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Sending Bulk Messages is a Child's Play with MsgClub's Mozilla firefox SMS Extension.

We empower you by providing the easiest and fastest way to send Bulk SMS and get delivery reports too via MsgClub Mozilla Firefox SMS extension. With this, you can send SMS directly from your screen you are working on, All you have to install the extension and start sending SMS in seconds.

A lot of exciting stuff is waiting for you!

Our Key Features


Send SMS

Using MsgClub Mozilla Extension we allow you to send SMS directly from the browser.


Phone Book

Send billions of messages to your groups with this amazing plugin of MsgClub.



Easily save your SMS as a draft on Mozilla SMS extension to send same SMS in future.


Delivery reports

Get real-time delivery reports of your sent SMS on our robust and powerful interface.

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We're offering innovative way to send text SMS quickly,
MsgClub granting Mozilla SMS extension to send billions of SMS directly from browser.

Frequently asked questions

How to install MsgClub Mozilla SMS Extension?

To know How to install the Mozilla SMS extension Go to More Option of Firefox available at the top right corner of Firefox > Click on Add-ons > Click on extensions > Search MsgClub Bulk SMS > Then search > Bulk SMS Addon. After this, you will get the MsgClub Mozilla Extension. Thus you can install MsgClub Mozilla Firefox Extension in seconds.

How to send SMS via Mozilla Firefox SMS Extension?

Follow these easy steps - First Install MsgClub Mozilla Firefox > Then Click on the extension to Enter the username and password (of the registered account of MsgClub) > Enter sender ID, mobile number and SMS > Click on send SMS. And your SMS has been successfully sent.

How many messages can we send at a time with Mozilla Firefox Extension?

You can send any number of SMS, 1, 100, 1000000 or unlimited number of SMSes with Mozilla Extension. As we used Post API in Mozilla extension so there is no limitation to Send SMS. It will be completely dependent on your browser processing capability.

Can we set the route while sending SMS from Mozilla Firefox Extension?

Yes, you can set route among transactional and promotional route to send SMS from Mozilla Firefox Extension. Select the given routes on our gateway as per your text message content and make sure you have checked the available balance in that particular route. Don't let your SMS in spam, follow the rules of TRAI.

How can we send SMS to my groups and do I need to create groups again on Mozilla extension while Sending SMS through it?

You can select your groups directly from the Mozilla extension to send SMS and you do not need to create any group again, you will get all groups directly on the Mozilla SMS Extension from MsgClub SMS Software. As Mozilla Firefox SMS Extension is synced with the MsgClub SMS panel Software so your all SMS, contacts and groups are available on both.

In how many languages I can send SMS via Mozilla Firefox extension?

While sending SMS from Mozilla Firefox Extension. Go to SMS Type - Select Unicode then you will get the list of 20-22 languages that includes Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Telugu & Gujarathi. Choose among those regional languages in which to want to send SMS. Our system will automatically convert your written language into selected language. At last, send them to proceed on end-user hand.

How to know about SMS status?

With the help of our bulk SMS gateway you will get delivery report feature to get the status of each and every sent SMS. Where you can analyse the campaign report to know the SMS delivered status on customers mobile number. If your SMS gets undelivered you can resend them again without losing SMS credit.

How much does it cost to send SMS from Mozilla Firefox Extension and for creating an account on MsgClub?

You only have to pay chargers for Sent SMS. Rest all is free even you do not need to pay for an account creation on MsgClub. Even you will get 10 free demo SMS on creating an account on MsgClub.

What resources will I need to send SMS from Mozilla Firefox plugin?

All the required resources are already available as you need an Internet connection and any device like a computer, laptop or tablet (Whatsoever is present) to send SMS from Mozilla Firefox SMS Extension.

How to send SMS from drafts by Mozilla plugin?

Our company allows you to send SMS from draft. Click on "Select SMS from draft" feature, where you will get the list of draft SMS you just have to select from them and send it to your old and new customers.

How can I send SMS via MsgClub Mozilla extension, if I don't have any account on MsgClub?

You can Click on for signup and create your account in seconds. After this, you can send SMS from MsgClub Mozilla Firefox Extension.

What is the maximum length allowed to send SMS via Mozilla Firefox extension?

The message length allowed for 1 credit message is 160 characters. The maximum length of SMS you can send is 5 credits i.e of 724 characters. If you wish to exceed your SMS length more than this than contact our team member they will guide you.

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