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  • Bulk SMS Service Marketing Best Practices to Build Relationships and Increase Sales

    Nowadays, almost everyone carries a smartphone with them at all times.  What a chance for businesses to communicate with their clients via text, email, and social media. Each of these channels has distinct qualities that make them each valuable additions to your marketing toolkit.  While social makes it possible to connect with new individuals, algorithms […]

  • 15 sales Bulk SMS examples for each Business funnel stage

    Customers today have a variety of options, so sending out regular, interesting follow-up texts can be critical to keeping your firm top of mind and ensuring excellent leads don’t slip away. Of course, following up does not include sending random SMS messages to your sales prospects. To use corporate text messaging efficiently, you must know […]

  • Bulk SMS Marketing Basics: Using SMS For Customer Engagement

    The best media channel for businesses to directly engage clients and prospects is SMS marketing, which is quickly rising to the top of the list. Why? Because text sms is read almost quickly after delivery and open rates are through high. It’s the most direct, effective, and ultimately efficient way to get in touch with […]

  • Top Salesforce SMS Apps in 2023

    What good is giving business information if recipients never see it or read it?  This is the main problem that companies frequently have when attempting to reach audiences through calls and emails. Potential clients prefer text messaging to emails for contact these days. So, if you want to simplify and speed up communication while also […]

  • What Is SMS 2FA? Bulk SMS Authentication Explained

    When using Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) or Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), SMS 2FA is a method of authentication that is frequently used in addition to the usual password. SMS two-factor authentication (SMS 2FA) entails texting the user a brief one-time password (OTP). In order to verify their identity and get access to their account, the user must […]

  • Apply for WhatsApp Green Tick Verification?

    WhatsApp Green Tick is not the same as WhatsApp API Verification. In this video, we’ll walk you through the Whatsapp company verification procedure and show you how to simply get verified on WhatsApp. A business, for example, may be approved to use WhatsApp APIs but not have a Green Tick. What exactly is a WhatsApp […]

  • Bulk SMS Service: The Ultimate Small Business Guide [2023]

    Remarkably, 46% of people use their phones for 5–6 hours a day. Additionally, they don’t spend all of their time on social media. Mobile will account for 85% of all e-commerce sales by 2024. Nowadays, it is difficult for small businesses to stand out due to the proliferation of new communication channels and the number […]

  • Push Notifications vs. Bulk SMS: What’s the Difference?

    Nearly every market has a variety of communication and media tools that might help you connect with your target audience. Push notifications and SMS text messaging are two of the most well-liked and reasonably priced solutions. These tools may appear to be the same from the outside, yet they actually differ significantly. What are the […]

  • SMS Gateway: How it Works & How to Get Started?

    Ever wondered what an SMS gateway was and what it did? So, whether you work in the SMS industry or provide bulk SMS services, you should be familiar with this technology. In this article, we’ll go over some key information about SMS Gateways and how to choose the best one. What is an SMS Gateway? […]

  • How to Improve Customer Communication With Bulk SMS Service

    Bulk sms service, also known as SMS, has replaced phone calls and emails as the main form of private communication. Text messaging is the primary method of communication for 97% of smartphone users. Businesses must speak to customers not only in a language they can comprehend but also in the medium they prefer if they […]