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Are you still guessing the true success of your SMS campaigns?

"If you are doing so then stop guessing the success of SMS campaigns"

MsgClub gives a perfect tool to engage your users consistently and reliably and measure the success of your short URL SMS marketing campaigns. The software allows you to create a short link and uses it on your SMS campaigns. Run your marketing campaign and simultaneously short URL SMS software is going to give live reports. 

MsgClub SMS marketing campaign software, tracks in real-time, the clicks you get on the URL and presents your performance metrics in actual time. Using MsgClub to increase click tracking rate from your msg content and drives users to your website, mobile application or any URL that you had shared.

With proper tracking and analysis, you will get to know the actual facts and figures related to SMS marketing campaign. You do not need to guess the SMS campaign success. All you have to run your SMS campaigns with MsgClub and there you get the precisely generated SMS campaign click tracking and analysis live reports.

MsgClub URL Software features on which you can rely upon - 

Manage Short URL in SMS campaign - Manage long lengthy and original URL into a short one. Send dynamic short URL to create the better customer experience. Select domain of your choice and keywords that represent your URL. 


Measure marketing campaign's effectiveness - Analyse well through click tracking rate. Know who clicked on URL, at what time and device used by the receiver. This helps to analyze the campaign and insights help to know about the customers well. 


Monitor and analysis SMS marketing results - Live graphical reports to monitor the campaign, as graphical presentation exhibits a more clear picture in front of users.    

Drive customers engagement via SMS campaign - MsgClub short URL SMS campaign software drives your audience to a webpage or mobile app. Using MsgClub increases Click tracking rate from your content and makes the first step to consumers engagement on your site.

Real time analytics - MsgClub delivers real-time performance that includes total clicks on the URL, recipient’s mobile number, device and browser of the recipient, date and time of the URL clicked.


Features of Msgclub bulk SMS marketing campaign going to make SMS campaign a playful task and helps to achieve great success.

Get a good return on investment by MsgClub short URL SMS campaign

True asset of any business is customers. In Hindi proverb, it is said that - Customers are God. Many kinds of researches are done on this and all lead to the same conclusion - "Big the list of happy and satisfied customers larger the profit amount and business success". In short, customers are important to you for your business.

This is not only sufficient to understand your customers but also you need to understand about their buying behaviour, purchasing pattern, where they belong to, about their interest, their convenient time and more.

Someone says - “Treat your customers as you treat your girlfriend”.

So keep minute and detailed information about your clients and customers and treat them the way they want to be treated. "The MsgClub short URL will be going to help you a lot". 

To send Text SMS marketing campaign with short URL all you have to enter the original URL and run a campaign in order to send URL of your company’s website, URL of document, video URL, audio URL, Image URL any link through which you want to convey any message or attract your audience you can send Bulk SMS campaign with short URL to your customers and MsgClub will create a separate URL for each client to track them individually.

You can use Short URLs in Messages to send links to your Android applications, website, promotional activities, login panels, forms of customer feedback, URLs of your audios, videos, images, landing pages, payment gateway, engaging forms and much more.

In the SMS Campaign Click Tracking and analysis report, after sending SMS with Short URL, you will get the information of the person who clicked the URL.

Along with time at which person (receiver) opened the URL i.e actual time when client opened the URL and geographical location of the receiver.You can even know the browser through which client clicked or opened the sent URL.   

Thus the information you are going to receive via MsgClub click tracking feature is a pretty good and with it, you can plan your bulk SMS campaigns in a much better way by having details about your customers.

Advantages of using Short URL SMS are -

  1. Promote maximum information.

  2. Makes URL presentation attractive and manageable.

  3. Enhances connectivity with customers, which makes your bond great with them.

  4. Know well about your customers.

  5. Manage leads more properly.

Surely you’re going to get the great ROI, just by investing little into the MsgClub Short URL SMS campaigns and give a new high to your business.

Get the actual benefits of MsgClub short URL marketing campaign

The most simple and powerful tool is sending short URL in Bulk SMS campaign that enhances connectivity, manages leads, engage your customers and takes the marketing campaign closer to sales by giving the actual insights of the text message marketing campaign. The features and specifications of Short URL SMS make it a result oriented.

We have introduced an advanced level of short URL tool that gives you complete insights and adds more value by keeping a view of the present industry's dynamic needs and requirements. You can send URLs of your brand and company's website. In case you don't have any online presence or any website then they can share URL of images, audio, video, blogs, articles etc in order to promote your company with Short URL SMS campaign. Sending Short URLs in SMS is a perfect way to reflect your business. 

MsgClub clicks tracking -

Send Short URLs in SMS campaigns and the software tracks click to gather information about customers. Get the detailed insights of your customers like profiling, location of users, device, an operating system user is using. Having this information company may customize its marketing campaign and messaging to make it more meaningful to the customer. Obtain good ROI (return on investment) by using Msgclub URL Shortener

MsgClub clicks tracking, with a special feature of Short URL software helps you to know from which number the Short URL got clicked from the list of sent SMS. Also how many times receiver clicked on the particular URL. Even we allow you to Send Multiple URL in Single SMS and get distinguished reports of all sent URLs.

