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See How you can Make Mobile-friendly SMS landing pages with MsgClub

Get the most out of Landing Pages by following these steps

1Create your own customized Landing page design

Create your own customized landing page with our advanced one-of-a-kind solution. Add pictures, colors, offers and description of your product/services/campaign and gain instant mileage of your campaign.

3personal analytics including click count, click time & browser

Track your campaign and get crucial insights of who all have clicked the link of landing page, their click time and the browser used. Such insights give you the details of interested prospects who can be your permanent loyal customers.

We offer lots of interactive landing pages

Enjoy a lot of Benefits with Landing pages


Capture market fast

No more waiting for outsourcing companiesor any other agencies to create websites & other marketing stuff.

enterprise solutions

Better than Email

The reach for your SMS attachments is definitely going to be faster & efficient than Emails.


Advanced click tracking

How many clicked the attachment, who clicked along with mobile number,time & devices etc.

You can go beyond 160 characters with Msgclub File attachment

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Frequently asked questions

What is a landing page and how can it assist my enterprise?

SMS landing page enables you to disseminate your product/service information in the form of a web page.

How can I send/share my landing page via SMS?

Our advanced panel allows you to share the link of your landing page to a large group of audience at just a click of a button.

Will the link of my landing page capture the character limit of the SMS?

No. Our advanced tool URL shortener is customized to shorten the length of the URL to save the precious character limit.

What benefit will I derive by creating & sharing my landing page?

Landing page provides call-to-action mechanism to your audience and hence drives customer engagement and increase conversions.

What will your service provide me in a nutshell?

We will design and create your landing page and provide you our advanced panel to send the link of your page with an SMS efficiently.

Can you assist me if I already have a landing page but I just want an SMS service?

Yes. If you have your own landing page, you can avail our customized SMS service to share your page with audience at large.