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Adapt Bulk text SMS services for manufacturing industry offered by MsgClub for better financial results and to grab the attention of your target audience.

Manage production well by staying in touch with the customers and clients, distributors and suppliers, buyers and take your business to a new height. Integrate our smart Bulk SMS API into your manufacturing software and start sending Bulk SMS to your providers and customers directly by the software you use.

MsgClub loves to help via SMS for manufacturing industry with the secured and safe Bulk text alert SMS Services

Increase your reach

Increase your reach

Expand your reach to a great number of audience and inform them about the status of consignment to buyers and the date and time of delivery, current status of the manufacturing, they can communicate with the customers and convey them about the latest offers and discounts.
Send vital information

Send vital information

Share information related to billings, payments and collection details with your customers, clients, suppliers, buyers, providers, distributors and thus it makes communication an easy task.
Used for internal communication too

Used for internal communication too

Used for the internal communication regarding the delivery of products, dispatch, order and its confirmation.
Product launches

Product launches

Inform your customers about the new product that you're going to introduce by advertising and marketing the product well in front of your target audience and create a sense of curiosity in the minds of your customers to buy or purchase that product. This helps to increase your sales.
Send coupons, offers

Send coupons, offers

Share gift coupons, vouchers, offers and discounts to customers and Increase sales by sending enticing SMS to your customers.
Do cross-sell

Do cross-sell

Send SMS contains the information of your other products also.Thus sending this kind of information provokes customers to buy more from ultimately boost sales and increase profit.

Go for Msgclub bulk SMS services for manufacturers and enjoy the benefits

Send SMS

Send bulk SMS to send notifications, reminders, alerts to clients, customers, distributors, suppliers, buyers in order to communicate well with bulk SMS services with customers and encourage them to purchase more. Thus use SMS for internal communication and build and improve relationships with employees encourage them to do more work. Which ultimately helps to grow your business.


Just integrate our Bulk SMS API into your manufacturing software, ERP software for manufacturers, manufacturing ERP software and send SMS directly to your customers, clients, distributors, suppliers, providers, buyers and more from your software only.


Run campaign related to the newly adopted culture or liked by the employees or not. Send SMS to know their perception.

Short URLs

Send links in SMS to your wholesalers, retailers, customers of your website(if you have) or else send them the links to Images, videos, audios related to products and services you have. You can send promotional, informative content and marketing links to your customers to increase sales and expand your business.

Miss Call

To make a survey that how many people are using your products and services send SMS to customers and ask them to call you back if they liked using your product.

Long Code

To gather the opinion of the customers are they are happy by using your products if not then you may ask further what changes are required via Send SMS long code services for manufacturers.

Take benefits of best SMS Services for manufacturing industry as it is the affordable, instant and reliable mode of communication. Which ultimately helps to expand your business.

Send Wishes

Send best wishes to employees on increment, promotion, anniversaries, birthday wishes and build better relationships with employees, customers, distributors, suppliers, providers, buyers and more. Thus create a sense of connection.


Send one-time password for the person's identity verification this helps to tighten the security of the transactions, and dealing process you made.

Voice Calls

Send voice SMS to customers by sending audio ads via Voice call services and attract them to buy more.