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Become a profitable and trustable insurance company via Text SMS services provider for insurance offered by MsgClub.

Send text SMS alerts to prospects and customers of the insurance companies in order to attract and retain them. Bulk SMS services establish the effective communication between Insurance companies and their clients. To generate leads, promote policies, send reminders about payment dates, due to premium alerts, details of the policy, additional coverage options to its customers, to inform them about installments, dues and news, and updates with Bulk Text SMS Services for Insurance provider.

MsgClub loves to serve the Insurance industry with best bulk SMS Services for insurance companies

Text SMS for all

Text SMS for all

No matter what kind of insurance service provider you're. From life insurance to automobile insurance, health insurance, general insurance, house insurance, business insurance, shop insurance, corporate insurance, children insurance, senior citizen insurance, accidental insurance, natural calamity insurance, everything or anything you provide, you can use SMS Services for Insurance sector.
Generate leads

Generate leads

Announce news, updates and useful information about new policies and schemes. Sell more by sending offers and discounts to customers. Send dues, payment dates, details of policies. Send promotional SMS to prospects and customers to purchase more policies offered by you.
Improve customer service

Improve customer service

Send notifications to customers of insurance and details of transactions in real time with text SMS alerts or allow them to request information. Insurance firms can keep their clients updated on damage compensation through message alerts.
Increase sales

Increase sales

Insurance agencies can carry out promotion and publicity campaigns, in which they offer various policies at various prices and contact/follow-up with a financial consultant. Send out real-time information i.e up-to-the-minute information to their customers through SMS Finance. Insurance firms/agencies can remind their customers of the expiry dates of their policies.
Make new clients

Make new clients

Inform more people about the services you are offering, How your service is different from others and benefits of having your services. This helps to make new customers.
Share important documents

Share important documents

Insurance companies can send SMS with links to important documents to clients so they can access the documents any time when they need as everyone carries a mobile phone with them all the time. So sending short URLs in SMS is the best way to share and send more information via SMS.

Ensure your insurance business success with text messaging solutions for Insurance Companies

Send Text SMS

With SMS for Insurance company Send Bulk SMS to stay connected with your audience, recover your money by sending SMS to inform clients about a due amount. Send Bulk SMS in regional language.Generate leads, send wishes, recover your money, Promote properties via campaigns, send out information related to the availability of properties with location.

Do announcement of the new policies and schemes via bulk SMS to promote it.


Integrate bulk SMS API in insurance agency management software or insurance software, insurance ERP and send SMS directly in few seconds. Build better relationships, Send SMS on client's birthdays and anniversaries, Improve customer service.


Run promotional campaigns to marketize and advertise your products and policies with SMS marketing campaign.

Short URLs

Generate leads, gather feedbacks, Run your marketing campaign by sending Short URLs in SMS and get the tracking report of who and when clicked on the URLs to analysis your campaign's success. Send URL contains images and pictures of the property along with the location so that you can attract your buyers in much better way.

Miss Call

To know your customers are satisfied with your policies or not. run a miscall campaign and send SMS to customers along with Miscall number. You can easily identify the number of customers who are liking your services. Reach out to your customers and understand what they want.

Long Code

Stay connected with your audience in different ways, analyze your campaigns with these services. Share long code and miscall numbers with the audience and know how much they are liking your services.

Send Wishes

Set b'day and anniversaries once in the software and software will automatically send SMS to customers. Send greetings, wishes to your customers in their special days like birthday's and anniversaries and make them feel special.


Use MsgClub's Bulk SMS for insurance services with unlimited validity and send real-time/Instant delivery. Bulk SMS Service provider for insurance companies is the best way to reach out the potential buyers.

Benefits of bulk SMS Services for insurance offered by msgclub is empowering insurance companies alot. Why to stay away from such benefits. Start using it now and increases your customers and profits. Use MsgClub.

Voice Calls

Send marketing ads audios via voice calls and mesmerize prospects to buy your products and services and thus you can convert them into loyal customers.