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Key Features

Person by person voting management system.

Know Which Problems Are Solved By In Which Area's Campaign

Know Actual Problem Area wise

Well Arranged Data That Helps To Run Digital Political


the people

Get happy solution in the next

Our complaint management system provides a better platform to submit person's problems on a single platform. Help to get problem solution in less time and less communication efforts.

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the people

Analyse people and merge people

This political complaint management system help to analyse common man frequent raised problems and help in connect voters.

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the people

Better way to connect with people

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For the People

Easy to raise problems

We provide an easy platform for raise complaints via mobile application,Missed call,IVR,Long code,Webpanel also.

One place for all problems

Using our system, can raise complaints for different different departments/sectors which will manage in centralised way

Raise problems anywhere

No need to open laptop/computer,raise problems from anywhere for anyone. You will find better complaint response in less time duration

Live status of problem

  • No need to ask resolver for status, track your complaint status from anywhere,anytime from complaint status functionality
  • Easy to find when problem will resolve or put on hold due to some reason.

Connect With Resolver

No need to go for complaint solution for person to person, easily communication with resolver on complaint location.

Help Others

Provision to raise complaint on behalf of other person Complaint may be raise via any way.

Better way to interact to get quick solution

No need to waste your time and effort for convey your complaint to politicalperson. Easy to get solution at home.


Provision for give any type of Feedback / Comment / Review for complaint solution or for any type of communication with team member.

By the People

Connect with more people

Help to build connection with people for better communication and to analyse them

Smarter Insights

  • Vassing insights : Understand your voter better in better way
  • Team insights : See what team and individual has done and level of response

Turbocharge Your Database

  • User list import
  • Get great visualisation because can add user with different usable parameters. (In less time and less efforts can import or add bulk of user data in our system which will help to fast communication and manage them in better way.)

Get most out of your team

  • Easy team on boarding.
  • Easy to assign task/complaint resolution responsibility to team person

Connect the People

Personalise Connection

  • If you solve anyone person's problem positively than he will get more connected with you.
  • It will help to find out type of complaints ratio area wise

Organised Professionally

Help to manage complaints and team persons in professional way using filters or tags.

Understand problem areawise

Easy to find people problems area wise which help to easy task assignment and manage them

Problem wise understanding

Easy to analyse problem pattern which will help politician for manage his team or his resources

Field person performance

Help for analyse team member work performance using our ratting system.

Blockage Of Problem Solution

It will reduce all gappings of common manand political party which affects the complaint solution process