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We empower the SMS advertising and promotional campaigns for Pubs, clubs, and nightclubs via MsgClub bulk SMS Services for Night Clubs and bars.

Promote and marketize your pubs, bars, clubs, lounges to bring more crowd by giving special invitations on arrival of special celebrity at your place. Make your place more happening for the people live in your city. Share information about upcoming events, party updates, rocking nightlife acknowledge crowd about what you serve, your specialty through Bulk SMS Services for nightclubs, bars, and pubs.

MsgClub loves to promote trendy places like pubs, clubs, discos, bars, lounges with Bulk SMS services for nightclub and pubs.

Create buzz

Create buzz

Share information vigorously with your customers on arrival of the celebrity at your place or something new or special you're going to offer in coming days via send SMS Marketing For Pubs and Nightclubs.
Bring more crowd

Bring more crowd

Send the venue, day and time of the special events organized by you to the crowd of the city to grab their attention. If you're are going to arrange a state level or country level event then send SMS in bulk and make your event more successful.
Build better relations

Build better relations

Share information to those who are your customers and like your events and club parties. Send vouchers, free drink offers free entry or any thing special to your customers to give them privilege and build a better relationship with customers.
Promote promptly

Promote promptly

Promote your pubs, clubs, bars by sending offers, discount coupons, free entry for the particular day in a week or anything you offer special, just promote it to grab people's attention to bring more crowd, to make more customers. Send links to your website, shows, videos and generate curiosity among people about your events.
Make event successful

Make event successful

Sending information about venue, date and time, inform them about theme parties, special dress code, competitions to increase the participation of the customers in your events.
Keep audience updated

Keep audience updated

SMS is instant, reliable and affordable services. The information you share with your clients are considered as authentic and reach easily to thousands of customers.

Take advantage of MsgClub Send SMS for clubs and bars and enjoy selling products.

Send SMS

With SMS for Pubs, events and nightclubs stay connected with your audience. Send Bulk SMS in English or regional language to grab attention.Bring more customers, send wishes, promote events, send out information related to special events, call out the crowd, create buzz, bring better relationships and more with Bulk SMS Services for nightclubs and pubs.


Integrate POS Software for Night Clubs, Pubs and Lounge Bars and Bar, restaurant & pub booking and inquiry management system or any other software you use.Just integrate bulk SMS API into your software and start sending SMS through it to your customers and prospects.


Run SMS campaign to advertise your events, upcoming programs, send SMS with miscall number and ask customers to give you miscall if they like your events and programs and get offers. Those who really like will give you a miscall then send auto-reply SMS with a long code to ask them which kind of parties they would like.

Short URLs

Send links to your website, events, videos, audios along with text SMS through short URL services and pull more people in your upcoming events and parties you're going to organize. Also, click tracking feature of the short URL Services help to gather the response of your customers that how much they are taking interest in information you sent via SMS.

Miss Call

Ask customers to give a miscall in order to support an event or give a miscall if they're interested in attending the events you are going to arrange this helps you to get an idea about the crowd and thus you can manage your event well.

Long Code

Send SMS with a question along with few options and ask customers to send you back with their choice.

Say for you are an event manager and planning a day party in your town ask customers by sending long code SMS that "which theme you will prefer if you will get the chance to choose one among the options."

Thus, a manager can arrange the party as per people's choice (majority). This helps to win the hearts of the customers and increases customer's response to your events. parties, pubs, clubs and more.

Send Wishes

Wish them on their special days like birthdays, anniversaries and greet them on festive seasons to build a better relationship with them. Send SMS directly from our MsgClub SMS software just by setting dates and software will automatically send SMS to customers.

Be the best Pub, event organizer, nightclub in your city who arranges happening events and parties for people. Become the first and only choice of people live in your town for party n enjoyment with SMS for pubs, clubs, events. Stay in touch with regular customers by informing them about their vital information and send timely alerts via SMS service for pubs.


While providing special services and offers to customers you need to check the person to whom you are offering is right person or not. MsgClub OTP services i.e One-time password helps to verify the person's identity the thus you can give the privilege to your loyal and regular customers without any doubt.