MsgClub dynamic short URL -

Send URLs as per the browser and operating system used by customers to make look and feel of the website, images, blogs, articles more attractive and impressive. which leaves a great impact on the customers and aids to grab their attention.   

Moreover, you can create as many campaigns you want to run and can send as many as Short URLs in those campaigns.    

SMS Campaign Click Tracking and analysis short URL software enable businesses to design constructive strategies and focus on their tasks successfully. 

Simply add contacts from phone book groups to run your short URL SMS campaign successfully. The advantages of using Short URLs in SMS campaigns are tremendous. Start using our services and make your SMS campaigns worthy.

Best short URL SMS marketing campaign Software for business

MsgClub URL shortener shrinks long link and converts it into short URL which allows us to share it in the minimum character spaces available on SMS.

Along with beautifying the link Msgclub short URL also tracks who clicked on the link and helps to analyse the text message marketing campaign well. As sharing the content on SMS is easier and more elegant with it.  

Additionally, tracking helps to gauge the effectiveness of marketing strategies, beautifying keeps links attractive, dynamic links accord your users to get the best experience for the platform they open your link on and customized link allows you to create links that include your brand name.

Create your own customized and trackable short URLs for your every marketing campaign and get detailed insights of your every campaign to forge strategies in a much better way via SMS campaign click tracking and analysis.

1. MsgClub URL Configuration -  

Software shrinks long, lengthy and original link to 12 characters even you can send personalised links in Text SMS also, means send a unique link to every customer of the same campaign helps to analyse the Text SMS marketing campaign. 

To Send personalised URL, select original URL type - 'Separate' and get the detailed report of each and every receiver when they clicked on it, the device used by them, the type of operating system they're using and more. And to send branded URL in order to promote your brand, select 'Single' and set the domain of your brand and run your text marketing campaigns successfully. 

'Advance' feature helps to Send URL as per platform customers open your link on and to grant them with the best experience after clicking on the URL.  

2. MsgClub Click tracking and campaign analysis - 

On sending the personalised URLs in SMS  get the detailed report of each and every number who clicked on, who received the SMS, who opened the sent SMS, how many times they clicked on the URL, when they opened, clicked or received the SMS, through which browser about the device used by them and many more information about the client to plan the marketing campaigns in much better way. 

This analysis campaign gives you the opportunity to understand your customers more deeply with the reports generated by MsgClub campaign analysis. 

3. Generate Leads with Short URL SMS marketing campaign -

With the help of our lead management software, you can gather the list of customers and prospects who showed interest in previous campaigns and thus you can send those leads to your sales team members directly from the Short URL lead generation software and also notify them about leads by sending SMS and emails to them. 

 "Software plays a vital role in collecting the genuine leads for your sales team to bring more business."

There are tremendous advantages and practical uses of using the short URLs SMS campaigns. You can effortlessly promote your brand via short URLs in SMS marketing campaign and tools for measuring the impact of your link sharing strategies and of course makes the act of sharing your links easier in the first place.

We are giving the better and simpler way to make your marketing campaign more successful and to generate more leads.  

Give a new height to your business via URL shortener text message marketing campaign for business and get the freshly generated leads to turn them into your loyal and satisfied customers.

Use SMS as an Effective Marketing Tool

Text SMS is not just affordable, convenient, simple and direct but also powerful marketing tool for marketers. It is the best way to create  good brand images and to build strong customer relationships with customers.

Marketers are continuously thinking innovative and creative ideas to influence and attract customers. For them SMS is the ideal and perfect way to marketize their product and services. As it is an independent and ubiquitous platform.  

SMS is the most effective way to reach your customers, with 90 percent read rate in minutes. Approximately 90 percent of SMS are read within the first three minutes of delivery.    

This channel should be used to deliver important informations, to communicate policies, schemes and discounts of the company.

Advantages of SMS are

1. Cost effective - SMS campaign affordable for budgets of all shapes and sizes and you will get best return on investment from SMS marketing. The scalability of SMS marketing is very attractive. As it is suitable to any size of business.

2. Direct and simple - Directly you can send your SMS to target audience. As it is a simple and direct way to communicate your message.

3. Trackable - Service providers will offer ‘simple delivery reports’ to get the status of the SMS. As SMS are trackable in nature.

4. Personal - Opt-in for SMS updates in order to receive info about offers, discounts and new arrivals from companies, through SMS. It is good for both company and the receiver. You can also make your customers feel special by sending personalized SMS.

5. Eco-friendly - In comparison to other modes of communication, a text message has the lowest impact on our carbon footprint. SMS marketing is a big step in the right direction in today’s era in order to save the environment.

Some more advantages are here →

1. High open rate.

2. High return on investment.

3. Instant delivery.

4. High conversion rate.

5. Mobile friendly.

6. Easy to use.

7.Generate new leads.

Msgclub provides best bulk SMS services in affordable price.

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