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Our Campaign Management Does Much More than Just Shrinking URLs

Campaign Management has all features and functionalities, it's a complete package to enhance your reach, expand your business, track campaign and do more than you can think of. Check out more details about this ultimate solution!

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Our Key Features

short url

Short URL

Short, unique URL for every recipient with easy tracking options.

auto repeat

Auto Repeat

Stay connected with target audience, feed your brand in their head with Auto Repeat.

drip messaging

Drip Messaging

Drip your pre-written messages to customers, everything the way you want, when you want.

lead generation

Lead Generation

Track your short URLs and convert prospects into customers, know who're interested

Campaign Management is the best way to create huge customers

Dynamic URL for better experience
Strengthen your brand awareness in the market to earn large chunk of money

Frequently asked questions

What is Campaign Management?

Campaign Management is a web based application that is used to shorten the standard URLs. In addition to saving more characters for messages, short URLs enhance the aesthetic appeal of the message. Moreover, our one-of-a-kind Campaign Management comes with traffic monitoring and more exciting features

What is a Campaign?

A planned and organized activity intended to meet specific business goals such as marketing, promotion or sharing information. When it comes to bulk messaging, your message from creating to delivery, the entire promotional strategy is a Campaign.

How do I start my Campaign?

Starting a campaign for business promotion or information sharing through bulk messages is no rocket-science. Choose a suitable plan, connect with us and let us make it easy for you by explaining the features and functionalities of URL shortener and how you can get started.

How to Create Short URL ?

Once done with the installation, all you need to do is copy the target URL from address bar, paste it in the URL shortener and shrink. Your short URL will be generated on the go that you can use to make your messages more and more appealing.

What is Auto Repeat?

One of the most crucial and time saving feature of our Campaign Management, Auto Repeat feature allows you to schedule and resend the pre-written messages to target audience. Individually or in a group, you can send messages to target audience to feed your brand in the minds of your customers and increase awareness.

What is Drip Messaging?

A solution that strengthens your relationship with your target customers, drip messaging allows you to share a series of bulk messages. This way, business owners can stay connected with their customers and make the most out of their messaging campaign.