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Call Patching Service

Enhance your client's interaction with Phone Number Masking

Boost your business communication to the next level with our innovative Call Patching Service which comes with user friendly UI, easy API Integration & more.

Call Patching Advantages
Assist your customers in the best possible way .

Improved Lead Conversion

Businesses may engage with leads at the correct time and increase the possibility that they will become clients.

No Manual Dialing

This eliminates the time-consuming process of searching for and dialing each contact individually.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Teams can handle more calls in a shorter amount of time, which boosts productivity and stream lines processes.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Call Patching services ensure timely and effective communication, which improves the customer experience.

Efficient Call Routing

This implies that calls can be routed according to predetermined criteria to the most suitable team member or department.

Call Analytics & Insights

Businesses might gain valuable details about call volume, peak call hours, peak call duration, and other parameters.

How Does It Help you?
Modernize your Clients Interaction through the
Call Patching

Service which comes with UI

interface & API Integration.

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Grow your Business effortlessly and Assist your customers efficiently.

Time Efficiency

Call Patching service saves your valuable time by enabling clients to connect quickly and efficiently.

Client Engagement

In call Patching, clients can actively participate, ask questions, and provide feedback in real-time.

Documentation & Record-Keeping

Call Patching systems allow for call recording, which is valuable for documentation and record-keeping purposes.

Improved Productivity

By eliminating the need for any business & providing a platform for seamless communication, call Patching enhances productivity.

Competitive Advantage

Businesses that effectively leverage call latching gain a competitive advantage.This can attract clients, and differentiate the business in the marketplace.

Enhanced Communication

Facilitates effective communication between agent and client. This promotes seamless communication, idea sharing, and problem-solving.


What our customers say

Call Patching Solutions

A full-stack Call Patching Service Solution for every industry via MsgClubs Easy To integrate UI Call Patching Platform Solution.

Real Estate Business

Utilizing MsgClub Power Packed Call Patching Services for Real Estate Business to enhance Your investors experience.

Sales and Marketing

Take your Business marketing & Sales to the next level with MsgClub Super Fast & Easy call Patching solution..

Customer Support

Leveraging Call Patching Services to Enhance your business or Customer Interaction by MsgClub Smooth integration.

Financial Institution

Transform your financial institution business communication with MsgClub Full-Stack featured Call Patching Services.

Education Sector

Get more enrollments from your course via Call Patching with Msgclub and keep your students informed with details via Call Patching Service.

Travel & Hospitality

Elevating Customer Experience and Support in the Travel and Hospitality Industry with MsgClub Power Packed Call Patching Service.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have got answers for some questions that probably can raise in your mind.

  • What is the Call Patching Process?

    The term "Call Patching Process" also known as "Call Patching" describes a call that a business places to its clients for more information about business services. When a client receives a call, the company's pre-recorded voice file (OBD) is played, and if the client wants to communicate with an agent, the client must press their respective digit on the phone. Thus, calls are connected without any delays.

  • What will you provide in the Call Patching Service?

    MsgClub, as a communication platform service provider, provides you basically two things
    1. easy to integrate an API and
    2.Fully customized User Friendly Interface (UI) you have no need to write code for it.
    MsgClub provides you a complete solution for call patching service.

  • Can I use the same numbers in two different patching options?

    Yes, You can add the same number on press 1 and press 2. If that is your business need.

  • What is the process to get a Call Patching service solution?

    All you have to do is just Signup on our website and get it in the developer tool or contact Msgclub support. Our executives will be happy to help you with everything regarding Call Patching service solutions.

  • How will charges Apply in call Patching?

    Right Way of Calculation- Here are two lags Client Call Duration - 52 Agent Call Duration - 22 According to the call pulse of 30 seconds Client Call duration is 52 sec so there will be 2 credit deductions will be made. And Agent Call duration is 22 sec so there will be 1 credit deduction will be made. Because, the clients call leg is more than 30 seconds so there will be 2 credits deducted. And, the agent's call leg is less than 30 seconds so there will be 1 credit deducted. 2 for client 1 for agent In this case a total 3 credits will be deducted for 1 call.