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Benefits of Android application for bulk SMS reseller

It's MsgClub's Android Application!


Portable SMS Campaigns

Execute your SMS campaigns with the utmost portability that you can ever get. Take your MsgClub reseller account in app anywhere and everywhere you go.


Easily Manage your clients

Resellers can manage your clients in the best way possible with our bulk SMS Android Application.


Make the most out of your phone

Get your everyday bulk SMS reselling tasks done right on the device in your proximity. Use your phone to save your precious time and energy.


Reselling on the go

MsgClub's Android application lets resellers accomplish bulk SMS reselling goals on the go, by providing access to your clients' info at your fingertips.

What our bulk SMS Reseller Android Application can do?

Android application for bulk sms reseller to send sms

Send Bulk SMS

You can send bulk SMS using MsgClub's best Android application for resellers. With the help of send bulk SMS Android application, resellers can execute their SMS marketing campaign from the phone you have, without any location restrictions.

You can send text SMS to an individual or groups also, either by entering numbers manually or by uploading the CSV file, through drafts or by composing a new one.

Android application for bulk sms reseller to send voice sms

Send Bulk Voice SMS

MsgClub's Android application allows our resellers to send bulk voice SMS. We also offer our valued resellers some options like to compose new voice SMS, or upload a pre-recorded audio file from a draft, to make their campaign execution easier.

Also, you can even paste the URL of the audio file, if available over the internet.

Android application for bulk sms reseller to Manage contact

Manage Contacts

Have the upper hand by using MsgClub's Android application to manage your contacts and group. You can view your phone book and groups, or can add new ones through your mobile phone.

You also can view the existing contacts on your phone's contact book. You do not get this facility on the panel.

Android application for bulk sms reseller to Manage delivery report

Delivery Reports

Resellers can generate delivery reports in a fast and easy manner now, with our Android application. View text SMS DLR, or voice SMS DLR, anywhere, anytime. no matter where in the world are you sitting.

This allows resellers to monitor their bulk SMS campaign whenever and wherever you want. This helps you identify whether or not the SMS is getting delivered to some particular number.

 Android application for bulk sms reseller to check client's trasaction log

Transactions Log

Your transaction log is now brought to you on your mobile phone. Resellers do not need now to go through the long and tiresome process of checking their transaction history, or of their clients as well.

It has become much easier for you to go through each of the transaction logs of your account. You can check the transactions history for text SMS & voice SMS, how much credits you received, and how much you paid for that etc.

 Android application to manage client

Manage Client

MsgClub's Android application is an easy bulk SMS solution for resellers. ‘Manage Client' feature is exclusively offered to our resellers by us, to make managing clients for them easier.

With this feature in our Android application, resellers can manage their clients on the run from the application itself.

 Android application to add and remove client

Add or Remove Clients

With our Android application, resellers can add or remove their clients directly from their phone. You don't need to login to MsgClub panel each and every time you want to add or remove a client account.

Earlier, this happened to be a long process, at its best. Now you can receive payment from one hand and use the other one to add the payee as a client, simple yet effective!

 Android application to manage client account

Manage Clients' Accounts

Resellers can now manage, right from your mobile phone, the accounts of their clients, using our Android application. If your clients happen to be indulged in unfair means or do not abide by the TRAI rules, whatever the reason would be, resellers can disable his/her account & discontinue their operation.

Similarly, resellers can enable any of their clients if he/she abides by the TRAI ethics & regulations.

 Android application to manage client balance in your bulk sms account

Manage Client Balance

MsgClub's Android application for bulk SMS reselling allows resellers to check the balance of their clients as well, from your mobile phone.

This could prove to be quite useful when you need to add/deduct the balance from your client account and you don't have the access to the MsgClub panel.

 Android application to manage expiry date in bluk sms account

Manage Client Expiry Date

If a reseller needs to extend or reduce the expiry date of any of his/her client's account, he/she can do that as well using MsgClub's Android application.

This doesn't only eliminate the need for logging in to the panel again and again, but also saves them a lot of time that could have got wasted otherwise.

 Android application to check balance in your bulk sms account

Check Balance

Now check your account SMS balance to know how much credits have you got. This helps you a lot when it comes to you to monitor the credit flow.

Check which route has got how much SMS credit balance and plan your campaigns accordingly.

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