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Effective ways to increase sales and improve number of footfalls using text marketing SMS offered by MsgClub

Enhance your customer’s shopping experience with MsgClub SMS Service for sales and interact with customer properly. Send Web URLs, SMS, LongCode, Miscall, campaigns, OTPs to advertise, marketize, to generate leads, for user verification, payment confirmation, order deliveries and much more. Effortlessly expand your business with MsgClub best bulk SMS Service for sales and marketing.

MsgClub loves to help you to increase sales effectively with SMS solution for marketing and sales.

Greet new customers

Greet new customers

Sending bulk SMS to welcome a new customer is an effective way of showing interest and contributes to a high level of customer service. It helps to make customers feel privileged and thus you can convert them into loyal customers.
Send discount offers

Send discount, offers

Send offers and discounts to increase sales is the most important factor because it helps to grab the customer's attention and entice customers to purchase from you. Sending offers help to pull customers towards you.
Send SMS Coupon Redemption

Send SMS Coupon Redemption

Send coupons, gift vouchers that deliver via SMS have high redemption rates i.e 10 times higher than the printed coupons or other ways.This is more affordable than other modes of communication.
Send festive SMS

Send festive SMS

The best time to increase sales and bring more clients is the festive season. In this duration send SMS when usually people willing to do shopping and send the festive greeting, coupons Bulk SMS at this time will surely bring customers to your shop again.
Promote your online presence

Promote your online presence

You can add links in text marketing SMS to encourage the customer to look at your site and view seasonal promotions, new products, and blogs. Promote online effectively as it ensures that customers are simply a text away from viewing your site.
Order Confirmations

Order Confirmations

Establish a relationship with a Bulk SMS text to let them know that their order has been received. This is an another significant way of providing ideal customer service. With this, it’s helpful for customers to know the status of their order, estimated delivery times and when their package is on the way.
Delivery updates

Delivery updates

Text SMS Marketing offers significantly more targeted reach communication. Update customers on delivery of products via SMS for marketing and get a high return on investment with the best SMS solution provider for Sales and marketing.

Use MsgClub Best Bulk SMS Sevices for sales & marketing and get the advantages of the best Services

Send SMS

Use the best bulk SMS services to send information about new arrivals, launching of new products, services offered, discounts, offers, vouchers to loyal and premium customers to your prospects and target audience. Send information to maintain the communication internally and externally both.


Send SMS directly to your customers, suppliers, and staff in order to exchange the information and to get your work done at right time. Just integrate bulk SMS API into your customer relationship management software, sales and marketing software or any other software you use and send right information to right customers at right time. Collect feedback from customers, contact direct suppliers, manage multiple branches and huge staff easily with the Bulk SMS API.


Send SMS marketing campaigns to attract more customers to buy your products and services. Run SMS campaigns to know customers are liking and loving your brand or not.

Example - Ask them to give you a miscall on the number if they like your services and wants to know about offers and discounts.

Short URLs

Send offers, discounts, proposals, and notifications to existing customers and to prospects also. With this, you can track the number of receivers who clicked on the URL and who are interested in your proposals.

Miss Call

To inform your customers about the new offers send them a miscall number and ask them to give miscall if they want to know more about the offer in detail.

Long Code

To get a rating on your services then you can use LongCode and easily able to know how much your customers are liking your services.

Send Wishes

Send greetings and wishes to your customers, staff members, employees on their special days like birthdays and anniversaries to maintain and build better relationships with them as they are the core asset of your company. Send wishes automatically from Bulk SMS services.


Send OTP i.e one-time password to verify the customer's identity and while sharing gift coupons and vouchers with loyal customers send an OTP to them and before giving them benefits make sure you're giving to the right person.

Voice Calls

Send promotional ads in the form of audios and send voice calls to customers to attract them and increase footfall.

Be the best company who maintains best relationships with customers by staying in touch with them, that informs them about their vital information and alerts them timely. Help your customers to solve their problems and keep their feedbacks to improve the affordable and reliable Bulk Text SMS Services.