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Best Ever Google Chrome SMS Extension

To enhance your bulk messaging experience, our team has developed the finest Google Chrome extension that enables you to send text messages without having the need to login the panel time and again, get things done from your browser in a faster and better way.

A lot of exciting stuff is waiting for you!

Our Key Features

send sms

Send SMS

Send SMS directly from your screen, if you're using MsgClub Google Chrome SMS Extension.

phone book

Phone Book

Send Bulk SMS easily to your groups via this phenomenal feature of chrome extension.



Save Text SMS as draft through google chrome SMS extension to send SMS in future.

delivery reports

Delivery reports

Get a delivery report of each and every SMS on MsgClub SMS extension.

Experience the fastest and easiest way to send messages

No need to login our panel again and again, get things done with ease from Chrome Extension!

Frequently asked questions

How to install MsgClub Google Chrome SMS Extension?

To know How to install the Google chrome SMS extension follow these instructions:
At the top right corner of Chrome, go to more options>Settings>Extension>More Extensions. There you need to locate MsgClub Bulk SMS, now hit a click on Add to Chrome. Your MsgClub Chrome Extension is ready to install within seconds.

How do I send messages through Google Chrome SMS Extension?

Sending SMS via MsgClub SMS Chrome Extension is fast and easy process. Once the installation is done, click on extension and enter the user-name and password of your registered MsgClub account. Simply enter your sender ID, mobile number along with your message, click on send and your messages are on the way!

How many messages can be sent on one go via Chrome Extension?

One sms, and then sky is the limit! It's completely up to you and your business needs how many messages you want to send. Any number is fine if your browser has the processing capacity, we used post API in chrome to make it easy.

Can I define the route while sending SMS via Google Chrome Extension?

Of course, you can! Depending on the type of message and its content, you can go with a transactional route or promotional route keeping in mind the balance available. These both routes are widely used by marketers and if you want more connectivities rather than this please, contact our team.

Do I need to create groups again on Google Chrome Extension to send my messages?

No! Google Chrome Extension is sync with MsgCLub SMS software, you can get all your groups, messages and contacts in the extension and send messages directly without having need to create the groups again.

How many languages are supported in Google Chrome extension?

To change your language while sending messages from Google Chrome Extension, go to SMS Type, Select Unicode and you will have a list of languages supported by the extension. Choose your language and proceed!

How do I know message status?

Yes, you can definitely see DLR of every sent SMS. Delivery report is available instantly and you will also get the real-time status of every sent message on our SMS gateway without any hassle.

How much does creating account and sending messages cost through MsgClub?

Sent messages is all what you need to pay for. Creating account is free of cost. Moreover, you will get 10 free demo messages after creating your MsgClub account.

What resources will I need to send SMS from Chrome plugin?

All you need is an internet-connected device such as computer, laptop or a tablet to send messages. Other required resources are readily available. Just add it into browser to send SMS.

How to send SMS from drafts by chrome plugin?

We allow you to send your Draft SMS. Just simply click on a Draft where you will get a list of messages saved in draft. Select the message of your choice and send it with total ease.

How can I send SMS via MsgClub chrome extension, if I don't have any account on MsgClub?

Visit the website to signup and create your account, it takes a few seconds to get started. Then, you will be able to send messages through Chrome Extension.

What is the maximum message length allowed to send SMS via Chrome extension?

The normal message length allowed for 1 credit message is 160 characters. However we offer maximum length of 724 characters that means 5 SMS. For more limit contact our experts.

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