you have an opportunity to make the public familiar with your advertisement. Be it a display of your products or service or a social awareness drive, the proper well-prepared message of the campaign in the form of pictures will encourage the audience to participate more. SMS landing page rates are very affordable so try today our SMS Landing Page service.

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MsgClub clicks tracking -

Send Short URLs in SMS campaigns and the software tracks click to gather information about customers. Get the detailed insights of your customers like profiling, location of users, device, an operating system user is using. Having this information company may customize its marketing campaign and messaging to make it more meaningful to the customer. Obtain good ROI (return on investment) by using Msgclub URL Shortener

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Moreover, you can create as many campaigns you want to run and can send as many as Short URLs in those campaigns.    

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MsgClub URL shortener shrinks long link and converts it into short URL which allows us to share it in the minimum character spaces available on SMS.

Along with beautifying the link Msgclub short URL also tracks who clicked on the link and helps to analyse the text message marketing campaign well. As sharing the content on SMS is easier and more elegant with it.  

Additionally, tracking helps to gauge the effectiveness of marketing strategies, beautifying keeps links attractive, dynamic links accord your users to get the best experience for the platform they open your link on and customized link allows you to create links that include your brand name.

Create your own customized and trackable short URLs for your every marketing campaign and get detailed insights of your every campaign to forge strategies in a much better way via SMS campaign click tracking and analysis.

1. MsgClub URL Configuration -  

Software shrinks long, lengthy and original link to 12 characters even you can send personalised links in Text SMS also, means send a unique link to every customer of the same campaign helps to analyse the Text SMS marketing campaign. 

To Send personalised URL, select original URL type - 'Separate' and get the detailed report of each and every receiver when they clicked on it, the device used by them, the type of operating system they're using and more. And to send branded URL in order to promote your brand, select 'Single' and set the domain of your brand and run your text marketing campaigns successfully. 

'Advance' feature helps to Send URL as per platform customers open your link on and to grant them with the best experience after clicking on the URL.  

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On sending the personalised URLs in SMS  get the detailed report of each and every number who clicked on, who received the SMS, who opened the sent SMS, how many times they clicked on the URL, when they opened, clicked or received the SMS, through which browser about the device used by them and many more information about the client to plan the marketing campaigns in much better way. 

This analysis campaign gives you the opportunity to understand your customers more deeply with the reports generated by MsgClub campaign analysis. 

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Use SMS as an Effective Marketing Tool

Text SMS is not just affordable, convenient, simple and direct but also powerful marketing tool for marketers. It is the best way to create  good brand images and to build strong customer relationships with customers.

Marketers are continuously thinking innovative and creative ideas to influence and attract customers. For them SMS is the ideal and perfect way to marketize their product and services. As it is an independent and ubiquitous platform.  

SMS is the most effective way to reach your customers, with 90 percent read rate in minutes. Approximately 90 percent of SMS are read within the first three minutes of delivery.    

This channel should be used to deliver important informations, to communicate policies, schemes and discounts of the company.

Advantages of SMS are

1. Cost effective - SMS campaign affordable for budgets of all shapes and sizes and you will get best return on investment from SMS marketing. The scalability of SMS marketing is very attractive. As it is suitable to any size of business.

2. Direct and simple - Directly you can send your SMS to target audience. As it is a simple and direct way to communicate your message.

3. Trackable - Service providers will offer ‘simple delivery reports’ to get the status of the SMS. As SMS are trackable in nature.

4. Personal - Opt-in for SMS updates in order to receive info about offers, discounts and new arrivals from companies, through SMS. It is good for both company and the receiver. You can also make your customers feel special by sending personalized SMS.

5. Eco-friendly - In comparison to other modes of communication, a text message has the lowest impact on our carbon footprint. SMS marketing is a big step in the right direction in today’s era in order to save the environment.

Some more advantages are here →

1. High open rate.

2. High return on investment.

3. Instant delivery.

4. High conversion rate.

5. Mobile friendly.

6. Easy to use.

7.Generate new leads.

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