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Entice your prospects, recruit right distributors, generate leads and earn more profit by sending personalized SMS with MsgClub Bulk SMS Services for MLM.

Effortlessly generate leads, increase sales, communicate with prospects, recruit distributors, and motivate teams with SMS services for MLM (multilevel marketing) offered by MsgClub. Send offers, discount coupons, mobile vouchers via SMS to help sell your product or service, invite prospects to learn more about your business, and build your downline sales organization by staying in-touch with them.

MsgClub loves to help you with Bulk SMS Services for Multi-level marketing

Send information

Send information

Send vital info to prospects to become a distributor, send exclusive deals and generate more leads send information about camps, demo class to give more knowledge about products to distributors which ultimately leads you to have more profit.
Sell more

Sell more

Send offers, discounts, vouchers, coupons to promote your products and services you offer to your customers and distributors so they will buy more. This helps to attract the attention of your customers in a much better way and engage your customers. Beat off-peak downtime, upsell higher margin products, inform customers about locations and new products via SMS within few seconds and thus increase your sales effortlessly.
Build better relations

Build better relations

Send wishes on their special days, festivals to stay in touch with customers and distributors to build a better relationship with them. Maintaining relations will give you more profit and ultimately increased business.
New Product announcements

New Product announcements

With text SMS services for MLM Share information about new products with features in front of distributors and customers to bring more business and bring more customers.
Send reminders

Send reminders

Send reminders of free classes, sales training, webinars, training sessions to bring more crowd and increase number of distributors and customers with best bulk SMS Services for Multilevel marketing companies.
Offer incentives for sales

Offer incentives for sales

Send out alerts to your network, informing them of incentives that you are offering for certain selling points. Send motivational quotes through text SMS to inspire and motive your distributors to sell more.

Go for MsgClub Bulk SMS services for MLM and take advantage of the best SMS Service for the Multilevel marketers

Send SMS

Send SMS to your customers in bulk through a single click to build strong relationships with customers and distributors, to increase distributors under you, send personalized SMS, discount coupons, and vouchers, Information of demo classes, training sessions, special offers, best wishes to your customers and distributors and encourage them to do more.


Improve sales, increase the number of distributors, send offers and makes sending SMS easy just by integrating our Bulk SMS API into your CRM software, multilevel marketing software, MLM software or any other software you use to manage your business and start sending SMS directly from the software to your customers.


Our campaign service is the combination of the miscall and long code services to know the opinion of the customers, to gather the data and to register the customers you can use campaign services offered by MsgClub.

Example - Run a campaign and ask distributors to give a miscall if they want to know about new offers and products. Those who would like will give you a miscall after that you will get to know about those who are interested in your offers. To share more information with them send autoreply SMS with long code number help them to specify for which product category they want know about offers. Thus campaign makes selling process easy.

Short URLs

Send Short URLs in your SMS campaigns and track who and when clicked on the URL this helps to analyze marketing campaigns.This helps to collect feedback, entice customers, attract and retain clients. Send SMS with Short URLs of marketing videos and audios to encourage distributors to sell more.

Miss Call

Ask your customers to give a miscall if they are liking your products and services. Thus you will be able to know customers are liking or you need to change the way or products in which you are dealing your customers and distributors.

Long Code

Send offers discounts and vouchers to customers in brief and ask them to send SMS along with code if they want to get details about the particular offer.

Send Wishes

Set a date once in your software and then your software will automatically send your SMS on the fixed date. Send Greetings and wishes to your customers and distributors to build better relationships with them.


If you are also a Multilevel marketer you must use One-time password services for customer and distributors verification.This makes your process highly secured and increases the trust of the people who are planning to or going to connect with you.

Voice Calls

Send jingles composed ads via voice calls to customers and attract them to buy more.

Whether you deal in any product of multilevel marketing business you can easily boost your business with our Bulk SMS Services offered by MsgClub. Maximize your business profit easily with us.