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Keep your readers updated with breaking news or current news via Bulk SMS Services for news media and become the best newspaper and tv channel among the audience.

Extend your reach to the public by sending news fast that makes accessing news easy even for busy people. Integrate Bulk SMS API in the news and media management software and send bulk SMS directly from the software.

MsgClub loves to help you with Text SMS Services for news media industry.

Increased reach

Increased reach

Disseminating news via SMS among people is easy as it is fast and reaches to more people in less time and cost you very little in comparison to other modes of communications.
Keep readers updated

Keep readers updated

Send brief news to readers and target audience to increase or create the curiosity among them. Send them links to read more. Update your readers frequently and instantly.
Deepens relationship with customers(readers)

Deepens relationship with customers(readers)

By informing them about current news, or sending health tips, astrology advice, career guidance, motivational tips help to build better relationships with readers as on receiving such SMS makes them feel privileged.
Improve a number of readers

Improve a number of readers

Send promotional SMS and advertising SMS to readers by giving them offers, discounts help to pull the customers towards you.
Capture customer's feedback

Capture customer's feedback

Run campaigns to gather the customer's feedback and their suggestion for the improvement. Ask them why they like to read your newspaper or else why they are not.
For internal member's communication

For internal member's communication

Reporters can send news to editors and other reporters to communicate well Also, they can share the information to cover the news along with location and time. Send information about the press conference to the staff to cover the news. Send information of the party among the staff members.

Take advantages of MsgClub Bulk SMS Services for news media industry and enjoy the services

Send SMS

Send SMS for internal and external communication like sharing important news, information, health tips, astrology advice, career guidance, motivational tips to convey more in less time as Bulk SMS service as it is the instant, fast and reliable mode of communication.


Integrate our Bulk SMS API into your news or media management software and send SMS directly from your software to audience, staff members, team about current news, breaking news and much more.


Our SMS campaign is the combination of Miscall and Long code services. For registration and to collect data conceptually designed campaign is the best service.

Ex- Send an SMS to the customer with miscall number and ask them to give a miscall if they like reading your newspaper and want different news (category wise). Those who give a miscall are the one those who like your newspaper means they are a loyal audience send them SMS with a long code number and ask them for which category they want to read the news. Send the news in which your clients are interested.

Short URLs

Sending short URL to customers of your websites, news audios, videos, image links in SMS and build a better relationship with your readers.

Miss Call

Run a miscall campaign to gather your audience and increase their participation.

Say for - Your news company is running a social campaign to 'save girl child' or to 'save rivers' send SMS and ask readers, the audience to give a miscall and support the campaign. Thus you can promote newspaper and build a better image in front of customers.

Long Code

Send an SMS with a long code number and ask customers in which sector they want to read the news.Thus sending news to your customers in which they're interested is a good idea to increase and attract your audience.

Send Wishes

Send wishes to readers, team members on festive seasons, national holidays and automatically you can send birthday wishes and anniversary wishes to the customers on their special occasion helps to the build better relationship with customers.

Voice Calls

Send promotional ads, message via a voice call to attract customers in order propagate your newspaper and channel. Be the best newspaper, news media or news provider which is highly liked by audience. Send breaking news to customers by staying in touch with them. Also, informs them timely about their vital information and alerts. That helps customers to stay updated and keep their feedbacks to improve the affordable reliable Bulk SMS Services.