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MsgClub empowers the logistic and courier services to keep customers happy with quick, efficient and on time delivery alerts and notifications via BULK SMS Services.

Manage consignment tracking, inform customers about delivery status, send alerts on important updates, taking orders, send delivery timings, rates and discounts to clients directly via Bulk SMS Services and integrate Bulk SMS API into courier and logistics management software & send SMS directly to your customers.

MsgClub loves to serve couriers and logistic industry with its
best, reliable and instant bulk SMS services.



Track exact location of your order, offer customers shipping updates by sending real time through various stages with automated messages.

Improve delivery efficiency

Stop wasting delivery trips. Now customers decide what's the perfect time for them to take delivery by sending an SMS. A win-win for all. Send important information to delivery boy or driver so that they will deliver products on given time.

Improve customer experience

Send invoices, billings, consignment status and ask for confirmation on receiving the consignment by client. This helps to enhance your customer experience.

Collect feedback

Know your customers are satisfied or not. By using mobile optimised data capture forms that also help you to know your customer better.

Contact direct suppliers

You can directly contact to suppliers and thus by contacting them, you can track the courier easily. Send status of consignment at intermediate stages.

For communication

Exchange information related to consignment, Send important information, instructions to delivery boy, drivers to manage things properly. Manage internal as well as external communication both easily with Bulk SMS Services.

Manage multiple branches

Coordinate well among the different branches let your sub branches to conduct their own SMS Campaigns.Manage various branches easily with their schemes, offers, discounts, proposals, suggestions, instructions and updates.

Use MsgClub's Best Bulk SMS Sevices for Courier and Logistics industry
and get the advantages of the best services.

Send SMS

Use the best bulk SMS services to send information about consignment like tracking, delivery status, send them information related to consignment delivery timings, efficiency, send information timely to improve customer experience, communicate with internally and externally both.


Send SMS directly to your customers, suppliers, delivery boys, drivers in order to exchange the information.Just by integrating bulk SMS API into your courier and logistic software.Collect feedback from customers, contact direct suppliers, manage multiple branches and huge staff with the Bulk SMS API.


Add campaign basically contains short urls, Auto repeat after certain time functionality and have some, status wise auto repeat. Any send sms will process under a Campaign only.

Short URLs

Send offers, discounts, proposals and notifications to existing customers and to prospects also. With this, you can track the number of receivers who clicked on the URL and who are interested in your proposals.

Miss Call

To inform your customers about the new offers send them a miscall number and ask them to give miscall if they want to know more about the offer in detail.

Long Code

To get rating on your services then you can use LongCode services and easily able to know how much your customers are liking your services.

Send Wishes

Send greetings and wishes to your customers, staff members, employees on their special days like birthdays and anniversaries to maintain and build better relationships with them as they are the core asset of your company.


Send one-time password via SMS Services to receivers or client for verification, on delivering the parcel or consignment. Thus it increases security, reliability of your courier and logistic business.

Be the best logistics and courier company by stay in touch with the customers, inform them timely about their consignment and delivery status of the parcels and manage multiple branches, huge number of clients etc through reliable, instant SMS Services of MsgClub and expand your business undoubtedly.