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Call Forwarding

Forward calls for smooth customer calling experience

Instantly Connect your customers to expert agents of any specific department to enhance their on-call experience.

Forward your clients' calls efficiently to concerned agents

Improve Customer Service

Forwarding a call to the correct agent enhances customer service as they can avail faster solutions.

Better Inquiry

Qualify the caller so they can be directed to the best agent for their inquiry.

Reduce Hold Time

With the help of proper this feature, agents can attend more calls which reduce clients' hold time.

Increase productivity

This saves the time of agents so they can indulge in other productive activities.

Stable Revenues

Prevent the loss of revenue due to abandoned calls or customer dissatisfaction.

Increase in Sales

High call attending value will generate more leads that will increase the sales of your business.

How It helps you?
Enhance your agents' on-call experience by
forwarding their calls directly to the agents

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Make your calling process expert prone by directing clients to experts.

No Manual Dialing

Eliminate the effort of manually dialing different numbers for every department it directly connects you to the concerned department.

Faster Resolution

As there is no manual interference and customers call directly forwarded to the concerned department it helps a business to provide faster resolutions for the client issues.

Flexible Working

Agents can attend forwarded calls any time of the day, anywhere which provides flexibility in working.

Multichannel Forwarding

With a centralized virtual phone number, agents can attend multiple calls at the same time.

IVR Menu

Calls are forwarded to any department are based upon the customer's key input selection in the IVR menu.

24*7 Support

As calls can be forwarded anytime agents can address client issues even after working hours.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We have got answers for some questions that probably can raise in your mind.

  • What is Call Forwarding?

    This is a feature that forwards the calls coming at your virtual number to your specialists' telephone numbers, evacuating the need to join in/make calls from the landline system.

  • How can I use call forwarding?

    You can include various offices of the IVR menu and forward calls to the concerned division. You can add various operators' numbers to go to calls during available time and distinctive to go to calls after the available time.

  • How many calls can be forwarded at the same time?

    This relies upon your selected plan. In the basic plan, you can forward four calls at a time.

  • How does it help your business?

    It forwards customers' calls to the agents directly which prevents customers from engaging in manual interventions and saves time for both agents and customers.

  • How can I avail call forwarding services?

    All you have to do is just Signup on our website or contact Msgclub. Our executives will be happy to help you with everything regarding this feature.